Ford Super Duty Awarded "Work Truck of the Year" Title

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Ford's Super Duty line of trucks earned the 2009 Work Truck of the Year honor at this year's Work Truck Show in Chicago. The award is sponsored by Work Truck magazine, as determined by the publication's readers in an online poll.

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hey fordhater, Ford blowing for 32 years as number 1 and yet dodge is still in 3rd. uuummmmm.........ok

WHAT? ford is the worst! ford superduty should get the prize for bottom. chevy is a little better, dodge is better still. and if you want to bring in all pickups for all markets then toyota cleans house. ford as the best? even nissan trucks are better than ford!! honestly if it werent for brand loyalty and bias, NO ford cars would sell, let alone their pickups.

Ford's must of paid for that title. Check out the increasing number of disappointed owners at that Ford is abandoning because their truck simply are breaking down and Ford will not stand behind them. What makes you think that next years model is going to be any better. I like to see Ford fess up below I would consider buying a Ford. I'm only referring to Heavy Duty Truck, all the rest are toys

Except for Daniel the rest of you don't know squat about trucks. Stick to things you know like needlepoint or scrap booking.

Toyota?!?! HA HA HA HA!!!! Tinfoil tailgates and flexy frames. Hows that new Tundra factory doing? HA HA
Poser truck at it's finest.

Poor Dodge. They try so hard but they don't quite make it.
Maybe the new ones will say FIAT on them.

martok, you have to be kidding me, youre supporting the worst trucks in the world made by the worst company in the world housed at one of the worst (car-wise) countrys in the world. ford is just a joke that only stays in buisness because of people like you that just like them for no reason other than loyalty. despite that their cars are awful. youve just swallowed hook line and sinker exactly what these sloppy white collars want you to.

Hey JD go and live in japan with all of your stupid buddies that wouldn't know a truck if it hit them in the face. Toyota what a joke!!! Nissan do they even build a truck?? And you idiots that say "look at Edmunds" it is older trucks that owners are pissed off at not the newer stuff. And as for Dodge they are just pure garbage maybe 1 step above toyrota. You meatheads are just sore because Ford truck kick ass year after year. Los, Ford's quality is rated just as good if not better than toyota. I suppose they paid for that honor too right??? Get a life. I have owned nothing but Fords and my last one with over 250,000 miles on it, and all I did was oil changes, brakes, and tires. But I guess that isn't reliable.......

this is only marketing avertizing for ford to help the compagnie,,best work truck but the slower to pull trailler..

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You can also read our opinion on the latest crop of HD Pickups' capabilities in the 2007 Heavy Duty Shootout:

I've had a Ford before and I haven't had any problems with it. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with any of you I'm just stating that I think it depends on luck with no matter what car you have. I've had a Dodge Shadow and that lasted me one semester; I've had a Pontiac Grand AM for a couple of years and still own it BUT I've had to do a lot of work to it. Then I've had a Ford Escort that I've hardly had to do any repairs but some dingbat crashed into me and totaled it. I personally think that it depends on the person and the luck you get. Another example, my best friend and her fiancee have the same model just different years. Chevy cavalier, her fiancee's is older than hers but only had to replace one part where her's in newer but had to do more work. I know some of you don't care what I have to say but I'm just voicing my opinion. Overall, I would say I don't think Ford is as bad as some people make it out to be. :-) And I do know a lot about cars. Toyota and Honda are the two cars that have always been recommended to me by mechanics because from what I have been told by professionals, they hardly see them in the garage. Whatever you do, don't go with a Quad 4 engine. Those are close to impossible to work on!

It's no surprise that Ford would garner this title. They hold the largest percentage of commerical contracts out there. And owners of the current Super Duty really love them (despite what says). It doesn't make GM or Chrysler products lousy. Or for that matter any less desireable. It just means that until there is a major meltdown of the Super Duty, readers of this magazine will lean in their direction.

id like to see a yota or nissan haul 26,000lbs, or drive down the right of way of the pipeline with 2000lbs of quipment in the bed, or tow a broken down car/truck, or haul ur butt to the hospital when u crasher ur little tin foil truck, this is for the work truck award, not sissy subarn boy truck award

Why all the bashing on here? I really don't care about brand loyalty, I just want a truck that does what I need it to do, is built well and will last through whatever I put it through. I did a LOT of research before I bought my truck - mechanics, contractors, website forums etc. The consensus I came to was that Ford was the best built truck out there. Both Dodge and GM trucks had quality issues from motor, tranny to interior part issues and annoying rattles after time. I have to say that after 140k rough miles on my Ford the only thing I've had to replace outside of routine maintenance was a brake resevior part that was covered under a recall. Within my research, I came across a study which broke down truck buyers and the quick conclusion was that basically a higher percentage of college grads bought Ford and Toyota while mostly brand loyalists and non-college grads bought GM and Dodge. I still don't care about brand loyalty as I'll buy whatever truck is currently the best truck. I have heard a lot of good things about the newer GM HD trucks.

I am a little bias here as I have 4 Fords. 1 Excursion, 2 F-250 and 1 F-350. My father has a F-350, father-in-law has a F-250, uncle has Escape and E-450 motorhome, best friend has a F-350 I can go on if you like. The point behind this is I don't think that millions of people are buying Fords because of brand loyalty. Also if you go onto any work sites you will see 75% of the rigs are Fords. The same goes for any RV park. I have walked many parks after dinner and count the Dodge's, Chevy's and Fords. It has always been that there are more Fords in the park then any other and it is usually 2 to 1 (Chevy and Dodge combined). Although this is not scientific, it does have some common sense behind it. Ford is a better built, longer lasting, heavier duty truck then the rest of them.

As for Nissan and Toyota when they make a 3/4 and bigger truck then I will compare them. As for now it's apples and oranges.

exactly, this is for a work truck. No other truck can haul or tow as much as the fords from an f150 on up, and this is what a work truck does. while toyota is concentrates on their 1/4 mile times ford builds trucks that are ment to work.

i really can do nothing but laugh, at both the award and the comments, i find no need to pursue this further.

What kind of truck does Mike Levine drive?

@Scott: By coincidence (I swear) I'm driving a Super Duty this week.

i have worked on dodge, chevy and ford trucks. i know alot of people who own all three and use them for everything from daily driving to hard core farm trucks. the only reason dodge sells as many trucks as they do is because of the cummins engine. the rest of the truck is a joke. the chevy has some impressive features but still isnt up to the task of heavy abuse. the ford doesnt have the best engines but is by far the best overall truck that can take serious abuse. i have witnessed it first hand.

I drive an F550 with a trailer for a living, and this particular truck has been very reliable. The reliability is what counts, not who makes it. I would buy a GM next time only if someone I know who has driven one has had the same reliability as this one. The other brands don't make a truck large enough to consider.

well if daniel knew anything about trucks he would know that toyota dosent make a full size work truck only a pick-up truck and the award clearly says work truck of the year not pick-up truck of the year

But in all Fairness the toyota 5.7 liter is the only gas engine that i like but iam a ford diesel fan

This is where they post the stats. You can tell that the Ford wins.

My dad's had a ford truck for about 30 years, and he's had to work on it maybe 4 or 5 times. For each time he's fixed up his Ford, his friend's chevy has broken down 4 times. My friend has a chevy and it's constantly breaking down, but it's a 92. Needless to say, he's trying to offload it for a Ford.

I'm not going to go any farther, but the Ford will trash your Nissan Titan any day. The Titan might be a nice truck to drive, but it's not a work truck. The cab is longer than the bed. Give me a break. Tundra's probably pretty good, but yeah. Dodge is good, but they tend to fall apart after about 15 years, although my mom's got a Dodge truck that's goin strong after 10 years.

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