Video Tour: 2010 Dodge Ram 3500

2010 Dodge Ram 3500

The 2010 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickups debuted recently at the Chicago Auto Show. In case you missed them, you can read our detailed first look or watch a quick video tour of the 6.7-liter Cummins I6 one-ton 3500 model, below.



I am in the process of buying a new truck, had the ford turbo 6.1 it is an 03 the dealership says there is no way to fix the problem..the piston is in the motor or something like will cost 10,000.00 to actually fix the problem and this is not a new motor this is fixing the problem and reusing all the parts of my old motor, not too sure which way to go now...wanting to know the likes and dislikes of the hd dodge up against the gm duramax, if anyone can help me out on this would be much appreciated...we haul heavy 5th wheel with hd bikes so the weight is alot..thanks

Elle, Next year Ford Super Duty coming out with a Scorpion 6.7 suppose to be better than the Power Stoke and the 2010 Dodge Ram HD 6.7 cummins and there a rumor about a V-8 5.0 cummins too. Now as far as Chevy Duramax I heard good and Bad things. Sure the Ford and Chevy has Power take off than the Dodge, but as far as pulling power and Fuel mileage the Commins is best. But that's with the 5.9 cummins. Now I hear that the 6.7 cummins are dropin on fuel mileage than the 5.9 cummins. Now I can tell you that my Dad has a 2001 Dodge SLT Ram 2500 extended cab with auto. he's gets 18 in city and 22 on Hwy and that empty. When he pulls his fifth wheel he got about 11 or 12 on Hwy. That driving between 55 and 60. I have a Uncle who has a 2008 Super duty 3500 single axle 6.4 power stroke and said it suck that fuel more than is 2005 6.0 power stroke. So like I say you make your dicision on what you want and like. I'm just sharing my story. I know I'll hear someone else comment about mine. So hope I was helpful. Good Luck on what you buy....

Hey Elle like Ryan said not only does the CUMMINS get the best mileage go to DieselWorld website and read BIGDOG FACEOFF and you will see that DODGE CUMMINS is "STILL" the TOWING KING of the road. "STILL" means it was never an underdog to either FORD or CHEVY.

check it out and make up your own mind!

i have 2009 chevy duramax there's nothing can complete with this truck ,I pull 40 foot gooseneck,fuel mileage is around 13 -14 mpg ,with out the trailer city is 16mpg- hwy 21 mpg so take cummins lovers , it will out pull any 1 ton on the road, pull 22000 payload with no problems, been oil field business for two years ,every dodge has gone over to chevy because the transmission burns up ,the body doesn't hold,ford hell with them the can't pull a tart out of water

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