Chrysler Viability Plan Reveals New Lifestyle Truck for 2013, New Full-Size Pickup in 2015

Chrysler Product Plan

The restructuring plan that Chrysler delivered to the government today shows that the company is planning to launch a new lifestyle pickup -- expected to be a small unibody truck that replaces the current Dodge Dakota -- in 2013 and a new full-size pickup in 2015. The 2015 full-size truck is most likely the next iteration of the current Dodge Ram 1500 half-ton.

Chrysler's viability document also references a second-generation hybrid electric Dodge Ram that's slated to arrive in 2013. The first-generation Dodge Ram 1500 Two Mode Hybrid is expected to go on sale in 2010.


Where is the LD diesel in the product launch? Am I overlooking it. I know it was stated it was delayed, but hopefully not terminated

If those pics are anything to go by, the next Durango, looks a lot like the Acadia. I guess it will be unibody. As long as it keeps the HEMI. It would be nice if you could switch between 2wd, 4x4 hi, and 4x4 low - the lack of that ability has made the Durango more of a gas guzzler than larger SUVs

Do they have one of these maps for Ford? Everyone wants to know when is the NEW new F-150 is coming out.

if u look u can see the newly reshaped dodge durango too

The diesel is coming out in 2010.

The Durango will have that ability, since the new Grand Cherokee has it. It will also keep the Hemi, since the GC also has it.

And nobody wants to know when the F-150 is coming out.

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