Chevrolet Colorado V-8 Still Alive Despite Disbanding of GM's Performance Group

Chevrolet Colorado V-8 Still Alive

AutoWeek magazine reports that GM has disbanded its High Performance Vehicle Operations group, the skunkworks team responsible for engineering low-volume halo cars and trucks with special engine and suspension packages.

The move indefinitely halts the development of future special-edition GM vehicles, like V-Series Cadillacs, but it doesn't impact high-performance vehicles that are currently being produced, like the 2009 Chevrolet Colorado V-8 (which we recently road tested).

"The V-8 Colorado isn't affected," said GM truck spokesperson Kelly Wysocki. "It will continue through its originally planned product lifecycle. Only the development of future (high-performance) vehicles is impacted."


The Colorado needs a V8 to keep up with the V6 Tacoma!

By the way with only an auto tranny, it will be slow like the Dodge Dakota V8.

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