Jalopnik Reviews Propane-Powered F-150


Los Jalops have road tested a Roush-modified, propane-powered Ford F-150.

Roush's liquid propane conversion kit is available for 2007.5 (Job 2, mid-December 2006) and 2008 model year F-150s equipped with the 5.4-liter V8 engine and optional trailer tow package.

The installation kit includes propane fuel injectors, matching fuel rail assembly, a re-calibrated engine computer, all of the proper fluid lines and wiring and either an under-bed 25-gallon tank ($7,595 for the full kit) or in-bed reservoir that holds 59-gallons ($8,595 for the full kit). Installation takes about 8 hours.

Roush says the LPG setup provides the same horsepower (300 hp), torque (365 lbs-ft), and towing capacity as the stock gas powertrain.

How well did it drive and what kind of fuel economy did Jalopnik get? Read the review to find out!


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