Mitsubishi Killing Raider Pickup

Mitsubishi Killing the Raider

We can't say we didn't see this one coming: Automotive News is reporting that Mitsubishi will kill the midsize Raider pickup, based on the Dodge Dakota, when its manufacturing contract with Chrysler LLC ends in mid-2010.

The Raider never caught on with small-truck buyers. When it went on sale in 2005 as a 2006 model, the Raider was offered with both V-6 and V-8 engine options, but the V-8 option was dropped in 2008. For 2009, the Raider lost all-wheel-drive.

Raider sales fell the most of any pickup last year. In 2008, only 2,935 Raiders were sold, according to a Mitsubishi spokesperson, compared with 8,262 a year earlier — a 64.5 percent decline.

Our advice to Mitsubishi: Please replace the Raider with the Triton!


what an ugly truck good ridence

I have a 2007 Raider and I want to know if it is a bad truck or will it last like any regular truck. I bought it brand new and it has done a lot of work for me and it still runs fine. I am coming up on 60,000 miles and it runs like a sewing machine. I just wandered why they lost faith in this model.

I have a 2009 mitsubitshi raider, I have 172,000 miles on her no problems,except for the airbag,they want me to take five hours out of my day to fix it no one local...she has plenty of kick from o to 60. I would to like know why they want so much for the replacement headlight left side....3.6v6 and she is no cookie cutter style truck.thats why I bought her.

Thank you William. Very interesting. Very few were sold that year and the dealers were having a hard time selling anything except 4 cylinder mini cars back then.

Isuzu had the same problem with their GM-Isuzu pickup. One of the guys who comments here regularly has one that he bought fully loaded for a few bucks because the dealer was aching to sell it.

Nice to hear your Raider has been good. The Chrysler V6 those trucks had was a very old design, which usually means that the bugs have been worked out long ago.

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