Rhys Millen Misses New Year's Eve Truck Backflip In Vegas


Rhys Millen's attempt to back-flip a Baja-style trophy truck on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas ended in a miss when the drifting champ and stunt driver rolled the offroad pickup after nailing a mid-air somersault.

In 2007, while practicing the same stunt, Millen broke his back. This time he walked away with only his ego bruised.

[Source: Jalopnik]


I am not sure if that is pure stupidity or what, but that is totally awsome! To bad he didn't land it like he wanted to... Dang man!!!

hey i got a idea on how this could be down with out messing up
wish i had the money to make this happen cause i would so do it lol hell i would even drive it lol

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