GM Begins Shipping 6.2-Liter V-8 Half-Ton Pickups With 3.73 Rear Axles

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Good news for Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra half-ton buyers looking for improved performance when towing trailers with GM's new 6.2-liter V-8: A new 3.73 rear axle option is available.

"The first GM full-size pickups with 6.2-liter V-8 engines and 3.73 rear axles started shipping from the factory in late January," said GM full-size truck spokesperson Kelly Wysocki. "They should start arriving at dealers very soon. The 3.73 can be ordered as part of the Max Trailering Package option."

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The 6.2-liter V-8 is only available for crew cab Silverado and Sierra light-duty pickups. It's rated at 403 horsepower and 417 pounds-feet of torque and is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

The 3.73 rear axle supplements the standard 3.42 rear axle that was previously the only ring-and-pinion set available. It shifts the truck's balance from optimal fuel economy to optimal performance. Still, we expect either version to be among the best-performing light-duty trucks on the road, as we found out during our 2008 Light-Duty Shootout when we tested the 3.42 equipped model.

Rear axles are rated with a number to describe how many rotations the driveshaft must make to turn the rear axle (and rear wheels) once. The rear axle ratio can make a big difference in towing performance. The higher the ratio, the faster the driveshaft turns and the sooner the driveshaft can transfer peak horsepower and torque from the engine to the rear wheels. The result, generally, is faster acceleration and higher towing capacity than a rear axle with a lower ratio. However, if the engine is working harder, fuel economy may fall.

The maximum towing ratings for 6.2-liter V-8 Silverado and Sierra crew cab 4x4s with 3.73 rear axles rises to 10,400 pounds, up from 9,300 pounds in the 3.42 version. Two-wheel-drive crew cabs jump to 10,600 pounds from 9,600 pounds.

The highest tow rating for the Silverado and Sierra remains the extended cab 6.0-liter V-8 pickup with a 3.73 rear axle. Two-wheel-drive versions tow 10,700 pounds, and four-wheel-drive trucks manage 10,400 pounds.

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I went onto GMs site to build one. Basically now if you want the 6.2L /6speed/3.73 combo its also the max trailer tow pkg. You can have 6.0L or 6.2L w/3.73 and both ways its the max tow. But 6.2 no matter how equiped only available on high end SLT or LTZ.

Too bad you need supreme gas for that engine.

You don't need it, its recommended... not required.

Now need to change the body styles. Heard that it will be redsigned in 2010.. If true I hope it look awhole lot better than the 2007 -2009 models.. Should make the side more like on the early 70,71 and 72 models. Good Luck GM......

Not sure where you get your info, but these trucks are only on their 3rd model year and GM will be lucky to survive and if they are being run with any gov't assistance I doubt they'll be spending $$$ on truck redesign, at least not these...
They don't have any obvious weakness, although crew seems a touch small now, but otherwise they are fine. Based on the figures the new 4.5L diesel should be class leading. Assuming they make em. I personally feel most Silverados are fugly, but I really like the Sierras looks.

My guess is that 2010 may be a mild refresh on the nose and maybe some on the interior, but nothing earth shattering. I would not be surprise that next year the 6.2 will be offered with AFM. This is all speculation on my part though. For example 1999 the trucks came out then in 2003 was a refresh interior and nose. Also did a refresh I believe in 2005 on the Silverado's.

if you want drive and pull a small trailer you by a ford..nomater they said is the best to pull because what ford said real life you by a gm truck or chevy,,.you always look good on the red light in a ford, but whent she chance green ..big chance you look stupid ,if you have a gm truck becide this is your choice you look good at a stop or look good a the green light..

Hey Power Kid, got the info. from TruckTrend. Also remember the 1999 new body style well it went to the year of 2002 and the 2003 to 2005 change the front end, then 2006 the grille was different and the hood and then come along the 2007 with a complete new box in frame,coil over front shock other things. But what I mean is they are redesigning the Body area front and back and probably alittle bit on front susp. All Truck always get alittle makeup each year. I didn't mead a whole change up. Sorry about that.. I agree with you on the looks of the Sierras looks better.

The 6.2 with six speed is a fantastic powertrain combination but unfortunately this is not available in a regular cab short bed format. This engine appears in an obvious attempt to win the half ton performance crown, but the plain truth is, a Toyota Tundra or Dodge Ram RCSB would still destroy it in the quarter mile for a much cheaper MSRP, as these companies offer their biggest engines in the lightest base regular cab variants, which can be as much as 1000 lbs lighter.

Come on GM, give us the goods. Leave the quad cabs in the harbor with the rest of the barges...give us a regular cab 6.2

You might not NEED supreme gas for this truck's engine, but its recommended for a reason. Will run a lot better and smoother with it than without.


All I want to know is... am I going to go fast with my gmc sierra equiped with the 6.2 if I put a super charger in it!

I traded for a new 2011 chevy crew with the 6.2 and 6 spd trans yesterday. The engine now is a flexfuel, Which I guess is 10% alcahol and gas. Have now got into the owners manual to see recommended fuel. It seems to be very snappy. Be interested in seeing how they work on a trvl trailer and what size they can accomadate easily

Hey guys! I am interested in dropping one of these 6.2l into a street car and adding a GM Perf parts carbbed intake manifold. What will I have to do to get it fired up and running? Since it's not gonna be EFI anymore, what do I do? I have heard about rodders dropping the ls7 into rods and slapping on a carb and getting major HP but I have no idea how it fires and runs. Any info or tips?Thanks

Im getting a 6.2 vortec max installed in my 2010 Regcab shortbed 5.3 6speed truck.. will be posting videos on youtube within the month.

I have 12,500 mi. on my 2011 Silverado 6.2 Texas Edition. I traded a 2007 Ram std cab/short bed with the 5.7 Hemi. The older 245 hp Hemi can't hold a candle to the 6.2 with 6 speed. But at 403 hp in the Silverado, it shouldn't. The truck gets 17.5 mpg straight and level hiway at 70 - 75 mph. Will average 15 to 15.5 with a combo of hiway and town. I just finished a hunting trip from TX to SD. 2300 miles hiway and 500 miles dirt road, offroad/corn field driving. Milage for all 2800 miles 16.4 mpg. Engine runs great on regular 87 octane.

Finally a decent article with the BEST TRUCK on it. I am tired of seeing all of this ford garbabe on here.

LMFAO! You have to dig 2 years back to find a decent story on a GM.


LMFAO! You have to dig 2 years back to find a decent story on a GM.


Posted by: Frank | Nov 14, 2011 4:49:14 PM

I didn't do any digging doofus. Someone else commented on this article earlier today. You can't come with anything intelligent to say only lame one-liners. Go crawl back into your hole.

I just bought a 2012 6.2 L 4X4 1500 AND SO FAR THE BEST GAS MILEAGE I AM GETTING IS 11.6! I hope this changes fast i thought i would be at around 15 or 16. anybody doing better or worst then me?

Just bought a 2012 also and getting the same milage. Hope it gets better. Have less than 200 miles on it, but seems to be very quick. However, no hard acceleration yet.

How about reverse flow engine with TWO Twin Vortices Supercharger per cylinder head and Twin Scroll turbine mounted for massive low end torque and massive high end horsepower. Stronger spark plug with the silver tip that can run on regular octane fuel.

I have a 2013 Sierra Denali with the 6.2. If I use non ethanol fuel I can get up to 20 mpg. You have to experiment with fuel Holiday not too bad but 92 octane at Wall Mart is crap. 93 octane at BP is the best ethanol fuel. You have to spend to get milage. But to pull my boat and haul all the gear its the best trk. out there.

Don't like the big 4 door dina cabs, out dated and too large for everyday driving, build a real nice larger cab, two door with more room in the cab and leg space not cup holders stuck in my face.

I need a camero with a 7.4 V8 with two carburators and a old style 4 speed with 3.90 gears. Lots of gauges and a nice big round speed ometer with a large tack on the dash top. A large hood scoope that works. Trim the price not trim on the plastic junk and give me a clean color of black paint. No cloth interior, just real leather with holes for breathing and a seat air conditioner and heat.

build a good looking 72 chevy 1/2 ton 4 x 4 with lift springs and 33" mud tires from the factory: build a 383 cu in v8 with a radical cam and clean gauges and large. Leave the cab open and roomie not the European cockpit style that has been out of style since 1950. You dumass Chevrolet idiots cant build a soap box durby car.

What happened to the 66 chevelle, you forgot how to build something that sells. We want to get back to the basic 64-70 chevelle with 327 large cam 4 speed 4:11 gears with posi-trac

Low price and real interior not plastic junk and rap around cockpit style is not working for me and I don't know anyone that likes that inclosed cant move interior. That seat belt law is just another form of taking our rights away, they have no business making all the decisions.

what happened to reality, the large diesel trucks or pickups and some folks call them, are too big and expensive, take some of the junk out of the way, like cup holders are so f dum and just get in the way. The dam center consoles take up all the comfort and room that could be available for another passenger or a quick nap. Get real and stop the plastic smelly interiors, they do suck and smell bad. what happened to steel and paint.

All you Chevy guys that bad mouth Ford really show your stupid narrow minded concept of trucks. If you compare them equally you may learn something. Gear ratios, tire size, cab configuration all make a big difference on towing & mpg. Paper specs are guide on payload. But as one intelligent person noted fuel makes a big difference. Methonal may get you more octane cheap, but it costs you on mpg. I go for miles per dollar & not just mpg. Sorry, I should have said ethonal @ the pump. I have run both Chevy & Fords under same conditions. They both performed as specked. I prefer Ford because of the GM recalls & they did not need Obama to keep them in business

I have a 2012 6.2L. When it comes down to speed side of things... a 2012 5.7L Ram wished he had never even tried to run against me. Left him by almost 2 trucks from a stop.

A 2014 FX4 5.0L Ford was actually faster than the Hemi, but still no where near competition for my 6.2L.

Yes I know size matters..... just throwing that out there to anybody who wants to know.

oh yeah just in case anyone is asking about "oh what about the raptor 6.2L. Ha yeah he can sit down and enjoy my tail lights as well.

Cam, headers , cold air, dod delete as well as afm. Retune. Holy hell... unleash the beast KCMO

Just bought a 1976 Chevy short bed that has a 379 CID engine. Only able to get the block casting numbers which shows up no where on the Internet. Can't get to engine code but both sides of the block are clearly marked 379. No ecu, looks like a distributor with a built in coil. From the best I can determine the six digit casting code with a VD prefix shows November XXX2. Anybody have an idea what decade? Suggestions?

check the VIN number

its a shame only offered in crew cab,,they are made in Mexico,,I will NEVER< NEVER buy and crew cab as long as they are made south of the border..have a 2015 crew with 6.2.....nothing but problems...luckily my dealer has taken care of it,,if It wasn't for Sharpnack Chevy in Willard Ohio.I prolly would be driving something else.....

Sharpnack is the only reason I am loyal to GM..

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