Caught! Left-Hand Drive Isuzu D-Max


File this under the list of Christmas gifts we wish we'd received, instead of green socks with reindeer and snowmen — a left-hand drive Isuzu D-Max/Holden Colorado with a 3.0-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel under the hood. This debadged tester was caught in a Midwestern snow storm, far from its balmier right-hand drive Thai or Australian habitats.

The D-Max/Colorado shares a common platform with the U.S.-only Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, minus the modern 160 horsepower oil burner and nicer interior, which can be optioned with Bluetooth, navigation and a rear backup camera.

What's this truck doing on these shores? It's been seen coming and going from several engineering facilities. It could belong to GM or Isuzu but more likely it's being tested by a diesel engineering company like AVL or Bosch for right-hand drive markets outside the U.S. Note the hood doesn't close flush with the front fenders, leading us to speculate about possible future engine mods. Time will tell.

In the meantime, guess we'll have to wait for Mahindra to introduce its diesel mid-size pickup in late 2009 to buy something similar here.



Looks way better than the Colorado . looks like someone caved in the fender while working on the engine or dropped something on the fender . it also looks a hundred times better than the new hideous Tacoma .

I have a VW Jetta diesel and it get 48-50 MPG I hope this new D-Max gets good MPG as well...if so GM will have a hit on it's hands!

This is the truck that so many Americans who care about fuel economy and the environment have been waiting for...order me up one, please!

if gm bring this truck to usa , if usa dont like it ,the probleme is not gm,,,

GM sells this truck (Isuzu i350) in the UK under the name Isuzu Rodeo with a similar 2.5 liter 4cyl turbo-diesel engine. It is capable of 54mpg UK (extra urban cycle) on the extreme but is capable of 35-40 mpg under normal driving conditions.
This thing looks more like a Cadillac SRX from the front with single stack headlights and an uglier grille, however GM is headed in the right direction if they bring this stateside to compete in the midsize category. Even Toyota has been asleep regarding diesels in the US considering their Hilux diesel trucks in Europe and Africa are bulletproof and have great gas mileage.
EPA certification for diesel engines in the US is way too expensive, so the feds are not helping when their require 35 mpg trucks in the near future when the cost of their certification process is one of the biggest obstacles.
@Taylor: I still like the look of my 2007 Tacoma better and the more useful 6 foot bed.

Chevy I will take one with 3l E-85 engine. standard 2 wheel drive extended cab please

I've been waiting for a 4-door, diesel Toyota Hilux in Canada for years (don't like the Tacoma) but I would buy this if it was on the market first.

This truck is indeed available outside the NA market. The 2.5L I4 turbodiesel is fairly crappy, with 0-60 achievable the same day. I have no idea about the 3.0L mentioned here; hope it is a better engine.

I would love to see an inline four diesel here in the states, Toyota has a fantastic diesel in Europe in the Landcruiser and their trucks. If this one from Isuzu is as reliable as their old models, bring it on! This is a great looking truck, check out this link for a better look at the D-Max.

Looks like a gaymans truck or hondaridgeline to me.

This has been my idea of a perfect truck for a few years. I'm glad some company finally made it. I love isuzus, i had a 84 trooper that i drove across the continent about 12 times. It had 400,000 miles on it before i crashed it in a bad accident. I bet chevy and gmc will come out with it here before too long. I need one now though.

Is it illegal to have one of those here? I wonder if a dealer could swindle one over here somehow...maybe even rom canada? does anyone know the particulars of that?

We have the Isuzu D-max here in Guatemala, Central America (Down from Mexico) and it´s a beautiful truck. It´s make 35 mpg in city and 40 mpg highway with the 3.0 turbo diesel intercooler common rail engine. 4X4 double cab. If you wan´t one you can have it here for US$24,000.00 (tax included).

It just seems strange that these vehicles are sold in every other continent except North America,time for the big three to wake up.I believe the sales potential is there,& the first manufacturer to offer one will be the winner.I like many other consumers still like a pkup for hauling the fishing boat or other recreational vehicles,going to the lumber yard for supplies & still be able to use the truck as a commuter vehicle to go to work & have decent power & fuel economy to boot.We don`t all need gas gobling full size trucks with enough power to pull a freight train.As far as diesel is concerned I grew up on farm, that`s the fuel that has been used in the ag business for decades.

It's too bad Americans in general are very ignorant about diesel engines. We need more cars and pickups with small diesel engines. I don't know how such people can be informed better. I have Ford F-350 and VW Beetle both of which are equipped with a diesel engine. You can count me that I would buy Isuzu D-Max pickup with a diesel engine. Cheverolet Love with Isuzu diesel engine was a great pickup.

North America needs a small turbo diesel pickup, dependable, good diesel mileage. Not a rust bucket like the Chevy S10.

I wish VW would come out with a pick up and have that Jetta Turbo Diesel to getter done.



I have heard the chevy could bring back the 4.2l turbo deisel, seen it in a trucken' mag or something. it would be a nice trade in for my 3.5l colorado Z71

I'm getting ready to purchase this truck. I've been drooling over it ever since I moved here about three years ago. When I say here, I mean, Ecuador, yes, that's in South America. Left-hand drives are assembled here, and compete with other solid 4 cylinder turbo diesels on the market. The Mazda BT-50 TD is also assembled here, but I'm going with the Isuzu D-MAX. Here they are still marketed as Chevy, as when GM was owning 49% of Isuzu, but they are all Japanese. I'm buying this mostly because it is a solid dependable vehicle, not just because I like trucks. It gets great gas mileage, has great torque and at high altitude, the turbo is great to have. Most of the websites are in Spanish, but Isuzu has some info in English:
If you wanna see how cool this truck is, do a google search for Chevrolet D-MAX turbo diesel.

This truck is far superior compared to any other trucks in the market today. I'd love to buy this kind of truck but I'm out of the budget. Maybe I need to work more with extra hours to save money for this.

Americans want to employ Americans, yet American auto mfg. does not want to produce or even OFFER an optional, reasonable, small diesel P/U to the American public. WHY??? Politics?

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