2010 Pontiac G8 ST Sport Truck Killed


Update #1, Jan-07-09 09:31 ET:
It's official. General Motors says the 2010 Pontiac G8 ST has been canceled. Pontiac spokesperson Jim Hopson said, "In today's market, it simply doesn't make financial sense to go ahead with the vehicle."

Even when first unveiled, the G8 ST was promoted as a niche vehicle. Sales volumes were forecast at only around 5,000 units annually.

Industry sources have told PickupTrucks.com that the 2010 Pontiac G8 ST sport truck has been killed. GM made the announcement to its dealers during a broadcast this morning.

Based on Australia's Holden VE Ute, the G8 ST was slated to go on sale in the U.S. this fall.

Last month, Susan Docherty, vice president of Buick-Pontiac-GMC, said GM would pare down Pontiac's inventory from six products now to three or fewer by 2012. Docherty said then that the review process would include a second look at whether or not it made sense to import the G8 ST.

The decision is likely to disappoint some truck enthusiasts and coupe utility buyers who were looking forward to a modern-day El Camino, which ended production in 1988.

Here's a look at a 2010 G8 ST we photographed just last week at the 2009 San Diego Auto Show, its last known public appearance.



Well I'm glad, that thing did not even look like a truck. It looked like the old Ranchero/el-Camino, a car with a bed in the back.

thats b/c it was basically a new age el camino.....

Hey Southern Truck Guy, that's because it IS the modern equivalent of the El Camino, duh.

Wow this sucks. At least give us a better version of the Colorado.

Its a cool concept but I don't think it would have sold well anyway, people either want a car or a truck not a truck/car.

ugh...that just sucks balls. I'm not crazy about Camino-type cars but this looked pretty cool. With them strapped for cash, GM better not cancel the CTS coupe and the G8 in general. *crosses fingers*

It's a Shame, I really miss having a the flexibility of a ute/pick up truck with the handling of a road car not to mention the fuel efficiency, but then again since when has either of these been a requirement of the US market.
I'm guessing demand might pick up if gas hits plus $4 a gallon again.
Go figure?

Too bad. That would have stomped Sonny"s 383 Chevelle.

how about killing the whole brand!

Good riddance! The El Camino, and this contemporary (the G8 ST) have to be one of the ugliest vehicles ever made. Oh sure they're popular and functional in Australia, but I don't think America will even miss it. I know I won't.

I agree with Anna, it serves well in Australia because we don't need such huge pickups as the silverado, f-series because they aren't needed for hauling and if we d need one you pay massive amounts for RHD conversions and for fuel (usually twice as expesive as USA) so the smaller car like handling utes are better

gm fails again.

It seems that most people don't actually get the purpose of the pontiac gto/holden ute, it is not a work vehical or a pickup it is a coupe but that can carry things (like motor bikes). So basically it is a coupe that has been made more masculine, but I guess people may be right as I don't think americans would have ever got that.

i would like to see gm import one of the unibody trucks they produce in brazil. europe and mexico based on a opel designed plarform

I, for one, am most disappointed. I have been saving up for a G8 ST ever since I heard about them. I even got a GM affinity credit card to build up some car dollars. I own a 1983 El Camino -- it is a wonderful, useful vehicle.; it is great for runs to the home center, runs to the recycle center, and the like. I get more positive comments on that vehicle than I do on my Lexus daily driver. However, the El Camino is getting old and does not have the safety features of the modern vehicles. Now I guess I will have to look for a fuel-efficient small truck. ugh.

Obviously, some folks find that an El Camino style vehicle fits their needs. Only self centered, narrow minded losers rejoice in less freedom to choose. I guess what those losers want is for only one style of car to be produced -- the one they approve of. Pinheads.

Why kill a sports truck that looks good, will handle better than big GM 1500 trucks and get better MPG. Now what will I get.

I gotta agree with Dave & Duane and the others who are disappointed. I have a feeling all of the people with negative comments weren't around when the El Camino was. Pontiac had 2 million people sending in their thoughts on naming the new El Camino twin. So I guess there are a few people out there that were looking forward to the G8 ST's arrival. I hope the cancellation of this vehicle bites GM in the ass. Why do they think this vehicle wouldn't be profitable - just afraid to take the chance. They're going broke anyway. (Actually, I only buy Honda's, but I would consider this Pontiac) This new G8 ST is awesome! They are perfect for those who want a car or a truck. My father-in-law has a pickup but he has a hard time getting up into it. Of course he owned an El Camino and was ecstatic when he saw the new Pontiac. He already new he was going to buy it as soon as it came out. It's a truck but yet functions as a car too & sooooo sleek looking. It's the perfect alternative. Well, we'll just have to go back to looking at used El Camino's. If anyone knows of a really nice one - let me know.

Can someone tell me if the G8 Pick up is still being sold in Mexico and how many have been sold worldwide?
Thank you from Quebec

I, for one, will moarn it's demise. As a Ranchero owner, I was looking forward to a modern day example with modern day comforts, handling, and above all, non-1970s unrestricted balls! I didn't know how I was going to afford a $30K car that will only fit 2 people and get less than 20mph, but I sure was gonna try and figure it out. So sad.

LOL Pontiac as a WHOLE was cancled. GM announced it along with HUMMER and Saturn. GO GM GO! Tax payer dollars requested from the US Government by FORD to date = $0

dudes the g8 is one of the most beautiful trucks i have ever seen sense the 1978 thru 1987 chevy elcamino and i think it is wonderful to have and drive a car and truck all in one besides elcamino i have a2003 chevy Z71 WITH THE 5.3 liter engine and i love all my GM vehicles so please dont drop the Pontiac G8 Thank You Chuck

I think as an old person. I like thing simple. GM had a great thing going with the EL Camino style. But they needed to think about the older simple men and women, who have own an El Camino, with not much junk on them. Quality V-6, Auto, Air, Heat and a quality radio is all you need on a new style El Camino. Even Steel wheels would be better then allummin.

I do not understand why people degrade other cars because they don't want one. I also don't understand why they complain about the US economy while they slide their narrow ass into a toyota. Give me a corvette or a hummer any day, I'll sweat the gas!!!!!

How Sad.. but a couple are alive and well in Australia now..
What a GREAT Vehicle .. this is the first new GM Vehicle I have ever purchased... and am SO SO happy with its handling, performance, fit, comfort, utility ability, and just how she looks..
Thankyou GM.. thank you Pontiac.


I bought a 1970 Ranchero new. It was one of my favorite vehicles. It had a 351 Cleveland, 4 bbl carb. The works! I put 122,000 on it before trading and still miss it. I,m on my third four-wheel drive Silverado. Lots of fun but the gas is tough. I just found out about the Pontiac G8 ST recently. I was overjoyed. My current Silverado has 111,000 miles on it and I could see a G8 ST in my future. I'm getting a little old for four-wheel drives (70).

So bummed these are not being produced. GM has done themselves a mischief there. These are all class and so handy for contractors. Low to the ground so you can get your tools in and out. These puppies will take a load like any other 1/2 ton truck. And lastly with out a doubt they will pull a wheelie at any stop light.
Thanks for all the loss of fun GM

I can't believe it, why is it every time i get my hopes up? GM pulls the plug. Where should I start? how about 1996 Caprice SS. They finally got it right and Bam !!! its gone. And who's stupid Idea was that grossly over priced good for nothing SSR. I'm sure that was a waste of a few 100 Million. I was hoping to see this new V8 G8 version of the El Camino make it to our market. What are we old retired GM guys suposed to do for fun these days ? WE need more Rear Wheel Drive V8 Toyz ---- I'll even go for the V6 if that makes a difference

Com'on GM Lets get with it, I don't have much time left !!!!

bullshit i would have bought one for sure

Here's the deal - it's a brilliant attempt but would have failed.. but I urge truck makers to not give up on the idea of a versatile unbody truck (not a car with truck features)

It's got to look like a truck - but smaller (in length) and with great gas mileage (25mpg avg).

IMHO, the key is in a versatile midgate and back seats. Midgate and back seats need to fold away. A tiny truck bed that accomodates 4x8 sheet when midgate and tailgate are down!!!!

For added truck functionality.. A bench seat for 3 and a built in Headache rackbar inside the Cab Roof.

RWD, 2 door, 280HP, 3000lbs towing, 25MPG avg. with the looks and stance of a small (but aggressive) TRUCK .. not a el camino or prius with truck bed.

It will sell hot and you won't be able to keep in stock..

Oh.. while dreaming.. a huge (10inch high) secure under bed storage for tools or whatever. Lockable with remote key fob.

Its a punch in the face! my dad owned a 1980 gmc caballero, which he passed down to me and i will pass it down to my kid. it is in good running condition and pobably one of the last still running. With the pontiac g8 (st) would have been pretty cool to own in the lowrider community or just put some 22's,air bags all around and a killer sound system to be heard around the corner. Im a car customizer for newer models and that pontiac would have been the bomb for our new generation and showing our youngsters about the importance of the pontiac g8 (st) coming a long way in culture

I've got a 2009 g8 gts

I have a 2009 g8 gt that I would like to trade for one of those g8 st please contact me if possible 3132286957

Hey Anon, Ford did not need gov dollars cause they sold Volvo, Fiat, Jaguar etc. and they also gave 'O' raises to all Ford assy Lin workers for 6 years. These are actual facts ! Go look them up!

I personally think & feel it's so very very stupid that Pontiac will not be making this G8 El,Camino cars because.It would been so pefect for my business & also bringing my customed race Pocketbikes to the race track.In I personally think in a very cool Automobile & also hauling my Custom pro,street style Harley.Davidson motorcycles as well in such style!? Dam it!?

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