A Hitching Post: Towing Products From the Equine Affaire Horse Show

A Hitching Post: Towing Products From The Equine Affaire Horse Show

We recently stopped by the ninth annual Equine Affaire horse exposition in Pomona, Calif., to check out the latest in horse trailers and towing accessories. Here are three products we found that are almost guaranteed to make hauling horses or other loads with your pickup easier than ever.

EZ Connector

EZ Connector

If you’ve played with Apple’s MacBook laptops in the past few years, you've probably noticed one of its coolest physical features: a magnetic power adapter that easily attaches to the side of the computer, called MagSafe. Unlike standard male/female pin connectors that rigidly secure most PC laptops to their power supply, if you step on or brush against a MagSafe cord it easily breaks away from the MacBook to prevent the laptop from being pulled to the ground. MagSafe power connectors are also blunt and short to enable fast connections, whereas the long pin connectors on PC laptops can bend or become choked with debris that can make coupling difficult.

Trailer plug maker EZ Connector noticed that similar issues apply to pickup trucks and trailer adapters, so it created the EZR7, a seven-point, spring-loaded magnetic plug and socket that replace the conventional seven-pin adapter set that's standard on most pickups and trailers. It works just like Apple’s MagSafe, but is much more robust to handle the dirty job of towing trailers.

EZ Connector

The EZR7 uses neodymium magnets to hold the plug and socket together instead of a latch. The magnets are strong enough to stay attached on bumpy roads, but they easily disconnect if a user forgets to unplug a truck from a trailer. It lacks long pins that could become bent, and it uses double o-ring seals that are waterproof and corrosion-resistant to keep the connections clean.

Why We Like It: No more forcing a trailer adapter with bent pins into place or worrying about mud and dirt clogging the connection.

Quickbite Coupler

Quickbite Coupler

Hitching a trailer to a truck used to be a two-person affair that could drive a married couple to divorce, or it required one person to constantly stop and eyeball a hookup if they had to hitch it themselves. The recent introduction of rear backup cameras has made the process easier, but fish-eye lenses and small screens still make the process tedious.

To speed things up and simplify these scenarios, the Quickbite Safety Coupler uses an automatic dual-jaw locking system to join trailer to truck. When open, the jaws provide a 5-inch-wide trough for the trailer ball to roll back into to be guided under the coupler. When the ball enters the coupler, the jaws automatically close around it to lock it tightly to the trailer. It also eliminates the need to raise a trailer above the ball, helping keep trailer weight level. Two 4-foot-tall rods attached to the jaws visually tell the driver when the trough is open or closed.

Quickbite Coupler

Why We Like It: Rearview cameras and Quickbite make hooking up a trailer easy and forgiving on trucks, trailers and marriages.

Merhow Verylite Three-Horse Professional Living Quarters

Merhow Verylite Three Horse Professional Living Quarters

Don’t call Merhow’s Professional Living Quarters a camper, or you’ll get the stink eye from warmblood and thoroughbred lovers. It’s oh so much more. The 32-foot-long double-axle dude ranch on wheels has space for people and horses.

Starting with human accommodations, the master bedroom features a queen-size bed, cabinets, a 15-inch LCD TV/DVD player and reading lights. The bathroom has a stand-up shower with a skydome, a black powder-coated stainless steel sink with forged black iron faucets and wooden cabinets. The living area is focused around a 12-foot pop-out room with an 82-inch leather sofa sleeper and an L-shaped dinette that includes three bar stools. There’s also a full kitchen with a 6-cubic-foot refrigerator and freezer, a microwave oven, a two-burner cooking surface with a stove hood, fan and light, and stainless steel double sinks. For hot summer days, there’s a 15,000 BTU air conditioner, and there's a 20,000 BTU furnace for winter nights.

Merhow Verylite Three Horse Professional Living Quarters

For mares and stallions, there are three 42-inch-wide stalls with 32-by-26-inch drop-down feed windows. Rubber floor and wall matting makes it easy to keep things clean. A tack room includes a removable adjustable saddle tree, bridle hooks, blanket bars, a brush box and a light. There’s even an access door from the people quarters to the stalls to feed the horses carrots or whatnot.  

The all-aluminum Professional Living Quarters tips the scales at 11,500-pounds before you add people and horses. A Ford F-450 should do the trick nicely.

Almost forgot to mention: It costs $100,000, but think how much you’ll save on hotel rooms.

Why We Like It: It’s nicer than our house, and we’re talking about the part where the horses live.

Merhow Verylite Three Horse Professional Living Quarters


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