Truck Trend Magazine Selects 2009 Power List

Truck Trend Magazine Selects 2009 Power List

Truck Trend magazine has selected their "2009 Power List" of the top eleven people most likely to have the biggest impact on trucks in the future. The list consists of engineers, product planners and marketing staff from the manufacturers as well as racers and a politician. Ford has three slots, GM has two. Honda, Nissan and Toyota each have one.

We won't spoil who they've picked, but we've had the opportunity to meet most of them and they are the A-listers of the truck universe. If you're a truck guy (or gal) that wants to know who's changing the rigs we drive, you need to read this story.


personal driving test my self,,not impress whit the engine,only good thing is the secone gear stay longer,if you need power in your truck look,gm or toyota.truck is not only to look need to show you have something onder the hood..

Interesting comparision of a practical nature. I'm looking at both the Chev and Ford and and was suprised Ford didnt open the rear doors like the Chev and they stuck with that stupid deep box .They do have the 6 speed in more models than Chev and they do have a bigger gas tank however.Ive been a Ford fan for the last couple of decades but looking at the clutter under the hood of the Ford versus the Chev is amazing also and may well swing me back to a Chev. Thanks for the articles ,keep the coming.

what kind of gas milage would you anticapate with a 6.2 litre gas engine 342 rear axle ln anew 1500 4wd chev p.u.?

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