SEMA 2008: Toyota Tundra/Ducati Transporter Live


Toyota has partnered with Italian sports- and racing-motorcycle maker Ducati to create the very red Tundra/Ducati Transporter.

"It's designed to be the ultimate track-day transport," said Warren Victor, project manager for Toyota's Tundra and Tacoma SEMA trucks. "We wanted to build a truck that would be the best showcase for Ducati's 'Desmo' $70K MotoGP bike."

The Ducati Desmosedici RR is the only street-legal MotoGP bike ever produced.

To create the ultimate track-day transport, Toyota focused on enhancing the cargo box. Similar to the Hide-N-Side bedside storage kit we saw at SEMA in 1999, the flanks of the Tundra's cargo box can be opened automatically with a switch, revealing steel shelving and integrated tool boxes.


"(The sides of the bed are) utilitarian from the standpoint that this storage feature is extremely functional," Victor said. "But when you close the bedsides and flip it around, it doesn't look like a service body in the least, or even a work truck. You can't tell anything has been done to it."

A Rampage folding ramp folds out of the bed at the press of a button to help load or unload a bike into or out of the Tundra. 

Placed above the deep, storage-providing bedsides are solar panels that can be raised out of the way to generate power for 120-volt tools, allowing the driver to be self-sufficient for certain energy needs.


"Everything is designed to be automated on the truck so one guy can operate it," Victor said.

The enhancements also continue under the hood. Toyota Racing Development has attached its roots-type supercharger to the Tundra's 5.7-liter V-8, boosting horsepower from 381 hp to 504 hp and upping torque from 401 pounds-feet to 550 pounds-feet. It also has TRD's dual-exhaust kit custom-integrated into the truck's rear bumper.

SOS (Speed of Sound) Racing and TRD teamed up to create a custom hybrid suspension kit. 

The Tundra/Ducati Transporter's cabin was inspired by a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, designed and installed by Fast Ed's interiors. There's a yellow-faced tach and yellow stitch highlights around the rich, diamond-pleated leather seats. The headliner is alcantara and the carpeting is custom cut wool. Hard plastic surfaces are covered with a soft-touch coating to improve the perception of quality.


"We wanted to do something very rich — not cheesy, not show-like, but a lot more functional," Victor said. The seats also contain ultrasonic massagers to help break up muscle knots after a hard day's racing.

Rolling stock is courtesy of Alcoa 22-inch forged-aluminum wheels and Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico tires.


Tundra/Ducati Specs

• Ducati Corse exterior by Focus On Cars
• Custom-fabricated seats, sewn carpet, suede headliner by Fast Ed’s Interiors
• Seat massagers by In Seat Solutions/Relaxor Massage Products
• Rampage Powerlift Ramp
• Alcoa 22-inch custom-forged aluminum wheels
• Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico tires
• CarriageWorks rear roll pan

• Toyota Racing Development performance parts
• TRD boost gauge and pod
• Big brake kit
• 5.7-liter supercharger (500 hp/550 pounds-feet torque)
• TRD lowering kit
• TRD dual exhaust
• TRD sway bar
• USAG 526-volt ToolBox 
• RockBlocker protective light films
• VIS Racing carbon fiber hood


• 2008 Ducati Desmosedici RR Motorcycle
• Ducati Corse racing suit by Dainese
• Ducati Corse helmet by Arai
• Ducati Corse boots 
• Ducati Corse gloves


Nice concept, but can only imagine what one of those would cost. If that bike is $70k, the truck has to be more.

Toyota is really moving forward!!
How much is the Ducati transporter?!
Is it available to the public who work as a handyman or is it only available to the motorcycle racing people!?
The Ducati is sooo AWESOME!!!

I need the tundra ducati transporter with africa twin 1200cc and electrcals insulation tools to buy.

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