First Mahindra Pickups To Be Imported From India

First Mahindra Pickups To Be Imported From India

The U.S. distributor for India-based Mahindra’s midsize diesel pickups says the first trucks its sells domestically will be assembled and exported from Mahindra’s overseas facilities instead of assembled from knockdown kits in Ohio, as had been originally expected. The change will subject the trucks to a 25 percent federal import tariff levied on foreign-built pickups but it’s also expected to expedite the truck’s arrival in America.

“We’ll be six weeks ahead of the curve getting into dealer showrooms by importing fully assembled trucks, though we’ll have to pay the import tax,” said Xavier Beguiristain, vice president of marketing for Global Vehicles U.S.A. Inc. “We’re doing this because we want to get the flow (of trucks) coming in to make sure dealers have trucks available when we’re launching. And when you look at the tax and assembly costs, we don’t think the spread is that huge. We’re not going to change MSRP – though, that hasn’t been determined yet – as far as the consumer goes.”

Beguiristain said Global Vehicles hasn’t determined how long it will import fully built vehicles from India into the U.S. before it partners with a still-to-be-determined domestic assembler that would allow the company to avoid the so-called “chicken tax.”

The term "chicken tax" originated in the early sixties during a trade dispute between the U.S. and Europe over U.S.-imported chickens, which were slapped with a special tax to protect West German farmers. The U.S. responded by slapping a 25 percent tariff on trucks imported from Europe.

Two cab configurations will be offered: a two-door regular cab and a four-door crew cab. Beguiristain expects the two-door model will be more popular than Global Vehicles and Mahindra had originally forecast.

“We think there’s going to be a big attraction to the two-door model,” said Beguiristain. “In the midsize segment there’s nothing else like it. It’s innovative. It’s much more like a two-door F-150 or Silverado because it has such high capacity for payload – 1.3-tons – but we expect to have 30 mpg combined. We originally thought our split would be 20 percent two-door, 80 percent four-door but we think it will be much higher for the two-door.”

Beguiristain said Global Vehicles and Mahindra expect the trucks will appeal to U.S. farmers who already own Mahindra tractors and are familiar with the Mahindra brand and active outdoor enthusiasts, like motocross riders – whom the company hopes to market to as it builds awareness among consumers by potentially sponsoring motocross events.

“The two-door has a 7-and-a-half-foot bed. A motocross bike is 7-feet 2-inches, so you can put it in the bed, close the gate and go. There’s nothing else you can do that with,” said Beguiristain.

Beguiristain says Mahindra could use motocross events across the country to market the truck; this would be similar to how Toyota launched the current Tundra in 2007.

The diesel-only truck will use a slightly modified version of Mahindra's "mHawk"' 2.2-liter inline four cylinder diesel engine. Final U.S. pricing for the pickup is expected in September, coinciding with the truck’s Sept. 1, 2009 scheduled start of production in India. The first trucks will arrive at U.S. dealers by December.

“Our goal is to be 10 to 15 percent less (in price) than a comparable model, like a Toyota Tacoma,” said Beguiristain.


I like the look of this truck (especially the regular cab). Pretty unique!

Please come to Canada soon

This car is tough unlike a Chinese car that becomes low mein on impact. Is is lo mein, low man. Anyway, I was China and saw slave labor outside of Bejing and wonder why people even buy their crap.

Its actually an intriguing pickup , 30 mpg longebed still relativley small , I signed up at there (Mahindra) website to test drive one when they start marketing them , I hope Mike gets his hands on one to test too .

I'll believe it when I see NHTSA crash tests above 1 or 2 stars, and an EPA emissions cert.

The dealership I work at will be selling these soon.
They were supposed to have them by March, but that date got pushed back to June.

please dont bring that monstrosity to my country

Interestingly, if you call the help desk for advice for this truck, the person on the other side is in Columbus, Ohio. India is the next South Korea....

that is a hidious truck

You show me one other mid size truck that has the payload of a 1 ton truck, utility of a flat bed with rails, and gets over 40-45 mpg on the highway. Oh yeah and in 4wd cheaper than any 1/2 ton 2wd. Hmmm Reminds me of what they said about Hyundai when that first started.

this truck looks like a old p.o.s. toyota"cheap"

i want 2 know its crash test ratings haha

I think this truck is going to be a hit. I've been wanting one since I first read about it coming to the U.S. almost 2 years ago. I also signed up on their website to test drive one when they come to town.

O wow! Mahindra trying to take on the big boys. I'm from South Africa and they launched these there a couple of years ago. The truck in itself looks unique but thats about as much as it has going for it. I test drove one as they were one of the cheapest trucks on the market with crazy deals after the launch, I liked the look but hated the ride. Its a soda can with wheels and the performance doesn't help either. Maybe they'll sell because they're cheap but buyers will be largely unhappy. If they get their quality standards up... way up, this could be a half decent mid size truck to go along with the unique looks.

A Toyota Tacoma starts at around 20K, If this truck comes in at 10-15% less, than would be 17-18K. A Ford Ranger starts at 14K. So it would not be the cheapest pickup in the USA.

I wouldn't buy one of these trucks, but I'm hoping it will light a fire under toyota to bring it's 3.0l diesel over here for the Tacoma (or whatever the next model is, since the Tacoma is a little long in the tooth - although nothing like the Ranger).

Hmmmmm, 1982..... Isuzu, diesel pickups..... amazing resemblance...

I like the idea. I wanted Ford to build their F100 with a small diesel. This thing has great mileage, and the hauling capacity I need. BUT, unless they can get the price well below what I can buy (who cares about list price) a basic F150 or Chevy work truck for, why take the chance on a new manufacturer with questionable durability, parts availability, resale value, etc. ??? And you can buy full size pickups cheap now! I think it needs to sell for around $12k until significant sales are established.

I think Mahindra's introduction of a pickup will be a welcome addition to the U.S. marketplace. Many younger buyers (ages 20-30) who are searching for a midsize pickup are not particularly concerned with satisfying their ego with a full size truck. In addition, many buyers within this market segment have no use for a half-ton's capacities. Many drivers are simply looking for a reliable, safe, and economical pick-up that will return average to above average fuel economy while at the same time have a measurable fun-to-drive feeling. How often do you see full-size truckers utilizing their beds? Very Rarely. It's had to justify owning a full size truck other than arguing you just enjoy wasting fuel. Which apparently many Americans have no problem doing. I suppose many truck drivers identify themselves with a particular style and size of a pick-up, perhaps thats why full-size trucks are so popular. Whatever the reasons, I think Mahindra will offer an option to the market that is more practical, despite the fact that the company is not well established here in the U.S.

Anyone know where they are going to sell these? A Mahindra dealership? Or are they going to sell them alongside another brand? ALA smart cars?

I think the Mahindra truck will find a willing buyer base here in the US, especially if the product is tough, capable, and has an aggressive price advantage. Our current economy is forcing many folks to re-evaluate luxury we are entering a new era of cash-flow awareness and spending restraint. That said, many truck buyers may find comfort in having more choices amongst trucks that offer simplicity and practicality... rather than over-the-top capacity & luxury and a $600 monthly payment!

I think it is pretty neat. Reminds me of the early 80s Datsun tucks. I wanted a small truck in a diesel for a long time, but no one offered one in the US. GMC/Chevy offer a diesel AWD canyon/colorado that averages 35mpg, but guess what. Export only. So I welcome this.

plz send detail of mahidra pick up (withprice)

Has the Bed of a Ford Courier that I once had and the looks of a Jeep front end..Several people that I know like the looks of them .If they are as reliable as the Mihandra Tractor it ill be a big hit.

one world economy ,one world government,this is what we need . buy foreign, we are graduating a bunch of idiots from our universities,they can't run a factory,town,city,or national government. Bring in more food from out side but you anti American s.o.b.'s remember this, You are what you eat ,drive,wear. Don't complain about you low paid jobs you don't deserve a good job.

Will have a plow setup and stake bed ?

Im looking forward to seeing this new truck. I have a 2002 VW Jetta TDI. Diesel engines are cleaner today and more economical then gas engines. Also biodiesel works great too. Half the cars in europe are diesel. Ford, Honda, Toyota, and GM make and sell diesel cars in Germany. Hybrids are a waste of time and money. Maybe this will get the other car companys to make clean diesels soon. I will buy a four door Mahindra Pickup as soon as they arrive.

assalam alaikum please search this webside more

With all the EPA and NTSB requirements, not to mention all the "CARB Crap" comming out of California, it will likely be a long time before this truck is available in the USA if ever. What I DO NOT understand is why the thing is only available with a six speed automatic transmission along with some kind of asinine steering wheel "paddle shift" toy that only adds complexity and cost as well as likely reduced reliability. If they are serious about RELIABILITY along with VERY COMPETITIVE PRICING they would have had the common sense to also offer a six speed manual transmission as an option. We all know the oil companies won't like having this vehicle in this country because it will begin further reduction of gasoline consumption. The recent tremendous runup in Diesel fuel consumption worldwide has sometimes resulted in Refiners/Oil Companies "dumping" in the USA of excessive amounts of gasoline from the production of Diesel fuel in other countries. So what can you expect other than efforts to continue the horrific consumption of gasoline? Sales in this country of relatively large numbers of inefficient gasoline powered vehicles has a significant efficacy to continue this excessive gasoline consumption.

I saw a car hauler full of these going west bound through Dallas, Texas a couple of months ago, trucks looked really cool, they all had plates and appeared to be test driven trucks. Lets see what the little diesel will do?

Geze, I don't know why anybody would be interested in a smaller fuel efficient diesel truck. Heck, we gave GM and Chrylser all that federal bail out money. Wow I can go get a USS Silverado Or USS Ram for a mear $46,000 to $60,000 Plus. What a bargin! Or perhaps, I can buy a small pickup that can barely haul itself, let alone any equipment, and which gets just as bad fuel economy as the full size trucks. You bring the Mahindra diesel and I'll be there to test it out and buy one if it works well. In the mean time I am hoping that GM or Chrysler will give me some of my TAX money back if I buy one of their Dinosaurs. Remeber, HP gets the Girls, Tourque wins races!

Quote [Our goal is to be 10 to 15 percent less (in price) than a comparable model, like a Toyota Tacoma,” said Beguiristain. ]

Be modest and think to be 40 to 45 percent less (in price) than a TOYOTA. you are far away from the reality

i like this truck, I want this type of truck please give the detail quotation and best price


what is the price of mahindra pickup to be imported

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