Ford F-Series Finishes 2008 As Best-Selling Vehicle


After battling high fuel prices in the first half of the year and a terrible economy in the second, the Ford F-Series pickup finished 2008 as the best-selling vehicle  in the country for the 32nd year in a row.

Made up of both light- and heavy-duty sales volume, total F-Series sales totaled 515,513 units. That figure is down 25.4 percent from a year earlier, but the F-Series still beat the Chevrolet Silverado (465,065 units), Toyota Camry (436,617 units), Honda Accord (372,789 units), Toyota Corolla (351,007 units) and Honda Civic (339,289 units).

F-Series sales were helped by the launch of the new 2009 F-150. The 2009 F-150 accounted for 8,600 of total F-Series sales in December, an increase of 84 percent compared with November 2008.


I don't mean to start an argument or anything, but when you count both the Chevy Silverado and GMC together (Only because they are the same trucks, with a little different cosmetic looks), GM holds the crown with 633,608. I do realize, that they are separate trucks, just as the Ford F-150 and Lincoln Mark LT (28,000 units??) are. So to be fair, when grouping Ford and GM's brands together, GM has 633,608, with Ford only with 543,513 (correct me if I'm wrong, I dont know if the Lincoln figures are right).

But I do realize that the sales are not figured up like that, and Lincoln is considered Cadillac's competition, I just thought it would be something to think about.

yes 633,608 wo pickup truck cant count,2p2.4,,,hummmm marketing...

Good to hear. Ford needs to continue gaining market share through this down turn. Anytime I hear someone start the GM plus Chevy argument it makes me laugh. GM needs to count two brands and act like they are different trucks to beat Ford's one brand. Oh the irony of it all!!!! FYI, the Lincoln LT (sold a peak volume of 12,753 trucks in 2006) was discontinued last year.

Can't count again? GM sells 633,609 1/2, 3/4, an 1 ton pick-up and Ford sells 515,513 of their F series...150's 250's 350's 450's 550's 650's (garbage truck zone ) 750's, 850, 950's. Maybe GM needs to count all their Topkick trucks like Ford counts theirs because I'm pretty sure they sell more 6 and 7 ton trucks than Ford. Ford can keep up the fantasy, as long as they climb a taller ladder than GM they can keep saying they are above them, but reality is they are shorter.
GM pick-ups, the best selling longest lasting truck ever.

tom you are an idiot. by your argument, if ford had, or much less even needed another brand like that, to just compete. ford would sell 10,000 plus trucks. and you cannot count lincoln mark. thas strictly a luxury truck. gm and chevy are 2 diff brands, gm just makes chevy. ford is its own, 1 brand. and still by itself, still sells only approx 100000 units less. get real

Who really cares. They are all going broke. I agree GM sells more so why don't they just kill GMC and they could have the #1 selling truck. I'm pretty sure most GMC customers would buy a Chevy. Apparently they don't care as much as you do.

Just to clear up my comment a little more, I thought I would throw in that I'm not coming from a "GM's the Best" perspective (I do like GM though), I was grouping both Chevy and GMC, and Ford and Lincoln and comparing their sales figures. So I wasn't being biased towards GM.

I got the 28,000 lincoln sales from another website, that said 28000 was the total number for every year of its production, so I realize that's not accurate, but I don't believe it was discontinued until 2008, because Lincoln has 2008 LT information on their website .

We'll have a big sales wrap-up story tomorrow with all the numbers for all the trucks and brands. I think it will put the data in perspective.

if tomorow chevy and gmc,change name fore gm only some people still argue about ford sold more truck..same company diferent name...same truck.

Ok you GM homers. I'll explain it in simple terms so you can understand. Although built on the same platform and nearly identical, Chevy and GM are branded as different products and have their own distinct brand loyalists. If Ford had bought up Jeep some years ago and introduced a Ford F150 based truck rebadged as a Jeep, they would instantly grow thier own Jeep followers and thus sell more trucks. Should all cars and trucks on the same platform be cosidered the same model? Saturn, Chevy, GMC and Buick sell virtually the same SUV's, should we count them as one?

TA, again, I'll point out that I'm not biasing my comments towards GM; however I am grouping both Chevy & GMC trucks sales figures together, as well as grouping Ford & Lincoln sales figures together and comparing the two manufacturers. And I add that if Ford did have a "Jeep" version of their F-150, then I would group Ford, Lincoln, and Jeep against Chevy and GMC. Good point on the platform thing by the way, I just thought I would give people something to think about if the divisions were grouped.

But, in the end, I agree that Ford won the sales crown, knowing that GM and Ford don't group their truck divisions. So good job Ford.

Our year-end sales wrap is now live:

The fact is that the number one selling truck model is the Ford F series which is only a small segment of the total picture. The fact is that GM sells more trucks overall then anyone else which means more in the end. The money made by a company is based on their entire line not just part of it. Ford has most of their truck line based on the F series name. Where GM has Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Cadillac EXT, Kodiak and Topkick. The only reason Ford can claim they sell more is because of how they market their trucks by name. But they didn't do everything right in marketing. FixOrRepairDaily wasn't good marketing but GreatestMachineCreated was Good marketing.

The f450 is considered a non-commercial vehicle, therefore Ford counts it as part of the F-series which is the f150, f250, f350, and now f450. Chevy and GMC are different companies, so therefore they count their trucks separate. So basically you have the f-series (f150, f250, f350, f450) vs. Silverado (1500, 2500, 3500) or Sierra (1500, 2500, 3500). When you try to find out how many F150's ford has sold each year, the only number you can find is the total of all the f-series trucks.

Now here is something to think about also. Ford has the most trucks on the road with 250,000 miles or more. But in the long run every truck has its own pros and cons so it's a matter of preference. Personally I see ford f series as the best overall pickup that retains its resale value. Not to mention that Fords quality beats that of GM.

Why is Gm the one going into/in Ch.11 then?

Taylor you are very ignorant. There is no GM brand truck. It is a GMC. Which used to be different than Chevy. GMC and Chevy make the same truck! As did Lincoln and Ford. Lincoln used the same engine, transmission, frame, etc as Ford. As do GMC and Chevy. They are the same truck now. and have been since some time in the 90's. If you count GM's amount of truck sales, compared to Ford's amount of truck sales, GM has ALWAYS been on top.

Why did you feel the need to respond to a year old post in a thread that hasn't had activity in 6 months? And also, even if you count chevy and gmc together, ford as outsold them most of the last year.

98% of fords are still on the road the other 2% maade it home...

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