2010 Toyota Tundra With Work Truck Package To Debut At San Diego Auto Show


Most of the auto industry will be shut down for the holidays except the 2009 San Diego Auto Show (Dec. 31, 2008 to Jan. 4, 2009), where the 2010 Toyota Tundra Work Truck Package will make its debut with a marginally freshened front end.

Aimed at commercial truck buyers, the decontented Tundra Work Truck Package will be available on two-wheel and four-wheel drive Regular and Access Cab (pictured) models, in standard and long bed configurations and with a choice of six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engines.


According to Toyota's press release, Tundra models equipped with the Work Truck Package are expected to carry a discount that will range from $550 to $655 less than the Tundra's  suggested retail price, depending on the model. For comparison, a 2009 two-wheel drive Regular Cab Tundra with a 4.0-liter V-6 starts at $22,390, which should put the Work Truck Package Tundra in the $21,000 range.

On the outside, the Tundra Work Truck Package will include a newly revised two-bar grille, with black surround, plus de-chromed front and rear bumpers and manual rearview mirrors.


Inside will be washable vinyl bench seats and rubber floors, a black plastic instrument panel and HVAC controls, including, voltage, oil pressure and warning lamps in place of gauges. The ignition key ring and glove box lighting will be deleted along with map and door courtesy lamps. The package also removes cruise control and remote keyless entry as standard features, although separate Work Truck packages will be offered with these features.



Leave it to Toyota to take an already ugly piece of crap "Truck" and make it uglier. Didn't think it was possible. Theres nothing to this thing... Thank god for FOrd and the F-250's - Those are true work trucks!

what kind of recalls do they have this year.....

I like there advertising.... Can you say brain wash. Big difference between built and assembled. Where is your money going? That truck is only assembled here. Built in JAPAN. Hungry eat your foreign truck.

Maybe if they shift the radio and climate controls over a tad more to the right the driver won't even be able to see them.

That's one UGLY dash.

You good old boys sound a little scared. Toyota builds the best 1/2 ton.

If I needed a work truck, I'd get one of these. Toyota quality at a cheap price can't beat it. Yea the good ole boys with thier fourth grade education don't like anything but what their daddy told them to drive.

Great work truck. Toyota quality at a low price, you can't beat that. Of coarse the good old boys won't like it since its not a Ford or Chevy.

It looks like Toyota has learned from the market results on their "fleet trucks". Stripped down is a great idea for a work truck. Less initial cost and less stuff to get messed up. Since it won't be a family vehicle vinyl seats, rubber floors, and no chrome make sense.

I didn't think the Tundra could get any uglier. If it wasn't the looks that drive people away from this truck it would be that they are poorly designed and built.

Did away with chrome bumpers because they couldn't make them quit rusting. It does look cheaper on the inside. I wonder if it has the self lowering dashboard. The grill looks even worse than before.

Looks great. Toyota's current models are pretty well equipped, but I'm sure a work truck model that's a bit less equipped would be good for fleets.

Since Ford, GM, and Chrysler can't seem to build a vehicle that will last longer than a year another company has stepped up to take over.

Still waiting to see if Toyota decides to build the 1 ton dually HD model with the Hino Diesel and the 6 speed manual tranny.

ugh!! oh yea like slapping that ugly ass grille on that pos will make it look any better FAIL AGAIN!!

Another example of how Toyota just doesn't understand the American truck market. They're nice for weekend warriors (and similar posers), but this isn't a work truck.

Toyota counts on rednecks with 3 grade educations to buy this truck. It is the least capable of any full size truck and thats why they only sell 6000 units a month. Soon to close- Princeton Indiana truck plant and Elizabeth Kentucky Camry plants, Toyota's heading south to Missisippi where adult 3rd graders are abundent.

I don't like it, and I'm not a "Good Old Boy"--how so very dismissive of some of you. Rather, I'm an Ivy League-educated, middle-class, white-collar suburbia-dweller.

This truck is what it is: a cheapened version of an unpopular vehicle. The ergonomics are--still--simply dreadful, Toyota somehow made the interior even less appealing, and the cost-savings to the customer are no where near the value-lost in reduced content.

It's more "fleet special" truck than "work" truck.

It's a patch job in an effort to stop the spillage of crimson ink. Toyota has and is losing a bundle of money on this venture, and this is a sad effort on their part to try to stem the tide. What it is is a weak attempt to bringing more choice to the traditional "buy what we say you should buy" Toyota way of doing things.

Can't say to much about the looks but my 08 5.7 is one of the best work trucks I have had for my trucking business. I have had them all and it pulls my Sterling tractor at 15000 lbs as good if not better than any of them & I have had 3/4 ton most of the time but don't need them anymore.

after watch the youtube video's of the chassis flex of the tundra and the ford truck challenge you coulden't give me a tundra and not to mention it looks like a bass fish!

Foreign huh?

Some interesting facts........ The numbers aren't exact but they are very close. GM - around 40% of a GM car is built in the U.S. the rest is either supplied, assembled or otherwise provided to the U.S. by another country. The Tahoe, Escalade, and Denali have radios and a couple other parts from here. The rest comes from other countries (even the window glass comes from China). Chrysler is about the same. The Dodge pickup has less than 40% of the parts originating from the U.S.. Ford is doing "good". They build around 45% of their autos in the U.S......... Toyota - builds almost 65% of the fleet in the U.S.. 98% of the "profit" from our North American operations stays in the U.S. for reinvestment in operations. We have plans to increase our U.S. build rate to over 75% as markets allow. So I ask....... How foriegn is Toyota????

BOYCOTT THE BIG 3!! I've bought my last American made car!! Those execs in Detroit are using their companies as their own personal cash cows. Now they want the taxpayers of this country (who can't afford to buy their kids a Christmas present and are LOSING THEIR HOMES TO FORECLOSE) to bail them out of a situation that their GREED and ARROGANCE created in the first place.They should be tried on embezzlement charges and thrown in jail.

Even tho they make it here.its owned by a Foreign company(toyota japan) so....the pos..is.... foreign...get over it!

It's not about where it's build, it's where the money is repatriated. I stick with my Jeep.

Step in the right direction, as I think a higher percentage of full size light trucks will be bought by fleets in the coming years. All Toyota needs now are 3/4 and 1 tons, a diesel option, and some better styling. The Tundra is a great truck, but the styling is just plain weird!

Funny...I don't recall Toyota begging for bail out bucks.

well if you dont like it them move to japan.

Comon you guys...Toyota is building a nice truck. I've had several Chevys, GMCs and the last two were F-250s. I only went to the Tundra 5.7 because of high diesel prices last summer. This thing tows better that my diesels. It is so comfortable that I got rid of my car and use the Tundra for work and play...1000 miles per week average. So far I have 17K miles on it and the overall avg. milage (with a little towing) is 18.4. I consider this to be remarkable considering the power available. I've had a few minor issues and the dealer has been excellent at making everything perfect. Yes I can fee the "bed shake" on some bumps and some of the interior controls are a stretch to reach. Bottom line...if I had to buy another truck I would get the same one I have now...maybe with the navi option.

the new tundra is def not the best looking truck in this class. I LOVE the new Dodge RAM and F150 for its looks and interior and what it's capable of. Would I buy/own them? Definetely not but instead I would lease them so I wont have to be stuck with them once the warranty period is over. Would I own a tundra? For sure I will .

In todays market place, this option makes sense. And whether you care for its looks is not the primary reason for offering this package. The customer who buys it wants a vehicle to handle business related tasks and the cosmetics are really secondary. Leave the bling to the Ford and Chevy guys who lift their trucks 12", stuff tires on there to make them hydroplane like crazy and ride like crap. Sure, they look cool but at what price. Tundra may have issues, but so do the others also. Just look at the recall notices. There's plenty from each brand. Right now, Toyota is poised to offer their 3/4 ton product with diesel power as soon as Chrysler shuts the doors (which should be soon). And with the method that Mr. Waggoner is handling GM, it may come down to Ford, Nissan, and Toyota as the remaining choices. Come March 31st, we'll know for sure.

Hi I'm Canadian and I don't understand why you're not buying American truck. First American trucks are on par and probably better than Japanese one.

Secondly for cars and truck built by American company by American workers with better paycheck social security than Japanese transplant in the US why don't you help your fellows. One request by the American Government for the loan to automaker is to lower wages and security on par with Japanese plant???

I see people in your country who doesn't care they buy Japanese they think Japanese and they believe they bought the best in this world but they don,t care for the workers in American plan. As long as their stomach is full they are happy nobody care but if you don,t stop that stupid thinking you will end up in a country of hamburger flipper making sub par wages.

I feel sorry I like your country.

Toyota just does not get it we need a small long bed work truck not the big Tacoma or mega big Tundra , Sell The Hilux In The USA Now !! Mahindra looks to be the new Toyota with sales of there diesel powered 4x4 30(mpg) long bed pickups to begin in 2009 .

Nice basic truck with no frills! Just what I am looking for. Toyota reliability rocks! I've had Ford and GM trucks and I won't buy them again.

And what really sickens me is that many people think of Toyota and Honda as more American than the big three. Why? Because The Japs make some cars in America. Yes, I said some. That's because many people are under the perception that Toyota and Honda make all their cars in America when in fact, they do not. Also, people put too much emphasis on where a car is built. The country where a car is built only gets roughly 20% of the profits. The other 80% goes back to wherever the company is from.

Hey you toyota guy's You better keep checking that review mirror.The domestic's are stepping on tail,and there is no turning back.If the japanese are the best.how come FORD still hold the crown for best selling vehicle 32 years running,and best selling truck 27 years.Look at all the news that's fit to print,Ford has been rackingup some NUMBERS.

Toyota ain't laughing no more
You can barely hear them chuckle.

"Great work truck. Toyota quality at a low price, you can't beat that. Of COARSE the good old boys won't like it since its not a Ford or Chevy."

"If I needed a work truck, I'd get one of these. Toyota quality at a cheap price can't beat it. Yea the good ole boys with thier fourth grade education don't like anything but what their daddy told them to drive."

Of COURSE (awesome representation of the kiddies whose dad owns a Toyota) us 'good ole boys' (We r must be teh dum!! LEL!) love our Big 3 pickups. Why not? they've been the best for many decades and continue to be. If you are an American and say you want any of the Big 3 automakers to fail..pretty much the home of the automobiles and the way automobiles are produced, simply go fa-q yourself you Un-American prlck. Want to keep losing jobs? Buy more foreign.


I have a work fleet of 14 pickups and several HD 6 and 10 wheel dumps. The fleet includes two 2008 and one 2009 Tundra. Two 2008 Silverado's. The remainder of the fleet is a mix of 06 and 07 fords and chevys and one tacoma used for light duty plowing and and parts runs etc. All of the domestics trucks are 2500's, 3500's, 150's, 250's, 350's. The Tundras are 4.7L 4x4 SR5's. The trucks work daily hauling dirt, gravel, building materials and supplies as well as tow everything from compressors to Trailers with Bobcats. During winter the trucks are used to plow. The point I'm making is the trucks are worked hard daily.We track the number of days trucks are in the shop as well as repair and maintenance expenses. To date one of our 2008 tundras has been in the shop for two days to track down a faulty 4x4 switch. The other 08 was in for a couple of recalls that where same day in and out. Both of the 08 Silverado's have been in the shop for several different problems ranging from electrical, to drivetrain to loose converter bolts. One truck has spent 21 days at the dealer and the other 14 days. I can go on and on and list the entire fleets records. Time is money and if the truck is not working it's not making money. We're currently selling off the last couple of 150's we have to and will replace them with the truck as soon as it's available. My only wish is Toyota would make something more HD like the 3500's and f350's Anyone that seriously depends on their truck needs to take a hard look at this. BTW. That light duty tacoma has 217K miles and only routime maintenance.

To Brain,

I am so sick and tired of hearing you rednecks talk about recalls associated with the tundra. I have a list that represents 2008 and 2009 trucks from the big 3 and Toyota from motortrend. Come to find out there are no recalls for the 2008 Tundra. The redesign brought some recalls, but Toyota fixed that in a year. Now, looking at the above links, in 2008 – 2009 all trucks from the big 3 had recalls problems, yet Toyota did not. As a matter of fact, over 800,000 GM trucks were affected with an electric recall with the potential to start a fire. So those of you ignorant posters who continue to talk about recalls may want to do some homework. The big 3 have had more recalls than Toyota, and GM in one year along more than 7 times what the 07 Tundra had.

If anyone wants the list, blog on motortrend, or request my e-mail and I will send it to you. Pickuptrucks.com will not allow several links to be posted at one time.


I just want to say, I own a 2008 tundra V8 double cab and it's the best truck I have ever owned. And yes, I have owned silverado, sierra, F250, and my last truck was a dodge ram. I am a contractor, and I can haul just as much in my 1/2 ton tundra as anyone out there in your 3/4 ton so called american trucks. Oh by the way did any of you out there who has been talking down the tundra know that its made here in the USA by americans with lots of american parts, and did you also know that ford and others have many japan parts on them, bet ya did'nt know that did ya.
Oh, one more thing, I'm American, born and raised.

Bought one, us it everyday as a work truck in various terrain, put on 5000km a month, sit in it, eat in it, it is my office, great on mileage....I had a dodge 3/4 tonne desiel, lots of power, awesome for towing...drove like a tractor. I will buy another Tundra , and another and another and will only consider a different truck when they correct the recall rate, improve the warranty and frankly copy the Tundra.

I just bought the 2010 5.7 Flex Fuel 4X4 Tundra The best truck on the road. Traded a Ford & a Chevy ant got top dollar for my trade & Freeman Toy Hurst Texas

Hey Cowboy I just paid the state of Texas sales tax and kept the men & women of the Texas plant working.

I could buy any truck I wanted I chose a Tundra for the 3rd time.

wow i did not know that tundra was built in japan i thought it was built by americans for americans not 60% made in mexico or canada like gm or ford but i dont know anything i just know who is broke built by mexicans for americans

just go to a junkyard and look for a toyota scarce aint they

Looks like there are allot of red necks making comments about Toyota. Sorry American build cars and trucks suck.

I own a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab with the 5.7 MDS Hemi TRX Off Road. I've spent more time at the dealer getting cheap OEM parts replaced that I would of thought Dodge would have caught on and improved the replacements parts. I have 62,000km and I'm on the 5th set of rotars, more wheel bearings and tie rods then I care to mention. Two electronic control modules becasue the truck would die in the middle of the highway at 100km/h and leave you with no power stearing or brakes!! real nice safe truck. I was considering a new Ford F150 crew cab 5.4L but I recently drove a Toyota Crew Max 5.7L trd off road. The ride is comparable to the new Ford but Toyota has a lot more creature comforts that are standard, not like Ford where everything is an option and cost you that much more!! The bottom line is you can get a Tundra for less with more options than a F150. So I believe I have sold myself that I will be ordering a new Tundra at the end of the month and retunring the leased Dodge back to the local Scrap yard I mean Dodge dealer. By the way I tow a 36 ft travel trailer and a couple of snowmobiles, so I use my truck all year round and the dodge did have some trouble towing the trailer, looking forward to towing it with a real truck next summer.

You ever watch them pbs specials on tv where they are down in africa or some desert in bfe-they are always driving land cruisers or 20 yr old tacoma's-why do you suppose that is? I would love to bragg about chevy's-ford's and dodges-really I would-but I cannot. The big three want the american consumer to beleive that the quality gap is closing-maybe it is maybe it isn't-you can only tell quality over time. When there are a boatload of ford rangers on the road that are 15-20 yrs old then maybe we'll know. This is about the time some dodge owner with 300k will pipe in and tell us about his miracle truck-happy for ya buddy-I really am-your either a good mechanic or a liar-what toyota owners know is we suck at being mechanics-thats why we own them-we can use and abuse them and they still run and run and run. Have you heard of positive equity-thats what we patient toyota owners enjoy-they car is long since paid off and we are still driving it-the only vehicle I was ever upside down in was my 1992 Chevy k1500-bought it knew-treated it very well-watched it fall apart-I drive a rav4 and a 4runner-you would think I was a liar if I told you what my mileage was. I'm currently saving up for a tundra-texas is doing it well imo.

I just bought one of these...at $29,000 minus a $1,000 cash incentive plus 0% financing (which is worth about $4,000 over 5 years) for a 4.6L V8 crew cab 4x4...Ford, chev, and Dodge can't touch it, not even close! As for the look, I have no problem with it...and for those who do, you'll save a bunch of $ if you just go to a salon to get your hair and nails done than buy and over-priced Hot Wheels truck...MAN UP!

A work truck without an eigh-foot bed. ? How lame. Even the sales persons at our local dealership say folks who work don't buy Toyotas. Reliable? Both my 3/4 ton Silverados and my one ton Power Stroke have been absolutely bulletproof with one of the Silverados closing in on 175,000 miles. Sorry, but I can;t afford a poser truck. My trucks have to work!


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