Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Hybrid Pickups Arrive At Dealers

Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra Hybrid Pickups Arrive At Dealers

The first new GM hybrid pickups since the 2004-07 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Hybrid ended production in 2007 have begun arriving at Chevrolet and GMC dealers and into the hands of customers.

"Hybrid (Silverados and Sierras) started shipping to dealers in late January," said GM truck spokesperson Kelly Wysocki. "The supply is still limited but we've already sold the first ones."

The so-called two-mode hybrids combine an electrically variable transmission that houses two 60kW electric motors with a multi-displacement 6.0-liter V-8 gas engine. Depending on engine load, the electric motors can solely drive the truck up to 25 mph. As the V-8 kicks in, the electric motors seamlessly support it, individually or in tandem, at low and high speeds, helping the engine enter fuel-saving four-cylinder mode sooner and stay in it longer to achieve maximum miles per gallon. Two-wheel drive versions are EPA rated at 21/22 mpg city/highway and four-wheel drive versions are rated at 20/20 mpg city/highway. They can tow up to 6,100 pounds.

Silverado Hybrid Comparison Chart

Prices for the 2009 Silverado 1500 Hybrid start at $38,995, including a $975 destination charge, for 2WD models with the 1HY package. The 1HY package includes heavy-duty towing hardware, a locking rear differential, EZ Lift tailgate and lock, and 18-inch wheels. Also included are automatic climate control, steering-wheel audio controls and Bluetooth phone capability. A more upscale 2HY package is also available with the same features as the 1HY, plus navigation radio, leather-trimmed seating, a hard tonneau cover and rear parking assist. Its MSRP is $45,130.

The 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid starts at $39,365, including a $975 destination charge, for 2WD models with the 3HA package, and $45,500, including destination, for the upscale 3HB package.

Both trucks carry an approximately $3,000 premium over comparable conventionally equipped 6.0-liter V-8 Silverado and Sierra pickups.

2009 GMC Sierra 1500 Hybrid


Hybrids are not the answer. 6100 max tow minus passengers and cargo equals about 5000 max tow. Yawn. I prefer Ford for fuel economy and increased towing.

please, i rarely see people towing anything with their 1/2 ton trucks (and i live in texas!!!). they need to apply this technology to 1/2 tons with modern v6/i6 engines.

You not seeing trucks towing is anecdotal evidence. Most people buy trucks to tow or haul something. This Hybrid would take 12 years just to recoup your investment. What is needed is increased fuel economy but not the big price tag and limited capacity .

A waste of Money on these. I think I'll stick with Ford. The V-6 Ecoboost engine will get 23 mpg. Better than the Hybrid's model and even the Diesel are better too.Hybrid maybe good for cars and small SUV's... But remember if you are going to Haul or Tow something Heavier go and buy a 2500 or 3500 HD or Super Duty Diesel. Common sense.

Ryan, You're right this is a complete waste of money. Would you spend $3000 on this Hybrid to get worse fuel economy and lless towing than a Ford? Or would you buy the Ford EcoBoost for a lot less, get better fuel economy and keep the towing/hauling capacity high? This is a no brainer. I think Chevy is really dropping the ball on this one.

Wait a minute.... Isn't the point that this truck is available today at dealers? Can I buy a Ford Eco-Boost yet?

I think you have all missed the point of the Hybrid. Most half tons get used for commuting and messenger type service. The hybrids excel at these tasks, and I for one would welcome the 25% to 50% fuel economy improvement. If you deal with stop and go traffic, the benefits are truly amazing!

Ecoboost not available yet but there is a regular gas SFE that gets 21 hwy. The Chevy Hybrid gets 22 hwy. That is less than 1% savings. At that rate it would take 200 years to recoup the investment of the Hybrid. Where are the savings????

Hybrid are best in town. As is evident in this trucks 6mpg better fuel economy compared to the other two trucks. If you drive 13,000-14,000 a year you will easily pay off the $3,000 premium for it at $2.00 a gallon in one year. Thats not considering the the feds rebate for buying a hybrid. GM needs to move this technology into cheaper trucks very soon. Put this in a 4WD ECSB for about $30,000 and I would buy one.

As far as towing is concerned Ford has a habit of adjusting it numers whenever someone out does their trucks. I wouldn't trust their numbers. I will take the extra 40 horsepower and the extra 47 foot pounds of torque and the increase of 6mpg anyday. Ford has the best chassis and GM has the best drivetrain. Dodge should have their version of this two mode hybrid out soon also. I can't wait till ford starts putting the 4 banger ecoboost in the F150. Hopefully GM will combine the baby-duramax engine and 2 mode hybrid.

All manufacturers are coming up with hybrid models but that's not translating into savings for us the final consumer, they do it out of PR motivations but truly any savings get killed off by the premium tag on such vehicles. And wait until something brakes up in that hybrid technology, I bet it won't be cheap.

my comment about not seeing people in texas towing with their 1/2 pick-ups is not merely anecdotal. it's texas, the largest truck market in the country! i've lived here all my life...i didn't just move here from california or vermont. everyone has a truck. those who tow (farmers and ranchers) generally buy the HD models.

my point was that if they truly wanted to make a truck that got 'good mileage' the tech should have been applied to their smaller motor (the 4.2L I6, not the ancient 4.3L V6). the results would have probably been pretty impressive instead of these which are...not.

i agree with the post about light duty diesel. that's really the answer for the truck market. you pay the slight price increase, get a more durable engine that tows a lot more than the gas equivalent, and you get increased fuel economy.

Do these have 6' beds? if not - GM is crazy. I think the ansewr is 'not' - I found something about them all being extended cabs with 5'9" beds. Very sad for GM.

Section 179 of the tax code would have allowed a million lawyers, accountants and consultants to buy these and expense them in the first year!

This would have been an awesome use of section 179 - instead of buying a 6,000 lb SUV and getting 12/16 - you could have one of these and get 20/20.

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