Consumer Reports Names Chevrolet Avalanche as a Top Pick

Consumer Reports Names Chevrolet Avalanche As A Top Pick

Consumer Reports has selected the Chevrolet Avalanche full-size sport utility truck as its Top Pick honoree among all 2009 pickups. Top Picks are the best all-around vehicles in their categories and must meet CR's road test, reliability and safety requirements.

"The Chevrolet Avalanche full-sized crew cab ($36,000 to $47,000) is one of the most versatile and comfortable pickups that Consumer Reports has tested," according to the magazine. "Its unified bed and cab helps give it a solid feel and a comfortable, quiet ride. Its innovative partition, between the cab and the bed, can be folded to allow longer cargo to extend into the back of the cab."

The Avalanche was the only domestic vehicle chosen in the 10 categories that make up CR's Top Picks.

In earning the award, the Avalanche replaces the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 crew cab, last year's pickup truck Top Pick.


I like the front end on the Tahoe which it look just like the Avalanche, but why didn't they make the Silverado like that? Way better looking than what they are now.. I would of bought that style. The Avalanche on the back side behind cab on each side has a blind spot and the folding down the back for more cargo room that's a waste, cause debris,dust and other object fly into the cab. Other than that its a good looking Truck.

It is a good looking truck, although I think its more of an SUV then a Pickup, with the small bed and a one piece body. I also wonder why they didn't put this front end on the Chevy Pickup's, it looks ten times better in my opinion.

small bed? when is an 8' bed small ???

I love the Avalanche and this is no surprise, no other automaker has a truck like the Avalanche, they are so versatile. Got to check out a 09 Avalanche LTZ at the Chicago auto show and it was awesome.

support american workers! Not unions-not corporation-- just american workers!!! buy toyota! ------ Gm and ford, come back home and build them--then export them

I have an 07 and it is great. No problems at all, not even little ones.

Be aware, although it shares much with the tahoe an suburban, the Avy is actually Hecho en Mexico.

It has all gotten grey. No more black & white.


I have an '08 Avalanche and in over a year I have come to love this truck more every day. I had one problem with it a week after delivery but it has been steller since. Its rock solid, the 6.0 litre engine is powerful and the Autoride suspension rides smoothly. The build quality is evident thoughout. Its a head turner everywhere I go and it gets decent fuel mileage dispite the heavy modifications I've done. I can't say enough good stuff about this truck. GM got this one right and I would'nt hesitate to recommend the Avalanche to any Chevy truck fan.

i have owned a 2002 2003 2004 2005 and presently a 2008 avalanche they are a unique truck i had to have my first one when i read about them in 2001 i am now looking to trade my 2008 for a 2011. i hope they dont stop making them

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