Spied! 2011 Ford Super Duty

Spied! 2011 Ford Super Duty
Photos: Copyright 2009, Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

Just a week after Chrysler officially revealed its new 2010 Dodge Ram heavy-duty pickups at the Chicago auto show, our spies have caught the first covered and camouflaged test trucks of its biggest competitor: Ford's future F-250 Super Duty, scheduled to arrive by 2011.

The 2011 Super Duty is expected to receive a major styling refresh, about to the extent of the 2008-model-year update. The current blue oval heavy-duties took their exterior inspiration from the mighty Ford F-350 Tonka concept that debuted at the 2002 Detroit auto show. The practice round for the 2011 model appears to be the bold Ford F-250 Super Chief concept, first shown at the 2006 Detroit auto show.

2006 Ford Super Chief concept

In the photos, we can see two massive chrome bars stretched across the grille, with a prominent Ford oval badge resting between them. There's likely a third bar resting above the strong front bumper. The SuperCab testers' grille bars have more space between them than the tight tolerances of the Super Chief's bars, for real-world cooling needs. The current Super Duty's hallmark side nostrils appear to have vanished, replaced by distinctive trim pieces on the sides of the grille that (at least for now) end abruptly at the top intake. Other styling updates are likely to be taillights similar to the new 2009 Ford F-150.

Mechanically, we expect the 2011 Super Duty will carry over Ford's 6.7-liter Scorpion V-8 diesel that's expected to debut in the 2010 trucks. The gas engine is expected to be the new 6.2-liter premium V-8, which should replace the 6.8-liter V-10 next year. Another major powertrain change is the likely end of manual transmissions, though the engineering mules in these pictures show Ford continuing its unique tradition of manual-locking front hubs for four-wheel-drive Super Duty trucks.

Spied! 2011 Ford Super Duty


It's a shame that they won't be offering the supercharged V10 that was installed in the Super Chief concept.

Just judging from what little I can see here, the new Super Duty looks like it's gonna be an attractive truck. I have a feeling I'm going to end up wishing they'd make the F-150 look like this Super Duty is going to look.

I think Ford needs to make a whole new truck, not just refresh the same truck over and over. I have 1999 f250 power stroke, which has the same cab and bed, just a different front end, tailgate, and interior. I've seen a 1999 on Ebay that was converted into an 09, which to me is a sign that after 10 years, that ford needs to make a new truck, not a refreshed truck. That's just my oppinion, there's nothing wrong with that style, but it's just getting a little old.

It seems that Ford's Idea of a new truck is just slapping on a bigger and bigger grill every couple of years.

Well I am with the last comment by The Luigiian, Ford needs to come out with a Totally NEW and Redesign truck I work with alot of welders and they also have older trucks 1999 to 2002 to 2004 to 2006 and they just buy the front end and change it to look like a new one and the same goes for the 2004 F-150 the new redesigned 2009 F-150 is the same truck only just with the front end and taillights and the interiors are different because the Cab styles and the bed are the same. In my opinion the Ford trucks have to change to a NEW and REDESIGN trucks both the F-150 and the F-250

Boy I wanted to buy one of the F-250 Super Chief, but they never build them. They should build this in 2011 and put the Scorpion Diesel 6.7 in, that would be one heck of a Truck. Change up on interior. No bucket seat in back.. Thats just an idea!!! I also agree with the 2 last comment too...

I must be in the minority. I say dont change it to much. Sure, refresh the looks every so often but they did that in '08MY with all new interior and the biggest exterior changes in the super duty line yet. I dont understand why people need to have something new every other year. Society has become much to wastefull and in need of 'latest greatest'. Give me a frekin break. This is one reason there costs are so high. I'd rather they build something to last, and keep it long enough that you can get parts for years. Spend the money in advances in things other than looks, like engine efficiency and mpg, torque and pulling capacity, ball joints and auto hubs that dont fail in the first 100,000 miles. My newest truck is a 99 and only reason I'm looking at a new Super Duty now is we just had a son and the regular cab F150 just isnt cutting it with the childseat and stick shift. I bleed ford blue I just hope they dont try anything radical with the looks and make the new rigs to 'trendy' looking.

Let's see. Front end is changed, back end is changed, the sides and bed I bet are changed and the interior will be all new I bet. Then they'll also have the new engines and other mechanical and technological advances and frame.

When Ford didn't refresh their vehicles, everyone complained and now that they keep refreshing the vehicles every 3 years everyone complains. There is no way to understand the consumer.

Everyone is a critic, and and expert around here.

Everyone says they should do a full change, of course, but let's consider the entire context here, not just dream world "logic." We are talking about a vehicle made to be a WORK truck, and Ford/(entire auto industry) are all facing hard times, so why would they pour money into a TRUCK now, of all times?

The super Duty IS the industry standard, and 100% re-design, or 90% refresh, it still will be.

I say keep as many common parts as possible. You can still have a good looking truck that uses similar/identical parts to it's predecessors. Trucks and cars are not on the same playing field. Trucks are built for purpose; working, hauling, towing. I think the hardcore truck buyers who NEED them don't care as much about restyling. It's not as important as function. I think it's great that Ford is keeping the same cab. They did it with previous gen. trucks as well (somewhere in the early 80s to '97). Costs get too high, and parts end up harder to get. Why change what works?

P.S.-Those rims look just like the rims currently used on Heavy Duty Rams.

I made the comment earlier that they should make a whole new truck, but I completely understand the idea of keeping common parts from past trucks, as well as the cost to design a whole new truck. It isn't a bad thing to continually improve a design, I just dont like that every time Ford put's a new front end on the same truck that they call it a new truck, when it's just been redesigned. Front a cosmetic stand point alone, I still think a new truck would be nice to see, although I understand that looks shouldn't be the reason to buy a truck.

Wouldn't it be more cost effective if both the F150 and the Super Duty line used the same bodies? GM & Dodge don't use a completely different body shell for their heavy-duty trucks, only Ford has done this since it came out with the rounded-looking F150 in 97. I see zero advantage to having to update 2 different body styles and interiors for the 1/2 ton and 3/4-1 ton trucks. Plus, the extended cab F150 has loads more space in the back than the superduty's do. Adding a few extra inches to the frame to accommodate the longer bodies has to be a cheaper route than 2 distinct body styles. But what do I know, maybe the the new F150 doesn't look "macho" enough for people who use their trucks as trucks....

Some people like change and they are ready for change some people hate change and are not ready for change because of money cost or whatever. Prices on trucks still keep going up and up Look at the F-250 its the same truck just restyle the front end and the interior thats it and it still keep getting more expensive. Its been the same for ten years and the engines have change they still do no matter if the outside is the same or different. Well I like change I say change BOTH of there trucks The F-150 and the F-250 people tend to buy new and improved vechicles so I say its time for a change the Silverado and the Sierra are brand new trucks now they are NEW TRUCKS I am with the same comment before if FORD is just going to RESTYLE The front end well say its a restyle truck NOT A NEW ONE, NEW means entirely different than the previous one. FORD is not dumb they say entirely NEW so the price still goes up. I say if you dont like change stay with your old TRUCK why buy another one its the same just restyled the same goes for the DODGE RAM to me well in my opinion its just RESTYLED. The TUNDRA is way to ugly The TITAN is just ok, but everyone says and the sales report also say there sales have gone down why because it the oldest truck style also there truck is just a 1/2 ton and only one engine only to cab styles. People Like change and updated engines that will work. The 2009 F-250 engines have to many problems. Be Like MAC they wont put out a computer out into the market unless its the best. The Auto industry should be the same. To me its about the LOOKS and the the ENGINE. I wouldn't go out with an ugly girl just because she is Nice, but I would go out with a BEAUTIFUl girl also thats a B****. I would go out with a girl thats good looking and nice on the inside. What I am saying is I want a TRUCK that is NICE looking TOUGH, FAST, and a good ENGINE with POWER. Maybe MERCEDEZ BENZ or BMW will one day make a FULL SIZE TRUCK from 1/2 tons, 3/4 tons, to 1 ton with different engines. Well its just a comment

I think the Super Duty needs a lot more revamping to continue leading the heavy duty truck market.

The front end needs to be more aggressive w/ less curves. Sharp edges like the Nisan Titan’s front end. But leaned forward kind of like the 2009 RAM instead of back like every other car truck or SUV made. They also need to lead the pack w/ a new 8 speed transmision. Instead of playing catch up to Dodge and GM's 6 spead, How hard would two more gears be. Just think how far ahead they could jump.

Another styling changes that would be leaps ahead of the competition would be the addition of those super bright blue/white LED head lamps on the high end models. Think Audi, Escalade, or Range Rover.

I think the Super Duty trailed in interior design up until the 2008 redesign. The interior only need minor enhancements such as the following.

* Top and bottom seat mounted restraints (I think some of the extra cab models have or at one time had this)
* The addition of a floor mounted shifter as in the higher end F150’s
* Larger opening rear window (maybe a window that rolls down like in the old Bronco or like all Toyota trucks and SUV’s
* Enhanced dash lighting. I’m tired of the old green screen type dash and displays. Why not move ahead w/ an indigo blue or crisp bright white like in the Acura TL, Escalade or Navigator. They could even go Bright orange or red as the BMW 745 uses.
* The bucket seats could use a more aggressive squared off look like those in the F150’s.
* I also think the exterior door handles need to be updated. I like what Nissan has done on the 350 and 370 sports cars. The handle looks to have a brushed aluminum coating. I think they could leave everthing else the same on both sides b/c a handle change would be enough for most to think a major styling change was made.
* Don’t make the fenders too round as on the 2009 F150. Square them off a bit like on the Hummer.

I’m very happy to hear about the new Scorpion and Boss engine replacements that are in the works. All they need to get the best fuel economy is an 8 speed transmission in my opinion.

I know that some of my ideas sound a bit too cosmetic and maybe too expensive for Ford at the moment. As the proud owner of a 2005 6.0 diesel Excursion and 2008 F350 6.4 diesel that have had their share of problems I think I deserve the right to give Ford a little feedback and let them know what I will pay for the next time around.

As the father of 4 I also would not mind a six door option.

I don't care what the article say's about the current styling of the superdutys, they look nothing like the Tonka truck concept. That BUTT UGLY front end is an embarassment to those of us who drive and buy Superdutys

Just a new grille and new interior!? Are some of you really that stupid? 08 F150 vs 09 F150-New body, lighter frame, more mpg, more hp, more tq, 6-speed tranny, longer wheelbase, stretched cab on supercrew, tailgate step, trailer sway contol, integrated brake controller, optional work solutions package (computerized inventory detail for the contractors) bed steps, cooled seats, reverse camera, sync etc etc the list goes on and on!!!! 08 Superduty, new body, interior, motor, increased hp, tq, tailgate step, extra leaf spring, etc etc!!! How much change do you expect?!

I think yall are all Obama follower's talking that kind of crap. That's what's wrong with the country to many people complaining about what they want! And what they need,and what you need! Everyone is trying to keep up with the JONES........

.... Super Duty def. needs front ind. sup. , auto 6speed, and fender-flares on the body to go with the Scorpion motor,
..... SO, all they need to do is build that " BEAUTIFUL-Badass
SUPERCHIEF, and ALL of our concerns will be answered!!!

The V10 is still available. The new 6.2 gas is replacing the 5.4L. The manual tranny needs to stay, 6 speeds is just too much shifting as is 5 for an auto tranny in my driving opinion.
I'd rather not be a retard and drive the stick wich is easier than people think, especially with a powerfull motor, less likely to stall it out as you can take-off with almost no gas pedal. I miss my manual F250. It would suck not being able to buy a new model.

Ford!!! Job Well Done on the 2011 Super Duty's!!! The only suggestion I have since Fiat might drop the Cummins Diesel in the 2500 to 5500 Dodge Heavy Duty Rams & use one of the Iveco diesels Ford needs to pick up that option for those customer that still likes 6 cylinder over V-8 Diesel. Then you will have the market all tied up. Another options I also know that Ford had a Brazilian 6 cylinder used in their medium duty truck that they put in their 7000 to 8000 series trucks they lasted a long time please consider using in the Heavy Duty P/U's. I have been in the car business since 1969 at both the retail & wholesale level for numerous manufactures. BUT I always drive a Ford pickup. Their the Best!!!

I have been a Ford Truck man from day one and have seen my friends change from Ford to Dodge and from Ford to Chevy and back to Ford again, so to all of you guys that are not driving a Ford your just blowing smoke up your tailpipe and all of us real truck owners that drive Ford trucks don't care the least to hear from you, so give Honda a call I understand they have a truck that you guys can compare your trucks to I think its call a Ridgeback or something like that.

Are they or are they not going to make a v10 available in the 2011 super duty and when are we going to be able to order one?

If you think Ford is not changing try a chevy they look way better and last longer too. I have had both trucks and I even work for ford but I drive a chevy cause was tired of all the repairs. Jat

Ford has been the number 1 selling truck for years. Why make a drastic change to something that everyone keeps buying year after year. They make small changes each year so everyone has something else to look forward to. If they make big changes ever couple of years, you would not want to go out and buy the same truck your friend bought a few years ago knowing that they will change it drastically in another year. Why put an 8 speed transmission now when you can get away with a new 6 speed transmission. They will be the number 1 selling truck with the 6 speed and in a couple of years they will be the number 1 with an 8 speed transmission. Everyone plays a game and we all play along.

i was in tampa this weekend and i saw a 6 door ford f350 pickup truck, where can i find one of those? What years were those made? That was the first i have seen. Please respond.

Big mistake if Ford does a complete re-design of the Ford F series trucks. Don't touch what works, GM keeps doing this and it is a major part of their down-fall. I currently have a 2007 CVT AWD Ford Five Hundred, love it, no recalls, has never required any warranty repairs, all I've down is the breaks once and a set of tires and oil changes. Car goes like a bat-of-Hell and when driven lightly sips gas, goes through deep snow like your driving on dry pavement. I didn't know all this when I boughht it, I bought it without even test driving it, because I fit in the vehicle. I'm six-one, tall in the body and have a terrible time fitting into cars. The 500 replacement, the Taurus with it's more slopped windsheild and lower roof line is a right-off for me, I can't get in to this vehicle, so now I'm screwed. The only vehicles that Ford build now that I fit in are the Flex and F series trucks and full size vans. This really sucks. Ford better take a good look at the next generation of car buyers like my children, my 21 year old is 6'4" and the 19 year old is 6'1". I was seriously looking at the Lincoln MKT, nice vehicle, I seriously hurt my neck getting in ot it and was in wth the seat set as low as it would go, my head was denting the head-liner, but I could sit in the second row seats with no problem, though it's very difficult to drive a vehicle from the back seat.

Front door openings, height and slop of roof and leg room are a major issue for me and will be for the next generation of car buyers and kids are much bigger and taller then the previous generation. The Car company that wakes up to this fact will be the winner in the end.

Posted by: reginald simmons | Feb 7, 2010 10:49:50 PM i have the truck you spotted in tampa. its custom built and i would sell it

I strongly believe if ford brings out a super duty people carrier (the excursion suv renamed for the tree huggers) it would sell like hot cakes. The trucks are in such high demand anywhere you go. As a proud owner of an 05 Eddie bauer I can say these trucks are awesome. They do require up keep as they're all approaching 6 years and older but oh man what a pleasure to drive one that is tuned and kept correctly. Let's go FORD listen to the people, don't be like the gov't today.

Ok,, enuf of the lets reallllly have biiiig change in design
,, Ford is still reeling from their Taurus fiasco. Little here a little there and dont be shy in the cab compartment and keep the technology and quality going up ,,, in the end you get a good looking truck and quality and reliability keeps getting better. Toyota ,, had em,,, dropped em,, had a Camry ,, problems,, had a 4x and it was spartan to say least,, ran good but man spartan.....bench seat that kept my chiropractor busy.....

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