Spied! 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Mega Cabs With 8-Foot Boxes


While Chrysler is showing off custom versions of the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 light-duty pickup at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, we're just two months from the world debut of the new 2010 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 heavy-duty rigs at the Detroit auto show.

Following earlier pictures, our spies have caught single-rear-wheel and dual-rear-wheel Mega Cab models out for their final shakedowns. Both have 8-foot beds, which is a new option for 2010. Adding the 8-foot box should increase the Mega Cab's attractiveness to fifth-wheel towers. Today's 6-foot, 3-inch standard box doesn't leave enough room between a fifth-wheel trailer and the cab during tight turns.


Camouflage over the rear wheel wells of the dually truck hides new fenders that industry sources say are stamped into the sheet metal, like the Chevrolet Silverado HD dually's rear haunches, instead of clipped-on plastic arches.

The 2010 Ram 2500 and 3500 aren't expected to see major changes to their gas or diesel powertrains. For 2009, the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 was upgraded to 383 horsepower and 400 pounds-feet of torque. The gas-fired Hemi V-8 is expected to remain the base engine for the 2010 Ram 2500. The Ram 3500 is expected to carry over its 6.7-liter Cummins six-cylinder diesel engine. The 6.7-liter diesel already meets tough new 2010 federal emissions regulations that become mandatory on January 1, 2010.

The 2010 heavy-duty Rams' interiors will be based on the 2009 Dodge Ram half-ton's high-quality instruments, ergonomics and materials.



Wow, that's awesome. Parking might be a bitch. It's about time!
THanks for listening, Dodge!

Sounds like a nice truck and a great idea. What is that thing gonna be, about 25 feet long? That type of truck needs the quadrasteer for sure. You'd need a 6 lane highway to just be able to make a u-turn.

Take another close look at the first picture. The roof line at the back is too low to be roof line & does not follow the contour. Under the camo at the front of the box and back of the cab you can see a faint outline of where the box really ends. This is right behind the rear door handle. What do you think?

Cameron, I agree there is something definitely up with the rear of the cab and start of the box. It almost looks like 'filler' between the cab and box. But compare the top and bottom pictures (2009 Mega Cab) and you'll see the bed on the mule is definitely longer than today's bed, especially forward of the rear wheel. We'll find out the truth in January.

looks hella goofy to me lol... but i do love American trucks.. i do prefer Fords, but dodge is my 2nd choice. and qadrasteeer is a good idea

I agree with Cameron, I think Dodge is just trying to make it look like the current model to throw us off for what it really looks like in January. I'm a Chevy guy, but I've always liked the mega cab.

Cameron is right ! These trucks have mega-boxes not mega-cabs ! The boxes are 9.5 -to-10 feet long with maybe a storage area in the front part of the boxes. This would be all new and something GMC-Chevy and Ford don't offer.

That box isn't any longer then a quadcab long box look's Kool thou .keep up the great work Dodge

Looks like the 09 crew cab to me!

That's just the new HD Crew Cab long box, no Mega Cab at all. I think Dodge is dropping the Mega Cab anyway.

The rear door looks longer than the standard Quad Cab. Might not be as long as the current MegaCab but is is at least a standard length crew cab.

quadrasteer is a joke thats why chevy got rid of it right away, its was more work than needed.

As far as getting rid of the megacab, they have said there won't be a megacab 1500 (In my opinion was a waste anyways) but there hasn't been anything said about it going away in the heavy duty's, Ive seen other spyshots of the 2010 with a megacab 2500.

When are you guys going to get it straight. That is NOT a MegaCab, its the all new CrewCab. The MegaCab is gone after the 2009 model

If you see the new ram trxtreme from the SEMA Show, it looks as if that the front of the truck will be for the new heavy duty.

I'm with every one dodge would be stupid to make a mega cab with a 8 foot bed. They need to compete with ford witch is something they have not done since the 80's is make a true crew cab witha true 8 foot bed. The pictures are just to throw you off

It kind of seems to me that Dodge has not got the new 2010 Mega Cab CAB built yet and they are trying to test the frame, driveline set up. They just needed more time to get the new cab built, so they used a Crew Cab for early testing. No tricks here, just jumping the gun a bit. In my opinion anyway.

I agree with you J-D. I don't think auto makers spend alot of time and money trying to throw you off. They probably want to evaluate the ability of the frame and driveline. My husbands '06 Mega Cab is about 23.5 to 24 feet long, so this will be a long truck. But it will be perfect for the camping , rodeo, farming families who load everyone into the truck, hook up and go!!!!

They are dropping the mega cab for 2009. and in 2010 the diesels will drop the mega cab for a crew cab. The same size as a mega cab. they will be the same as the 2009 half tons for cab sizes but with bigger box options. the mega cab long box will be the biggest truck on the market. should be pretty cool and i think a lot of fifth wheel people will enjoy it. Room and the long box. Dodge has come a long way, the head white guy from toyota is now working for dodge and you can definately see it in their new trucks . Awesome , the new 1500 is nicer than an escalade.

It will be sad to see the mega cab go, there is a company out here in UT that stretches the frame on a mega cab and puts a 8' bed on it. It looks pretty good actually.... long, but it balances out the big cab.

I sat in the back seat of the new crewcab and my head hits the cieling. My '02 Chevy 1500 HD had much more head room in the back seat than the new Dodge 1500. I have had my self 6'1" and two other friends who are both 6'3" in the back of my Chevy and we fit just fine, no problems with head room. Dodge needs to figure out how to fix that because I would love to get a new Dodge. The ride on the '09 1500 is unreal and the new hemi makes my 6.0liter feel like a 3.5 v6.

It will be sad to see the mega cab go, there is a company out here in UT that stretches the frame on a mega cab and puts a 8' bed on it. It looks pretty good actually.... long, but it balances out the big cab.

I sat in the back seat of the new crewcab and my head hits the cieling. My '02 Chevy 1500 HD had much more head room in the back seat than the new Dodge 1500. I have had my self 6'1" and two other friends who are both 6'3" in the back of my Chevy and we fit just fine, no problems with head room. Dodge needs to figure out how to fix that because I would love to get a new Dodge. The ride on the '09 1500 is unreal and the new hemi makes my 6.0liter feel like a 3.5 v6.

Take a good look at the covers behind the cab, it may look like a megacab, but it isn't. Rumour has it there will be no more megacab, it will be replcaed by a smaller crew cab like the 1500. Not a good idea Dodge, that mega brought me and alot of other family guys over to Dodge. I had to put a sliding fifth wheel in the shortbox but I figured it was a good trade off for the cab size, you could live in there, especially with three kids! Dropping the mega is a big mistake, think twice D O D G E!

There's not much difference for room between a ram quadcab and a superduty crew cab, Dodge will nail it with a new megacab longbox,I can't wait to see it!!

Well, I guess we will have to wait until Chicago to see the new HD Rams. I was really looking foward to seeing the new HD. Also, maybe they will turn up the 6.7 for 2010. GM and Ford are both having to come out with new engines to meet the 2010 Emissions and there engines will be turned up.

The 'MegaCab' will be discontinued after the 2009 model year. The mule you see is a combination of the '08/'09 MegaCab and the new Crew Cab Long Box which is going to be introduced in 2010. Remember it's just a test vehicle.

They only stated that the 1/2 ton mega cabs would cease after 2009! The 2006-08 mega 1500s were 3/4 ton frame and suspension anyway. An insider at dodge say there will be a mega 8ft box also a quad 10ft also stated short bed would be 6.5 again instead of 6.3!! If you look at the pics even in camo you will see the distance between the end of the cab and the rear wheel is at least the ratio you'd expect on an 8. I do agree the pic looks more like a quad made to look like a mega. It's actually a quad 10 would be the same frame. dodge is more of player in the heavy duty segment that's why they are offering more configurations 2500 and up!!

I meant to say the photo is a crew with 9ft box.

The long bed mega cabs are the vehicle Dodge NEEDS to build to take on and take out GM & Ford. For that matter add an extra foot to the bed as well. People buying & driving trucks that size
1) Want a large truck
2) Want to say that thiers is bigger than thier friends.
3) Are not afraid to drive them! otherwise they'd be driving Tundras.
Just build them bigger.

Just to clear things up, that is a new 2010 cab for the new body on the 2500, but they did use a 8 foot bed, and they left room for what would be the megacab. that is the reason for the gap that is driving everyone crazy. it is going through testing for drivability. they have a better turning radius than the regular crew cab. the cammo is to hide the gap between the cab and the bed. they did drop the megacab for 09', but only for the 1500. it will not have quadsteer.

I love it already! Have it avilable in Seattle. Now how about a reg & ext. cab with a 12 foot bed pickup having the hauling fury of a mega catpillar! DO IT MAN JUST DO IT!!

I hope they do make the Mega Cab still There are more of them on the road than any other truck out here in Ut. That company mentioned earlier, Precision Bodyline, is still stretching a ton of them into the Long Bed (8ft box) They have plans already to do the new Mega Cab. They say that thier sources indicate that the Mega will still be a short bed. Guess we'll have to wait to know for sure!

In response to all the commotion about the 10' boxes, Dodge has stated earlier on that there will be no such truck. Mopar Underground made up the Dodge BFT (they say it means 'Built For Towing', but I think it means 'Big Friggen Truck') to do some feasability tests. It was to come standard with the 6.7L Cummins, all Banks'd up, with 22.5" rims and a 4" lift kit. It was only to be offered in a regular cab. They have scratched that idea, however!

I do agree with John Doe about this truck however...It's a crew cab, with a long box, on a 'Mega Cab Long Box' frame.

they are NOT dropping the mega cab. they are only dropping the 1500 mega cab models. i have heard rumor of a crew cab long bed option as well as remaining with the mega cab. as for the mega cab long bed...dodge would be smart to produce it. i know so many guys that would love a mega cab BUT the short bed throws it out the window!!

OK my Buddie had his 08 mega cab stretched to put on a long bed and the truck is still 6 inches shorter the a crew cab 8ftbox ford. and as far as parking goes men just need to stop letting there wives behind the wheel of there trucks and it wouldn't be a problem.

Brandon, I have a 07 mega cab 3500, and stock it is the same legth as my 07 chev 2500 longbed supercab. How you could get a 08 mega cab stretched to a 8' bed , and be shorter then a quadcab 8' bed is crazy. As for everybody else, a megacab long box would be perfect. The 10' bed would look retarded, and serve no real good purpose. If you need that kinda room, mabe a cube van is what your after. The truck in picture is as Aaron said, a quad cab with space to finish the mega cab, and the 8' bed. Dodge isn't getting rid of the mega cab, just the 1500 mega cab. Anyone see many on the road? It wasn't a popular truck. So why carry the line?

That's my dream truck I have Ram 2007 8' bed but I have always like the Mega is perfect for work and the whole family

I currently own a Mega Cab and love the interior room. The big draw back is turning radius and trying park in standard size parking lot spces. The truck sticks way out into the isle. I can only imagine the poor turning radius and parking difficulty with an 8 foot bed, and it barely fits in my garage now with the 6 foot bed.

I own a 2007 MegaCab, and the only thing I miss is my long box of my previous truck... Parking... who cares, the ability to load up and have the room you need is the real problem. It would be nice to see the MegaCab with a long box.

did the drop the mega cab. do they make megacab long box at the factory

how much does a mega cab long box cost from factory

i like dodge and there new ideas keep it up dodge

i agree with the first comment

i have a 2007 dodge and my wife a 1992 dodge and the 92 has been a good truck and still going stronge both have cummings i love my dodge kepe up the good work dodge


Hey remember Diesel Power magazine....BFT (Built For Towing!!lol) That was the BIG F(BEEP)KING TRUCK!! 22.5 tires/wheels, regular cab and a 10 foot box, that was sweet!! people can brag about toyotas and other pickups, but whe you really absolutely positively must do it and get it done now, today, tomorrow and 10 years from now than 20 years and 30, BUY A F(BEEP)KING DODGE!! (Diesel).

Proud owner 2001 Dodge Dakota V-6 4x4 5sp. 172,434 miles and counting with only a water pump replaced!! Couldn't be happier. would LOOOOVE a BFT!!

WOW, I need one of those! for my power washing business

We own and use our 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty Mega Cab every day. We have not had any problems. We can not wait to see what Dodge comes out with this year.

I sure like the Dodge Mega Cabs but would like to find one in a long box with a Cumins that a every day guy like myself could afford.

We use our dodge to hall water, never lets us down. Love seeing the trucks in little black costumes.

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