Who Killed the F-100? Motor Trend Knows

Who Killed The Ford F-100?

Way back in January 2008, when oil climbed over $100 a barrel, word filtered out from our sources that Ford was planning a new pickup that would be bigger than a midsize but smaller than a full-size. By March, we had the details: This new truck would resurrect the retired F-100 badge and would be built off a modified version of the F-150 platform.

It was expected the F-100 would use generous helpings of high-strength steel and aluminum, to keep weight low, plus Ford's new EcoBoost engines to provide fuel-efficient towing and hauling capability. It sure sounded good on paper, but the truck had been killed by August.

Motor Trend says it knows who's guilty, and that it's got the missing pieces of the back story of the F-100's death. It's a good look into the no-compromise truck culture that exists at Ford.

We'll add one other piece of info: The four-cylinder EcoBoost engine for the F-150 that we also reported on last year is still very much alive, and it may just reach some of the lofty mpg goals the F-100 was aiming for.

[Source: Motor Trend]


I never thought the F-100 was the best idea, but it was better than nothing. I personally am not certain I want a truck the size of a current F-150, but the Rangers are way too small to accomodate my needs. And from what I've heard the four-cylinder F-150 won't come out untill at least 2012.

That towing/payload capacities killed the F-100 gives me pause. I'm shocked that they seriously thought a midsize pickup should be able to tow 7500 lbs. That's how much my mom's full-sized F-150 could tow. It was a ridiculous requirement.

I hope Ford does something with its compacts. This is getting ridiculous. I just want a reasonably-sized truck with four comfortable seats and decent mileage. How long will it take before some manufacturer comes out with a truck that is reasonably proportioned?

sounds like you want an SUV. The F-150 is well proportioned right now. It is bigger than the Ranger but smaller than the Super Duty. Don't want the really big one? Then get the shorter bed.

"sounds like you want an SUV. The F-150 is well proportioned right now. It is bigger than the Ranger but smaller than the Super Duty. Don't want the really big one? Then get the shorter bed."

Actually I just checked specs at f150.com. I'd been looking at the ones on Edmunds that pegged it at about eleven inches longer than my mom's. The other one says it's more like six. I double-checked to make sure the Edmunds specs were for my mother's truck style and for the regular F150 bed length.

Looks like Edmunds has failed me again.

Regardless, if the truck is about as big as a '98 F-150, or just a little bit bigger, that would be fine. But I'm getting such contradictory information on its specs that I really can't tell.

I'll have to drive it to find out.

Ford kinda has an F100 for sale already in spirit if not in name: Explorer Sport Trac. Its bigger and more up dated than the Ranger, available with a decent v-8 and a lil smaller than the F150. That's the reason I bought one with the Adrenalin package, plus it fits in my garage. But it only comes in one body style. I think the main reason anything in between the Ranger and the F150 is doomed is because of the overlapping price points. I've seen new F150s as low as $11888. Sport tracs are the wild cards. They look like p'ups but are called "SUVs". Anything in the middle has to have something the others don't( Hybrid sys, all electric, IRS, advanced engines). Here in the US we tend to associate size with value so even though the Sport Trac is seemingly more advanced( 6 speed since '07, IRS), has the same options as the F150, and are priced very similar, most people tend to choose the BIGGER truck.

Bigger than a Ranger but Smaller than An F150?

I've driven one of those for years now. It's called a Dodge Dakota.

Not trying to hate on Ford, just saying that the size of truck being discussed already exists...

A 2/3 F-150 would be redundant with the new F-150 and EcoBoost. That is why it was abandoned. The sport trac is nice for a SUV but it is not the same as the F-150. Not by a long shot. The F-150 has a 6 speed and a bigger engine. The F-150 gets the same gas mileage even though the Sport Trac is smaller. So all you are doing is giving up capability by going smaller. The F-150 has the best in towing, and best payload. You get more cargo space (sport trac only has a 4' bed.) More interior space and seating. The F-150 is quieter. It has more trim levels. It is more refined. It is better off road. It is safer, and has the newest technologies such as sway control. Lastly, the F-150 is a real truck. The sport trac has that unibody junk which is ok for a grocery getter but not as for real work. So it is not just about size and there is a reason why people pick the F-150 over the Sport Trac. BTW, the Dodge Dokota is one of the ugliest trucks known to man. The ancient Ranger sold more than double what the new Dakota did in 08.

Uh, Dave The Sport Trac DOES NOT have a unibody chassis. It NEVER has.You're getting it mixed up with the Media darling the RIDGELINE. The Sport Trac has had a 6 speed since '07, the F150 just got it this year. The F150 has more power but it is slower off the mark and it doesn't handle nearly as good. The point that I was trying to make is that the Sport Trac is as big of a truck that most people really need but it only comes in one body style, Crew Cab which most personal F150s are sold as with the smaller bed. And being priced very similar most people get the bigger truck. Few people actually use the full bed/payload/towing capabilities/ anyway. and as far as trim levels, even Motor Trend (TRUCK OF THE YEAR) says that there are too many. Those numbers are put out as "CONVERSATIONAL HORSEPOWER" for the consumer and bragging rights for Ford (mine is more than yours ).

Just a thought, since most truck buyers are brand loyal, maybe PICKUPTRUCKS.com could compare all or most of the trucks of one brand against each other (F250 vs. F150 vs. Sport Trac vs. Ranger/B series etc.). I know, apple vs. oranges vs. grapes but I think it would give the personal consumer an idea of what they actually loose/ gain by going smaller/bigger within a particular brand for day to day usage.

You got me on the unibody business. Touche. The Sport Trac is smaller than a mid size pickup, how is that as big of a truck that people really need? Maybe for grocery getters it is big enough, but not for most core truck buyers. Even with the smaller bed, you not getting more interior room. With their similar turning circles, the F-150 and Sport Trac definitely handle roughly the same into and out of tight spots. But under load, towing and off road the F-150 will handle better and it will be quieter. There are not too many trim levels according to buyers. And having only one trim level is better? This is reality. The F-150 is faster off the mark even with its greater weight. Plus the F-150 outpulls the Sport Trac by a sizeable margin. With regards to torque, the Ford F-150 is considerably more powerful than the Sport Trac. Don't get me wrong, the Sport Trac is good in its own way but it doesn't offer anything of significance to suggest getting it to someone who wants a truck.

Hope Ford has enough since to bring the f100 and make it look just like the one's pictured. Also bring it with a 4 cylinder turbo diesel for some real gas mileage.

Hello I am new to the thread, and have a few questions that maybe some of you could answer for me.
i recently picked up a used 2008 Ranger sport edition with the jump seats and the 3.0 litre engine . i have heard that the Mazda series trucks are the same with changes to the style . i am curious as to how much of this is true and what components are the same and were the Ranger is built as compared to the Mazda series trucks.
So far i really like the Ranger all be it a little slow , but i understand its only a 3.0litre engine .
Thankyou for any answers you may have

I had a Nissan Frontier - 4dr - 4x4. It was perfect. I had to get rid of it when I got laid off, but now, if things continue to go well for me, I want a new midsize pickup. This time though, I want to stick with domestic.

I don't like dodge dakotas. The colorado is pretty close and I'm considering it, but if ford came out with something the size of the frontier, they'd probably have my business. Something comfortable, with decent gas mileage.

4 dr ranger or bring back the F100 FTW.

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