Ford F-150 Named Motor Trend's Truck of the Year


The new 2009 Ford F-150 has been awarded Motor Trend magazine's "Truck of the Year" honor, the third time in its production history that the light-duty pickup has won this recognition.

The Ford F-150 was one of three pickups eligible for the Truck of the Year title. The other rigs were the Dodge Ram 1500, Suzuki Equator and the Hummer H3T. To be eligible, a vehicle had to be totally new or redesigned, and released in the 12 months before Jan. 1, 2009.



Only one more step to go before it's the best in all areas. Bring on the 6.2 V8 and EcoBoost motors. And, even better, a 6.2 V8 WITH EcoBoost technology.

It's still a Ford p.o.s. they just re-designed the front end and the rear end. WOOOOWWWW!

Hey Tundra Texas: Your just mad because that hunk of crap you call a "truck" didn't win in any category. People have finally woken up and smelled the coffee on what a joke the tundra is. It is nothing more than a camry with a pick-up bed on the back. It is time people like you either supported the American companies for the good quality stuff they build or go and live in japan and support them, which if you bought one of those pieces of crap you are already doing for the next 5 years. FORD is the king of trucks. They have been for the last 31 years, there is a reason for that. Go by any construction site, what truck do you see the most of hmmm let me think for a milisecond FORD!! And if you read any article about the F-150 you would see that it is a lot more than the front and rear end styling. Get over your self loser!

Ford Trucks ROCK . I own two of them, One for work 2004 4x4 and a lowered 1999 xl short bed with tricked out 5.4 for crusing around town and cars and truck shows.

Uh, Ford Guy, the Tundra won the 2008 MT truck of the year. Of course, I don't see how, because I too think it is a hunk of crap. The tailgate is the flimsiest thing I've ever seen, When you close it, it rattles, I kid you NOT!!! They have a lot of catching up to do to win as many awards as the new silverado, which has won more awards than any pickup in history. I've seen alot of constuction sites, like most people, and the most commonly used truck is either a ford or a dodge, and many times a chevy. You will NEVER see a tundra at a construction site, guaranteed!

Hey Ford Guy Tundra, a camry with a bed, I don't think so. Last time I checked, Tundra has more horses than the F-150's crappy 5.4L and beat in many tests, towing, braking, ah I could go on and on, but I won't. Good quality, the reason why they sell F-150s so cheap is because Ford knows they're selling you a piece of crap, which probably explains why you own one and "see" so many at construction sites. They're a dime a dozen. Last time I checked, Toyota wasn't the one begging the government to give them money like a beggar (Ford) on the side of the street.

Tundra Texas: Grow up pal. Ford isn't begging for money. They have more than GM and Chrysler and only need it is one of those 2 go under. If you think the tundra is so great why don't you go on the NHTSA website and see how many complaints there are and investigations about the weak and cheasy frame there are. How about the engines snapping cam shafts, or the rear axles blowing apart? There are 3 open cases for the accelerator pedal sticking causing 3 deaths so far. Beside anyone "real truck guy" knows that if you put anything heavier than a grocery bag in the back of a toyrota the rear bumper drags on the ground. I have owned 10 FORD trucks and have kept them with over 300,000 miles on them just requiring basic maintenance, and NEVER had a problem. And big friggin deal the tuncrap has more horses. Most people that buy trucks work them, and not use them as a "car" like you do. Plus the F-150 has the highest payload and towing capacity something that your piece of junk can't say. Have fun with your camry or is it really a corolla in disguise or maybe it is both a camrolla. They should really rename it the 2009 Toyota Almost-A-Truck!! Quality I don't think so. Go live in japan with all of your other toyota loving buddies. Let the real Americans support their own. And you are right they are a dime a dozen. It shows you that they are the best for the last 31 YEARS soon to be 32. Merry Christmas!

I think we all in Kintergarden again, I agree the new Ford is a good truck, But I also think the Tundra is a good truck. In fact it won Truck of the year in 04. Only a new model can win truck of the year so it wasn't even a contender this year. And yes I do see them on construction site all the time around here. As for rear squat, Popular Mechanics did a real test of Squat and found the Tundra Squated the least under a load. I find most pickup buyers are a bit uneducated and don't base thier assumptions off facts or even smarts.

tundra is a joke made with inferior parts. google tundra tailgate forthe entertainment. I find most pickup buyers are a bit uneducated because the Ford F-150 won truck of the year in 2004, not turdra. Tundra has come in dead last next to the Dodge in tests. as wrote, Tough times call for a tough pickup -- one that's built to last a decade or more as a work truck, not an image hauler (turdra or dodge), and strong enough to stand up equally to or beat the competition. , That's what Ford appears to have delivered in the new 2009 Ford F-150.

it is also interesting that Pop Mechanics ranked the Tundra last in their half-ton comparison.

Best New Trucks for Sale 2009 - Ford F150 Test Drive Wins of Full-Size Pickup Truck - Popular Mechanics

The Tundra was rated last by Pop Mechanics, but not because it couldn't work but because it was too trucky. Mainly too harsh of a ride and poor interior. It handled the loaded tests the best though. Thier were some problems when the Tundra first came out, but they were far and few between as Toyota worked to resolve the problem swiftly. I think the camshaft failure affected like less then 1/2 percent of Tundras during the first month of production.

Mike Kevine.... please come out with a follow up on 2010 Pickup's article you did with the changes that are going to be made in 2010. Your June update has a lot of people taking about what you reported on and we are interested in knowing if you have come up with more Spy Shots. THX

Before pointing out all of Tundra’s mistakes why don't we look at Fords history for blown tires, cruise control starting fires and so on. 11,000 lbs towing capacity. What a joke. Get real maybe downhill. I would like to see them pull that on the passes in Montana, Idaho and Washington safely and at more than 40 mph. I don't care how much it can tow. At least every other manufacture has real numbers.
They might be good trucks but they are far from being the best. If a truck like that existed than there would only be that one truck. Oh and yeah Ford doesn’t need a bail out. Just Federal Aid. No I don't drive a Ford or Toyota truck.

We've had these discussions before. Collect the data from each test that is important in your buying decisions and claim your own winner. Quit whining over what the magazine thinks. Sure, give the nod to Ford. It's the magazine's assesment and priveledge to do so. I would be more concerned with the CEO's of these big corporations. They've demonstrated in front of the US citizen how unqualified they really are. None of them showed up with business plans in hand at that first meeting. They just figured the government would feel sorry for them and give them the money. The Board of Directors should ask these CEO's to step down. It's an embarrasment. Ford may have cash reserves. But when Ford allowed their CEO to setup special contracts that are non-negotiable (such as refusal to fly commercial), that's going too far. All employees no matter how high on the corporate ladder should make concessions during rough times. He's demonstrated is unwillingness to do so. By the way, one of those contracts allows the CEO's wife to grab the corporate jet whenever she wants. And that's non-negotiable! At his 17 million dollar salary, you would think he could afford to fly her first class commercial. Man, what a joke. Keep buying Fords gentleman, Mr. Mullaly is grateful for your gracious donation to his survival and that next Porterhouse steak he has for dinner.

Ivan when did Ford start making tires?

Took my mother to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minn.

Killing time on sunday before going to a movie so decided to cruise through the nearby Toyota lot.

Drove past one of those god awful looking Versa's and around the corner was the dealerships plow truck.

Brand new F350! Evidently the wonderful flexi-frame on the Turdra doesn't handle a plow.

About as bad as the Toyota Racing trailer being pulled by a Chevy Duramax. When you need a real truck you don't get a Toyota.

I personally drive an 04 F150 Fx4 and love it and have had no problems. The truck is such a well built sturdy truck..thats why Ford says built ford tough. Im sorry but the Tundras frame makes no sense to me..Three different types of frame rails on one frame. If you watch the tundra and the F150 on The Silver creek test road the bed bounce on the tundra is shocking. The tundra has a great powerful engine but thats about it. Im sorry tundra but leave the truck market to the big three

So if you buy a Toyota Tundra you should move to Japan. How dumb of a statement is that! Maybe you should say something like “if you like Tundra's so much go live in San Antonio or Mississippi where the vehicle is built. Also I am pretty sure Toyota hired Japanese workers to build the truck and make them direct deposit there checks into a Japanese bank so the local economy never see's a dime of the money right. I can't vouch for the quality or performance of tundra but the last time i checked the Camry is built on traditional car frame. The Tundra like most trucks on built on traditional truck ladder frame. Just an FYI. Sorry for being so sarcastic in this post but could you keep it smart and factual.

Hello there!

My grandpa says that here in Pennsylvania you’ll find mostly old Big 3 trucks and new Tundras on constructions sites. There are very few new Big 3 trucks out there but many new Tundras. Folks are not stupid here in PA. We buy best trucks – who cares how it looks like – it’s just a workhorse.

Merry Christmas!

This is the gold standard- solid, dependable, and at a reasonable price when you factor in maintenance and insurance. Motor Trends has some dubious picks across cars and trucks, but this one they got right. American companies can still produce the best trucks around.

All the co. make good cars and trucks these days. But what country do you want to make stronger? Japan or Korea, I dont think so. and now with are new President,(who is pro American) Lets support are workers and families. Yes Toyota and the other co. are made here, but the profit goes back to there country. And makes it stronger. Also theres not very much difference these days. So be proud be American drive american!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

i find it very interesting you all think you know exactly which truck is best, when in reality you are probably all sitting in your mother's basement in your underwear with nothing better to do. You don't know what you are talking about. so don't bother pretending. I own and love an F150 but that doesn't mean i am an expert. just a thought. thanks

funny that motortrend picked the 2009 f-150 over the 2009 ram as the truck of the year back in december 2008. Fast forward to 2015 and ford has an all-new truck that is better than the old model in almost every way including vastly better engines (in 2009 fords top engine was the old 5.4 liter v8). Ram meanwhile has not changed their truck much since 2009. Still has the same 5.7 hemi but a new 8 speed transmission and the ecodiesel. As far as I know the interior and exterior of the truck is basically the same as in 2009. And yet somehow motortrend now thinks the ram is better than the much improved since 2009 f-150? It's just weird to me since ram hasn't improved much since 2009 but ford has improved quite a bit.

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