Ford and Amicably Settle Licensing Issue


Ford and, a 10-year-old website for Ford Ranger enthusiasts, have mutually agreed to end a legal dispute that originally had Ford's attorneys demanding $5,000 and the rights to the domain name "" Word of the dispute quickly caused an eruption of online support for the fan site that had some questioning Ford's relationship with some of its most loyal customers.

According to Jim Oaks, owner and founder of, Ford's legal action had merit. It focused on vinyl decals sold to raise funds for site maintenance that bore Ford trademarks without Ford's approval.

"We sold vinyl cutouts with Ford trademarks that we shouldn't have," Oaks told He posted similar words on's forums.

After being contacted by Scott Monty, Ford's public relations manager for digital media, Oaks and Monty quickly worked out a tentative agreement that ends Ford's pursuit for monetary compensation and the site name.

"We don’t want the domain," Monty said. "We don’t want $5,000. This is not how we want to engage with enthusiasts. The reason the URL came into play was because of the merchandise that was being sold, not because the name was in violation. All [] has to do is register its name with our trademark office [believed to be at no cost], agree that it won't sell unlicensed merchandise and that they won't host competitor's ads."

Both parties seemed relieved the dispute has ended — as long as both agree to the final legal documents being drawn up.

Both Oaks and Monty, in separate conversations, said that as far as they're concerned the matter is settled.


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