Pontiac Reportedly Reconsiders G8 Sport Truck


General Motors' precarious financial position is forcing the company to reconsider the planned introduction of the 2010 Pontiac G8 ST next year, according to Automotive News.

Susan Docherty, vice president of Buick-Pontiac-GMC, said GM will pare down Pontiac's inventory from six products today to three or fewer by 2012. All Pontiac vehicles are under consideration to be cut, including the yet-to-be-launched G8 ST.

As recently as late October, plans for the G8 ST were still on track. The V-8-powered car-based pickup was due to start production in Australia next July, with the first units planned to arrive at U.S. dealerships by October. Serious discussions were under way to build a six-cylinder version, too.

GM developed the G8 ST on the same rear-wheel-drive platform as the Pontiac G8 sedan, Holden VE Ute, Holden VE Commodore sedan and 2010 Chevrolet Camaro sports car.


I doubt that the G8 ST was ever meant to be a BIG player, so cancelling it, at this point of economic crisis, seems like a no brainer.

That thing is plain hideous, how can they call it a truck?

This type of vehicle is called a "taint". It "taint" a car, and it "taint" a truck.

Well I for one hope they don't cut it. It may not have been a big seller but not every car has to sell a million copies. I for one have been waiting for a vehicle like this and if it gets the ax, I may have to go back to plan "A". That is, rebuilding a 1982 Dodge Rampage currently sitting in my driveway.

Not everyone needs a 3/4 ton truck to pick up a couple loads of mulch or a few sheets of drywall and since my car is only hauling me around 95% of the time why do I need four seats? As a home project hauler and a quick parts getter for my car restoration hobby, this machine would have fit the bill nicely: truck bed convenience with car handling and mileage.

While I hope they still produce this truck, it shows the typical mismanagement of GM.

First, this should have been conceived as the new El Camino. Retro sells and there's plenty of people looking for a new version of this classic. Ford dumped a solid brand name when they dropped Taurus. They soon discovered how wrong they were. I guess GM management missed that.

Second, when I first saw it, I thought this is exactly what I wanted. When I found out it was only going to be available with a V8 I said No Thanks. Fuel mileage concerns are with us to stay. the fact that GM didn't seem to consider this during the design just shows how out of touch their management is.

If GM wants a bailout, they need new management blood and this is the reason why.

This is the vehical I have been wating for. I hope it get's here. It is realy a left hand drive Ute so how much can it cost to put in production? If anything needs to be droped it is the whole Buick line.

John Ehrlich,

You don't know much about Australia do you, we drive on the LEFT side of the road meaning we need a car with RIGHT hand drive, meaning its not a left hand drive ute to start with. Same with the G8 sedan.


This ute is also a six cylinder but i don't think the Americans could face having another vehicle without a V8 on the road. Ford has a ute that competes directly with this one, it has a six cylinder, a tubo six cylinder (with 400+HP and only 1mpg worse mileage) and a V8, its sad that Holden didn't have the turbo six, because then it would be a true winner.

Good Morning Jereg, What I want is a UTE with a lefthand drive and imported into the USA to drive on the right side of the road.
What I don't know is the UTE a brand name or is UTE used to describe this type of pickup?
Here in the states ue had the Chevrolet El Camino and the Ford Ranchero both the same type of car/truck. Some perple liked them some didn't. I for one want another one.

Up until last year, these trucks were also made with a four-door and a half-ton flatbed for ranching and farming. I can see this entire line here as a GMC. I would love the four-door as a family and cargo hauler.

John Fhrlich,

The term UTE is an Australian one its the word we use for pickups, its nothing real important.

Jim Abeare,

Your right, they did have one, it was the Holden Crewman, they were good, my uncle has one for his appliances store, to deliver goods using the bed for larger items and the back seat. its like a crew cab F-series or Silverado, just without the high pickup postion and appaling mileage as it to is available with a 6 cylinder or a V8.

You might also like to check out the HSV Avalanche, a sport/performance version of the crewman

I want one. I have a 84 EL Camino I love it but I want a new one. Bring it on.

I bought a 1980 El Camino SS, & I still own it-but I want a new one-BRING IT ON !


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