Automotive News: Kia May Produce Soul'ster Pickup

Kia Soul'ster Concept Pickup

Automotive News reports that people's reaction has been so positive towards the Kia Soul'ster concept that the Korean auto manufacturer is seriously considering building a production version.

The Soul'ster debuted at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It's a small-footprint, front-wheel drive two-door garden truck derived from Kia's new 2010 Soul, a car-based compact four-door crossover powered by either a 1.6- or 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

We spoke with Kia senior executive vice president and chief design officer Peter Schreyer and Soul'ster lead designer Tom Kearns at NAIAS. Schreyer told "we’d be very happy if we could build it" depending on attendee and media feedback to the Soul'ster.

Since Kia's listening, we think it's quite a nifty little truck.


Looks way better than that goofy looking Toyota A-Bat

I'd be very interested if the bed (with tail-gate down) was >80" so I could load my dirt oriented motorcycle.

Also, what platform is Kia planning to use so we can get some kind of mileage and reliability?

@ J. Willmann it will be based of the new Kia Soul due to market in March.

I really hope this pushes Toyota to have a similar mini pick-up based of the current Scion xB!

That does not even resemble a pickup, it is more along the lines of a Jeep.

After the three-year wait, it seems that the Soulster is on its way to the road. The car does look good, and despite the delays, it still has a very distinct look. Aside from style, it might prove itself nicely when it comes to function.

I’ve seen Soul’ster in an automobile magazine when it was just a concept car. Now that it will be manufactured soon, many car enthusiasts will definitely fall in line just to purchase this innovative ride.

It would be a nice one!!

its look likes Jeep, am i right?

this would be nicer one in Jeep type cars....

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So Nice!


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