2010 Toyota Tundra With Work Truck Package To Debut At San Diego Auto Show


Most of the auto industry will be shut down for the holidays except the 2009 San Diego Auto Show (Dec. 31, 2008 to Jan. 4, 2009), where the 2010 Toyota Tundra Work Truck Package will make its debut with a marginally freshened front end.

Aimed at commercial truck buyers, the decontented Tundra Work Truck Package will be available on two-wheel and four-wheel drive Regular and Access Cab (pictured) models, in standard and long bed configurations and with a choice of six-cylinder or eight-cylinder engines.


According to Toyota's press release, Tundra models equipped with the Work Truck Package are expected to carry a discount that will range from $550 to $655 less than the Tundra's  suggested retail price, depending on the model. For comparison, a 2009 two-wheel drive Regular Cab Tundra with a 4.0-liter V-6 starts at $22,390, which should put the Work Truck Package Tundra in the $21,000 range.

On the outside, the Tundra Work Truck Package will include a newly revised two-bar grille, with black surround, plus de-chromed front and rear bumpers and manual rearview mirrors.


Inside will be washable vinyl bench seats and rubber floors, a black plastic instrument panel and HVAC controls, including, voltage, oil pressure and warning lamps in place of gauges. The ignition key ring and glove box lighting will be deleted along with map and door courtesy lamps. The package also removes cruise control and remote keyless entry as standard features, although separate Work Truck packages will be offered with these features.



Wow I think someone struck a nerve... Those Toyota boys don't like anyone putting down their truck. I'm not a fan nor a hater but I call it like I see it. My best friend has one and loves it. It has been a very reliable truck. But I also see what a lot of the other guys have said about it. We go off road a lot and I will say for the record the frame on the truck is the weakest link... unless they fixed that for the 09's on up. His is an 08. That thing flexes like you wouldn't believe. Its a miracle that the bed doesn't go through the back of the cab. I have seen him put a heavy load with it... It pulled the load but you could see the truck flexing. It was a double axle flatbed trailer with a compact John Deere tractor with a bucket and a backhoe on it. I think I have stated all this in a previous post about this truck frame problems. Until Toyota builds a truck that doesn't have any problems that people can easily pick up on compared to American trucks then it will never be a contender.

To address a few of the other quotes that were stated above.

The reason the Toyota plant was built in Texas was three reasons. The south is not union friendly, has cheaper wages, and Toyota wanted to take a swipe at Ford by having their trucks built in Texas. Their thinking was they could convince "The Good Ole Boys" to buy their trucks instead of buying the Ford, which is the number one truck sold in Texas. Needless to say it didn't work out like they planned.

Every car maker makes cars in other countries. Just throwing out a percentage is misleading. I think you need to break it down to pickups only since this is what this site is about. Also parts are imported and even shared by auto manufactures from all over the world. IF you break it down to a percentage of parts that are made in America and put into American built trucks those numbers would be changed drastically (they would go up for Ford and Chevy). Also did anyone catch the news that Toyota was bullying their parts suppliers for cheaper parts and cost. Trust me when I say cheaper usually doesn't mean a better vehicle.

Lastly how narrow minded do you have to be to keep calling someone a "good ole boy" or "redneck" just because they don't share your point of view. I really am beginning to wonder who are the ones brainwashed here. The Toyota camp keeps saying we are number one and we make better cars and trucks la la la... Did you all know that Ford since 2007 has had more J. D. Power and associates initial quality awards then any other auto manufacture? Did you also know Ford was just recognized for making the most significant improvement in fuel efficiency and reducing C02 emissions over the past five years by the EPA? Did you know Chevy has a truck that gets 21mpg?

The point is that although Toyota makes fine and reliable vehicles to keep your narrow point of veiw towards the American big 2 (you can't count Chrysler now they are owned by Fiat) in what they are capable of should not be over looked. Remember GM was number one for a long time. Now its Toyota. The way things are going for Ford it might be them in a few years. Can you imagine in a year or two people saying "I wish Toyota could build cars and trucks as good as Ford can". I can imagine it because its what American car buyers were asking just a few short years ago and now we may have an answer.

I've had chevy's, fords, and the wanna be (tough) dodge trucks. The ford and chevy's have been a total wash out and the two dodge's have been a total nightmare. I decided to go with a toyota this time and so far have no reason to bad mouth it. GET OVER IT you people who stick to a truck for the sake of blind devotion. When the big three learn how to build a better truck instead of simply seeing how many gulible americans they can fleece I'll go back.

It,s funny how people are trying to copare the Tundra to a F250 or 2500 Goverment Moters 3/4 ton. This is not suppose to compete with the 3/4 ton trucks. Apparently you have not taken a look at the Goverment Moters 1500 W/T truck or the Ford F150 striped out trucks There is not a whole lot of diffrence except for the resale value. Then the Tundra will not only out last but will bring more in the end than any of the competers . How can anyone agree with a company that has to have the Goverment step in and keep it a float. Get behind on your bussiness and see if you get a hand out dont think so. The only thing that makes it worse is we are footing the bill not our dear old President. It should be only the strong servive. Look a Chrysler how many times have they been on the brink of going out only to cost tax payers.

I work for tmmi they have employed from several different areas and kept us working during the big economic downturn when everyone else was closing and going bankrupt and coming up with new reasons to fire our fellow americans thanks allot big three for keeping americans working toyota has several american owned suppliers and they also hire americans i think the tundra is just as good as any other half ton out there and wish we kept it at tmmi but tmtx is doing a great job i am not a sallary employee but i do support the company thanks to all the supporters we are american vehicles keep us working thanks

In o4 I bought a chevy 3/4 ton gas powered truck I had so much trouble that at 9mo. I traded it for a Ford F-250 diesel 6.0 at 100,000 miles I had to basically rebuild the whole top end (egr cooler, oil cooler, fuel injection module, and head gaskets) it cost about 5,000 I now own a Toyota Tundra and will never NEVER own another american built vehicle American vehicles are designed to fall apart.

I bought a new camry for my wife for the the third time in thirteen years,she likes that car,and the new body styld.I rented a tundra to see if it was any better than my chevy,WOW what a feeling U get when U drive that V8.If I could sell my chevy I would buy that work truck tundra.Chevy has nothing on that run better than that tundra.Chevy needs to bring back the 5.7 v8?

just bought a 2010 with 4.6, have friends who scream up and down the highway with 350,000 and all they have repalced is a water pump and a starter, and still using them daily going cross country, I have a 03 suburban, with 266,000 on its 3rd tranny, second rearend, rebuilt the entire throttle body system due to a P1516 code 2 dealerships and 6 mechanics cant seem to figure out after 2,000.00 dollars of parts and rewiring, to find out it was the new throttle body was bad, really made me a beleaver in something else besides good ole boy throw your money at technology, which had made in mexico and canadian parts all over it.....

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