Pontiac G8 ST Contest Winner Drives Away in a Pontiac Torrent

Pontiac G8 ST Winner Gets A Torrent

The winner of Pontiac's "Tame the Name" contest, in which GM received more than 80,000 entries suggesting monikers for the recently nixed 2010 Pontiac G8 ST, has opted for a 2009 Pontiac Torrent CUV. A G8 ST was originally promised as the grand prize.

Pontiac spokesman Jim Hopson told PickupTrucks.com at the North American International Auto Show that Joseph Warren was given a choice of any vehicle in Pontiac's lineup of comparable value to the G8 ST or less. The ST was expected to start in the low-$30,000 range.

"He chose a new Pontiac Torrent GXP," Hopson said.

For the winner of a rear-wheel-drive sports car-truck, the Torrent is an unexpected choice. Warren could have selected a V-8-powered G8 GT sedan with the same engine as the G8 ST had promised, rated at 361 horsepower and 385 pounds-feet of torque. The GXP Torrent has a 250-hp, six-cylinder mill.

Disappointed fans of the latter-day Chevy El Camino may consider Warren's choice to be abhorrent, but we wish Warren well in his new Torrent.


What dork would opt for a Torrent, GXP or not?

What a dumbass! Why didn't he choose the G8 Gt sedan? Same engine and everything!

Maybe he chose what worked for him - not what works for all of you!

Maybe he had no idea what he was doing.

Maybe his wife chose for him?

If he has a family, the Torrent makes tons more sense than that stupid G8. Out of curiosity, does the Torrent GXP include 4WD? If so, his reasons for choosing the Torrent become more apparent.

Frankly, I also see zero logic in choosing the Torrent. If nothing else, he could have gotten the G8, sold it well below its MSRP on eBay, and bought the Torrent of his dreams, all the while pocketing a grand or two in cash...

Maybe he's planning to sell the Torrent and get what he really wants.... I'm betting he could turn an AWD Torrent GXP for more than a G8 GT. They're both about the same price out the door....but the Torrent sells more units.

I don't know. A quick search through AutoTrader.com reveals that a good bunch of new G8's are offered at or above $30K. A lonely Torrent GXP hangs in this price category, with the next Torrent GXP being at around $25K. Then the Torrent prices just crash into the low $20K's.

I stand my ground - financially a G8 makes more sense than the Torrent GXP (mechanically too, by the way...)

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