A New Outrageous Feat: Toyota Tundra 'Killer Heat' Super Bowl Ad

A New Outrageous Feat, Toyota Tundra's

A 100-yard interception return for a touchdown wasn't the only outrageous feat of skill and strength seen during Super Bowl XLIII. Toyota bought 30 seconds of airtime for a new demonstration ad that showed a 2010 Toyota Tundra towing 10,000 pounds up a giant flaming corkscrew in the Mojave desert. It's the latest Tundra commercial in a series that started during Super Bowl XLI in 2007. Toyota's ad firm, Saatchi LA, calls the spot "Killer Heat."

General Motors and Ford also showed new tough-talking truck ads during the NFL playoffs. Will Toyota hold its own against the larger truck-makers in the advertising wars for the hearts and minds of true truckers?

"Super Bowl viewers have come to expect white-knuckle drama and brute strength from our Tundra ads, and 'Killer Heat' will not disappoint," said Kim McCullough, corporate manager of marketing communications for Toyota. "It may be our most spectacular Tundra ad yet."

Here's a look at "Killer Heat" and its making.



Toyota does not get it at all nor does their ad firm. Build a truck that is as long lasting and dependable as GM or Ford and you might get an intelligent truck buyer to give you a look. Right now Toyota can only depend on half-wits and dunces to buy this truck. When GM and Ford can make a truck that runs and holds together 30-40 years and Toyota can make a truck that runs and holds together for 8 years, ( T-100), then toyota must try to sucker dimwits with fancy useless truck ads.

Tom, I agree with you. Ford and GM are by far the best truck makers out there. Toyota needs to get a clue and leave full size trucks to the big boys. Do they really think that commercial truck buyers as well as F-150 buyers are going to purchase that flimsy piece of junk they call a truck? I haven't seen 1 toyota on a construction site yet. If you are in the truck market buy a real truck...Ford or GM. They need to stick to making cars, proof is in the numbers. They didn't even meet their 2008 sales goal of 200,000 units. How pathetic!!!

They did all that to say they had a transmission cooler. When I bought my F150 FX4 all I had to do was open the hood and look in front of the radiator to figure out I had one.

Tom and Andy i can tell that you are two useless union workers that are running this country into the ground. You dont get it do you? GM and Ford may have been around many many years before the Toyota Tundra, but the quality for GM and Ford has never been there. Your LUCKY to get 100K out of a GM or ford GAS motor, if you upgrade to a diesel motor then your going to be able to compete with the kind of mileage that a Toyota gas motor can produce, but also when buying a diesel motor in an American made truck you will watch the body and interior of that truck crumble apart around that motor. You guys also better watch what you say because the way GM and Ford are going you guys may be driving a TOYOTA SILVERADO or a TOYOTA F150 in the near future! Aren't Ford and GM practically paying THEIR customers to come in and buy these junk trucks?

Bishop, you are totally wrong. All of the car companies are struggling, not just Ford and GM. Toyota did not do a good job with the new Tundra. All of the most recent reviews back this up. Real truck guys who use their truck for real work won't even consider the Tundra because it wasn't made for work. It was made to go fast, which isn't what people buying trucks really care about. I mean, it doesn't even have a full boxed frame. Not to mention, Ford and GM trucks (especially Fords) last a really long time. Check out the customer reviews at edmunds.com concerning the 1995 Ford F-150. It's pretty impressive.

Tom, Andy, fully agreed with you.

Macc, get your facts straight, you look like a bullied kid in the sandbox. Tundra's V8 both get WORSE gas mileage than my Sierra. A diesel will (of course) blow by both of them in terms of MPG. Just FYI: my highway mileage = 19MPG, 4.7L in the Tundra = 16MPG, 5.7L in the Tundra = 17MPG (all numbers - EPA.)

P.S. Toyota is still riding its reputation, and that same reputation is wearing thin fast...

Any similar 1/2 ton truck could pull off this "feat". Toyota's ads may be bold, but they prove absolutely nothing. The truck conveys a tough, rugged image, but many don't realize it's no better or worse than the competition. No gas engine is going to hold up if it tows 5 tons regularly, whether it be GM, Ford, Dodge, or Toyota, but then again that's why I sprung for diesel. I like Dodge, but would still take a GM or Ford over the Toyota (my preference). It just makes me shake my head because everybody thinks Toyota is this nature-loving, green company (Prius for example), but on the other side of the playing field, they're building gas guzzling v8s. Everything is perception, whether it be these ridiculous ads, or Toyota's "better than domestic" image. The Toyota name alone will be the only thing that keeps these trucks valued high at resale. Otherwise these new Tundras would be essentially worthless after 6 or 7 years like the rest of 'em.

To say GM and Ford only get 100k out of their trucks is total BS. The US companies may do a lot of things wrong, but making trucks is not one of them. My 95 Silverado has 204,000 miles on the original 350 engine and transmission, with no rebuilds. It may be a little sluggish now, but that truck has been through he!! and back. The new 5.3 is just as reliable from everyone I've talked to that have them, with high miles. And to say the bodies and frame will rust out around the diesels in them? I've never heard of GM or Ford recalling trucks because the frames rusted out. I know Toyota has. Toyota may be able to (slightly) edge out GM and Ford on cars, but they need to go back to the drawing board with the Tundra....again! Fancy commercials do not make the truck. Show me a GM or Ford trying and failing at the same tasks, then maybe I'd be impressed.

All of these comments about the Tundra ignore the fact that a) It's made in the USA with more parts sourced from America than the GM products and the Dodge product (Cars.com) b) when it first came out it completely obliterated the competition in terms of capability. Two years later, Ford's new F150 is the closest competitor - TWO YEARS! c) Toyota quality is excellent. If these Tundras were really so bad, why would they enjoy 25% higher resale value (according to Edmunds.com AND KBB.com) than the F150? Anyone care to explain all those facts away?

While I agree the Tundra could have been built better, it's still a damn fine truck. Only a fool would argue otherwise.

Hey Macc, why don't you get your facts straight! There is a reason Ford has been NUMBER 1 in trucks for the past 32 years. It is because the are durable and can take the punishment of being worked day in and day out. Try to put anything heavier than a lawn tractor in the bed of a tundra and watch the frame ben and flex. Go to www.truthabouttrucks.com and see for yourself. tri-tech frame my ass. And to say "useless union workers" you are WAY out of line my friend. It is people like you who are running this country into the toilet buying your yuppie jap-crap. Just for your information my 2003 F150 had over 250,000 PROBLEM FREE MILES on it when I traded it in for a 2008 F-150. I have owned nothing but Fords and had NEVER had a problem with any one of them. And you want to talk about "body crumbling around the motor" ? Have you ever seen a toyota? they come from the factory equipped with a rot-out feature already installed. So eat all the tuna fish you can and send the cans to japan so they can build new toyotas for idiots like you!!! One final point I want to make to you. Pick up a recent Consumer Reports magazine, and actually read it, ( I don't me by the pictures either), and read what they say about Ford. How their quality is the best out of all the American car makers. Or how their quality is just as good as Honda or Toyrota oopps I mean toyota.

Hey Tundra Headquarters, Quite simply summed up TOYOTA SUCKS!! That load they call a truck is a joke! It is really a camry in disguise, everbody know that. Ford's and GM's hold their value too. What capability did is win? Ford and Chevy has always had a higher payload and towing capacity. It I am not mistaken what was it toyota claimed 9,900 lbs? They F-150 was 10,500. How was 9,900 higher? Lets not talk about the cam shaft snapping, the rear axles falling apart, the piece of crap tailgate that the metal falls apart after driving down the street with the tailgate down. Gee I do that all the time in my F150 the tailgate hasn't come apart yet. Oh before I forget how about the HUGE number of complaints on NHTSA.org about bed-bounce and people dying because the accelerator pedals are sticking wide-open? If that is quality I would hate to see a real piece of shit look like. Toyota needs to go back to japan. And I am very sure any REAL truck guy isn't going to give the tundra a first look. I know I never will.

Let's see it do it for 100k miles, until then, it's a gimmick for the pseudo truckers.

In response to "Tundra Headquarters":

Your resale values are not accurate, since they don't take into account the rebates being offered at the time of sale, or dealer pricing differences. I personally bought a GMC CrewCab (5.3L 4x4) last year and priced the Tundra DC and CM trucks *at the same time*, with similar optioning. The GM had the 5.3L, whereas the Tundra's had the 5.7L. I ran the Edmunds "book values" on all of these, with identical mileage (as of today). Using the lowest Toyota prices that I could negotiate at the time purchase, my GM truck has depreciated about $1k less than the DC, and about $2k less than the CrewMax. The reason is that GM provided much better "out the door" pricing.

I agree with BB. Not to mention the numerous recalls and quality issues that the "perfect" tundra has had. Like: cam shafts snapping, rear axles coming apart, cheap metal that they use to make the tailgates with seperating, especially after you drive down the road with the tailgate in the down position. (I drive with my F-150 tailgate down all the time and that hasn't happened yet). Also don't forget about the 4 deaths that the NHTSA is investigation due to the accelerator pedal sticking wide open, or the excessive bed bound from that crappy tri-tech frame that flexes and bends. I have behind several of those truck and just riding over the washboard road surface, it looks like the bed is ready to fly off. And what capability did it beat? It's highest towing capacity was 9,900lbs the F150 and Silverado tow at least 10,200lbs, maybe all my years of college didn't pay off when I always thought 10,200 was higher than 9,900lbs. I also went by a toyota dealership the other day and saw a brand new F-150 plowing the lot. I thought the tundra was supposed to be a big bad-ass tough truck????? I guess not...

marc you are an idiot, ive owned two 5.3 V8 Suburbans and both of them got over 100,000 miles no problem. I also have a friend who has over 170,000 miles on his 5.7 V8 Tahoe, and it runs like a champ to this day, and that thing has been through more hell then any truck i have ever seen. I hope you own a tundra, cause i want to hear how good its doing in 5 years... If there tailgates and frames are already falling apart then good luck to ya sucker.

I thought it was a pretty good commercial, other then the tranny cooler part, all trucks have that. The Tundra is a beast moreso then Ford especially in the powertrain department. It got good reviews when it came out, the Ford and Chevy have newer models so of coarse they have a bit of an edge know but the Tundra is the biggest workhorse of the group, the Ford and Chevy just have a better ride and interior but thats for sissies anyway.

I have owned a GM and Ford both newer the 2006 and after 20k both had rust and tranny problems i went through three trucks in 2 years finally ending on a Tundra now with 65k on it and still not a speck of rust not a problem at all. How do you keep a truck that is a bucket of rust by 90k. All i hear or read when i listen to you GM and Ford guys is blah blah blah it all comes down to quality and they are JUNK. They have been making JUNK for YEARS and the government should have let them go out of business for making JUNK. Why you ask? Because they are JUNK. The quality of Toyota, Honda, Nissan has always surpased the American JUNK. (probably not nissan anymore since Chrysler is taking over their truck department) And by the way Andy you must have went to community college because the Tundra tow Capacity is 10300 get your facts straight BUD. With those kind of comments i can tell you are a GM/Ford guy, you both do and say stuff before research. I wish i had a dollar for everytime one of you idiots said something good about Ford and Gm, i would buy each and use them for my toilet, because thats all they are good for.

oh yea and people who snow plow are dirt balls that can only afford junk. HA HA HA GO TOYOTA!

First, any one of the full size trucks on the market today could perform any of the feats Toiletta is advertising.
I will say this... I have worked for all four different mfgs over the last 30yrs, GM, Ford, Dodge and Toyota! Of all of them, the most customer loyalty I experieced was a toss up between Ford and Chevy, Dodge was a distant third and Toyota was even lower... In fact, most Toyota owners were like this - Had a Tacoma, great little pickup, traded up to Tundra, then traded to an American made pickup and have never looked back.
Chevy, Ford, Dodge owners - How many have you had. I have had 4 in my lifetime... And look forward to many more.

As far as Warranty service was concerned, Chevy came in #1 by a long shot with the LEAST amount of complaints, Ford a very close #2, then Toyota... Yes, the Toiletta only beat Dodge when it came to Warranty complaints and they were almost double Chevy and Ford. And then there was Dodge... Sorry Hemi gang, but Dodge had a few really bad years in the 1/2 ton market.

As far as overall Service, Ford held the crown through the mid 90's, then Chevy came back and took it away. Both exhibit long term reliability, and are heads and tails superior to the Tundra when it comes to the long run.

Fuel mileage - this is not even a contest. Chevy, Ford, Dodge then Toyota... Yes, the Toyota gets the absolute worst real world mileage.

Now, Toyota may build some things in the USA, but the money goes back to Japan - period, end of story.

Sorry, but I will own my American Chevrolet for many years, and my next will be a Ford.

I am proud to be an American and support my economy as much as I can by buying American.

So, Macc... What are your thoughts on the Chinese invasion? I bet you can't wait to get your hands on new Chery eh'! Oh' yeah something for the ms's to drive to Wal-Mart for her daily shopping trip.

Over the past 45 years, I've owned 4x4 Chevy, Ford, Nissan and Toyota full-size trucks (no Dodge trucks however), and I can tell you without any reservations that my 2004 Nissan Titan was the second best truck I ever owned and the 2007 Tundra 4x4 Double Cab 5.7 liter is the best truck I've ever owned. I've towed 10,000+ lbs several times and tow around 8500 lbs regularly, and I have not had a single problem. I regularly get 18 mpg on the highway at 70 mph, and around 10 mpg towing 8500 lbs. The quality and comfort of the Tundra are, in my opinion, far better than any of the Big 3.

I agree about the Titan, I've had mine for four years now and still love it, in fact I'm thinking about upgrading my 04 KC with an 09 Crew Cab, need the extra space now.

Sorry Tundra Headquarters, your add proved nothing, nada, zip; huge waste of time. Any current 1/2 ton pick up can climb such a short, and I mean very short corkscrew such as the one you had built up w/o a problem. Kudos to your advertising company though. They produce entertaining commercials. For that I'll give them credit.

Macc, sorry bud, my '93 F150XL w/ I6 & Mazda 5spd manual ran 13yrs and 267,000 trouble free miles w/o a hitch. Yes, a starter motor here and an alternator there, plugs, oil and filters; that's it. Oh, and the slave cylinder in the Mazda trans went out. Only reason I sold it was the family out grew it. And for a north eastern owned truck, no rust thru, heck no surface rust.

Current '06 F250XLT w/ V10 and German ZF6 6 speed manual, she's young, only 55,000 miles on her, but not once in the shop.

Hey, if you like Toyota, run with it. I will NEVER be swayed from Ford, to Toyota, not gonna happen, ever, hang it up, period.


So going up and around a circle is supposed to make me want a toyota? I dont think so... I've heard they have too many problems, and as a GM guy, I'm glad to see fellow Big three truck drivers pointing out it's faults. Whoever is saying that GM trucks rust out, is wrong. I have a 1992 k1500 5.7liter, and there's not a spec of rust on the frame (although, I will admit, there's a small surface spot under the wheel well on one of my fenders, but it's 17 years old! with 200,000 miles!). I have some family members with an 07 chevy silverado, and they love it, especially the Active Fuel Management, and I might add, the fact that there's not rust. This article is one of the only ones where I've seen GM and Ford people on the same side!

by the way, the frame around my engine is doing just fine, no rust at all!

by the way, I think that if the Toyota Tundra was as great as some people on this page are saying, then the Tundra should have been able to reach it's 200000 unit sales goal, but that didn't happen did it? Thats just my opinion though, would any of the other big 3 owners agree?

"then the Tundra should have been able to reach it's 200000 unit sales goal, but that didn't happen did it?"

Are you kidding? Let's look at Ford, GM, and Dodge numbers for last year, shall we? Here's the year to date numbers from September 2008.

Ford F-Series
392,698 -26.9% YTD
September 2008: 32,727
September 2007: 56,065

Chevrolet Silverado
370,502 -22.5% YTD
September 2008: 50,428
September 2007: 52,480

Dodge Ram
196,058 -29.0% YTD
September 2008: 20,812
September 2007: 30,100

GMC Sierra
133,811 -14.9% YTD
September 2008: 18,744
September 2007: 18,445

Toyota Tacoma
117,313 -13.4% YTD
September 2008: 9,176
September 2007: 13,996

Toyota Tundra
115,026 -20.4% YTD
September 2008: 7,696
September 2007: 19,571

Gee, Ford dropped almost 27% in sales from the previous year. I can't believe Ford wasn't able to reach their sales goal for last year. Hmmm, the new kid on the block seemed to keep up their sales better than most of the other makers that have been making trucks for decades. Of course companies couldn't have their sales goals last year. Did you forget the price of fuel rose? Did you really expect a new half ton truck to be out selling junk domestic trucks? Are you surprised that they now try to compare their quality to foreign auto makers?

Toyota came into the Full sizes truck market at the WRONG time, gas pricing reaching near $5 a gal. and the thing about ford being the best selling for over 31 yrs, well thats true but what they dont tell you is that all ford trucks are included in that finally number (rangers/f-150/f-250/f-350 and so on all added up together) and all toyota has is the tacoma and tundra and the tacoma is one of the best selling compact pick up in the market for number of years now. And remember toyota JUST started making full sizes trucks, and also ALOT of truck lovers will stick to whatever their used to know and it doesnt matter if its crappy. Toyota trucks are built and make HERE by Americans and American companies period!

You are only looking at one month. For the year, Tundra was down 30% for 2008. The F-150 was only down 25%.

I have expected the Tundra to not be down as much because they were a new model the year prior but the 4 year old F-150 did better than the Tundra which was voted as least reliable by Consumer reports.

Rangers are not included in sales totals, just the F-series. The others like Toyota are built by Americans only because it is cheaper than building the Tundra in Japan and shipping it over. The F-150 is the most American made truck. The the difference is profits for the Tundra go back to JAPAN and they use underengineered parts. Just google Tundra tailgate for the entertainment.

As for this ad, anybody can talk tough in an ad. But if I want the most dependable and durable truck on the road... I will look no further than the Ford F-150.

Thanks you Mike and Daniel!

However, here’s a link from Edmunds, showing the Tundra on the list of trucks with the best resale value. Many HD models from the big 3 made the list. Funny it takes a diesel to hold value for American made trucks. The Tacoma was the top truck overall. The Tundra is not even the same category as the HD trucks offered by the big 3.
The list below shows 2008 trucks with the worst resale value and surprise, surprise, F150, Dodge Ram 1500/2500, Ford Ranger, Cadillac Escalade EXT, and the Nissan Titan (Which I love).


Why don’t you learn to do some research before posting incorrect information? I can’t stand people who post with no real relevance other than a biased opinion. The Toyota Tundra is rated the most reliable full sized pickup by consumer reports.



Higher than Ford is ownership satisfaction and resale, yet you wouldn’t know that because you didn’t do you’re homework.

As for sales, Ford’s year end sales were dropping more than Toyota, yet overall they were close. Dodge still worse than Toyota and Toyota sold more trucks than Dodge did last year.


GM should be sued for false advertisement. Reading their website, they say the get the best over MPG, however, if you read the small print GM uses the smaller V8s on the Ford, and Chevy, and I am assuming the same with Dodge, yet they use the 5.7 for the Tundra. Can we say fraud? Now the biggest V8 from Chevy, and Dodge have worse gas mileage than the Tundra as proven by pickuptruck.com and even trucktrend.com. The ford got 16.80 and Toyota got 16.26 yet the tundra has 71 more HP, tows better/faster, better off road, and a better overall engine.

The tailgate on the Tundra is stronger than Ford, Dodge, or GM. Anyone and bust a tailgate and post pics of it on any online forum. If you read through the post, you would see of the 51 pages posted very few others had a similar problem. The collapsing tailgate was deemed user error. Toyota has since made their tailgate even stronger and if you go out and do your own test you will see the others do not compare. After Toyota did better than the rest in the majority of categories on the 08 light duty shootout where it matters this is all you can come up with? Yes, 2007 brought some recalls, yet it has been fixed and the big 3 are still rolling out with recalls every year. I guess next you are going to bring up the frame? The Tundra uses a similar frame that is used on the F250. It allows flexibility when towing heavier loads.


Great post and well said. I wish there were more like you on here. Toyota Tundra is one sweet truck. I wish Nissan would drop the deal with crapler ops I mean chrysler and build a new Titan.

It's amazing how many think picking a vehicle is more about their testosterone level (and misdirected pride) than buying a vehicle that's suits their needs. Notice, I didn't say "you", so chill. A vast majority of full-sized trucks across ALL of America, are driven to the office, the soccer field, the grocery store, etc. Not a work-site. Most consumers that are so emotional about the brand of their truck, are also emotional about what football team logo or Calvin-peeing sticker their friends see on their back window. It's fun, but nobody gives a crap, except the guy that likes to argue with you on your work site. It's a much bigger world. The Tundra is as American (or more so) than the other brands (parts origination, workers, etc) and the fact is, that GM wouldn't be alive today AT ALL, without their foreign operations (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Euro dollars going into YOUR pocket...but I guess THAT'S o.k., huh??) It's now a global world and global market,whether you like it or not. I wonder how many displaced bread-winners would gladly accept a job at whatever mfg would be willing to hire them and which would let their family starve instead of working for the other logo? Get real. Palin in 2012.

Look at the yearly sales totals, not just the month (September?) that makes you look good. Tundra was down 30% in 2008 and was a new model just the year before. The F-150 was down 25% on a 4 year old model. They build the Tundra in America only because it is cheaper than building it in Japan and shipping it over. The profits go back to Japan. And they use underengineered parts (google Tundra tailgate for the entertainment) Anybody can talk tough in an ad but if I want the most durable and dependable truck on the road I will look no further than the F-150. The GM would be distant second. Dodge and Tundra would be dead last. Look at Consumer Resports who rated the Tundra least reliable and not recommended.

Macc, that's pretty brash, insulting people who plow snow for extra income. I don't know what you do for a living, but I can say with certainty that you're not a rocket scientist. Perhaps a JUNK dealer, since you seem to be obsessed with the word. Rust is a result of exposure and time, not mileage. If you put a scratch somewhere while off-roading (which might explain your rampant transmission problems), and didn't fix it, of course it's going to rust a little. Since you put over 40k on 2 different trucks newer than '06, I would guess your Toyota is an '08, not leaving much time for your inevitable rust to form. And if you want to continue the towing argument, you're right, Toyota lists a towing capacity of 10,300. But Chevy lists 10,700 lbs.
Daniel, putting that list up isn't helping the cause of Toyota fans, and I doubt a sales chart ever will. ALL of Toyota's truck sales together didn't even match Silverado sales. Silverado sales were down only slightly more (in percentage only) than Toyota. F-150 sales in September were down more than they would have been, because many buyers were holding out, knowing a new model was coming out soon. And you can't say 'Did you really expect a new half ton truck to be out selling junk domestic trucks?', because the Tundra has been around for a while now. And just like US made car sales are suffering from a bad reputation, so is the Tundra. I know people that swear by their Toyotas and Hondas, but never been impressed by either. The only Asian car I would consider is Subaru. As for trucks, I'm staying with Chevy. Never lets me down.

A lawyer down the street had his house blow up because a defective GM part. They say "this is our country this is our truck" BS.... Toyota has more US sourced parts than any other truck that claims to be made in the US.

Toyota can tow more than 10,000 pounds if it used GM standards as well. When the GM tow hitch was bench tested against a Tundra's using Toyotas std, it completely deformed. Junk....

It's kinda funny to hear someone rage against the generic and offensive slam of "useless union workers" with an equally intelligent rebuttal of "yuppie jap-crap".

Well played gentleman!

Toyota is by far the best

I think Toyota makes good quality vehicles, but when it comes to a full sized truck they have never really swayed me to think about the tundra. It just seems like they are trying too hard to sell the vehicle. If you are looking for a new truck you really can't go wrong with any of the new models from the big 3.

Daniel your point has one obvious flaw the percentage drop on ford sales would be more becasue ford had more sales in september of 07 but as your info points out ford sold almost 4x the amount of trucks that toyota did in september of 08 even with the high fuel costs

To each his own! What a boring place the world would be if everyone drove the exact same truck...people have different needs, wants in a truck so I'm glad there are so many to choose from.

I have a 2003 tundra I bought new and it is still completely squeak, rattle free and feels the same today as the day I drove it off the lot; however, I don't use it for heavy duty towing and hauling. It has been the perfect truck for my needs.

One thing I give Toyota credit for is they did not fly into DC on private jets with their hands out asking for billions of tax payer money. As far as profits for sales going to Japan and not USA--Toyota is a public company. Therefore profits go to share holders regardless of where they may reside--same as Ford, GM, or any other publicly traded corporation.

It's just a commercial. Like commercials from every manufacturer it doesn't mean anything. It's just a way to get your product on TV.
I own a Tundra and am very happy with it. I don't agree that American trucks are junk though. My brother-in-law has a '98 Silverado with 300,000+ miles on it. It's getting a little rough body wise but still runs great.
They're just trucks. You guys take the American / Japanese BS way too seriously. Ask the workers at Toyota plants around the US if they want Toyota to pull out of the US market.

ur all forgetting dodge...everyone my family has owned has had 380k plus miles on it...hahaha its amazing what toyota and hollywood have in common

just to make a comment...i own a tundra 07 4 door i TRADED my chev crew max for it cause i was tired of driving junk that spent more time in the shop than in my yard...the ride and the towing is far better than the chev i owned it handles better...more comfortable and it fast...my wife owns a chev and she will be getting rid of it as well and trading it in for a new a TOYOTA...the service is better the the quality is there...pss a ford will never ever be allowed in our house we know better...

What a bunch of drivel. Not the demonstration, but the discussion. I would have bought Ford or GMC truck, had my first Toyota not taken me 260K miles in 10 years, changing the oil only 7 times and some very basic maintenance. My second Toyota was a small truck and it took me 88K miles in 4 years and I sold it for 60% of what I paid for it. I did buy a GMC Suburban 7.3L 3/4 Ton, in 1990, that managed to last 3 years and 64K miles before it threw an interior head bolt that destroyed the engine and cost me $6,000 for a new engine because the truck was 3800 miles out of warranty. I was still paying for the engine for 10 months after I traded it in. Certainly not 40 years worth. Maybe one of your union buddies could send me a check for $6K for the bolt they forgot to tighten?

You big 3 guys crack me up...your like dems and repubs fighting about who is the better party!!!!!!!!!! LOL !!!!! None of the trucks are perfect, but I have owned the new Tundra (which none of the big 3 fanboys have done) for over 2.5 years now WITH ZERO PROBLEMS! To say the Tundra has its issues would be correct...but look up the issues with the 2007 chevys, harsh trans shifts, bad driveshafts, various electrical issues, surge/hesitation when changing from V8 to V4 operation, front wheel bearing problems, windshieild stress cracks, rear axle whine, transfer case problems, door window glass pops out of frame, frame beaming (this is the same as bed bounce...OH NO THE CHEVY HAS THE SAME BED BOUNCE AS THE TUNDRA!!!!! WHY YOU ASK??? BECAUSE ITS A TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Before you bash the Tundra, look up the TSB's on your own Ford, Chevy and Dodge truck!!!!

Actually When ford says the F-150 has been the best selling truck in the past 30 years...They mean the F-150. They now ad them all saying F series but even without that the F-150 still has been the best selling truck in the past 30 years. This is to the guy below who posted otherwise.

To Macc. you are the one who does not have a clue. You are brainwashed like alot of other folks. My 94 ford Aerostar has over 243,000 miles on it. Everything still works . The only big money i had to put in it was last year when the All wheel drive tranny went. that cost me 1,200 to have fixed. Not to bad for a Ford gas motor i would say. Do you live in the US? If so you should be ashamed to drive a car or truck from a foreign owned company. But hey..if it doesnt affect you then why think about it huh? All 3 of the US auto companies make great cars now day. Just as good if not better than the imports. Notice now how the import companies have alot of recalls. Now they get to deal with mas production and how hard it can be. On another note here. The USA is one of the few Countries that actually love to support foriegn cars. Go to another country and look at what they drive most if that car is made there???? Blows my mind when the big 3 is one of the last great things the USA has to offer. Now that every dam thing is made out of country. Its no wonder we have an unemployment problem that keeps getting worse. Im proud to drive my old van or my F-250 Superduty. BTW my diesel superduty will pull that Toyota upside down all the way to the scrap yard without a problem at all. I also want to say that i dont think the imports are bad cars...I just support our companies when i can and think we make quality cars. I dont live in Japan so why should i support them.

The year was 1958 and the country was, in fact, Japan. The company was Toyota, and the car was called the Toyopet. Toyota started out as a manufacturer of textile machinery (Toyoda Automatic Loom) and moved into car production in 1933. The Japanese government kicked out General Motors and Ford in 1939 and bailed out Toyota with money from the central bank (Bank of Japan) in 1949. Today, Japanese cars are considered as 'natural' as Scottish salmon or French wine, but fewer than 50 years ago, most people, including many Japanese, thought the Japanese car industry simply should not exist.

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