GM Announces 'GM Total Confidence' Buyer Protection Program

GM Announces 'Total Confidence' Sales Incentive Program

Update #1 March-31-2009 1310 PDT:

Here are more details about the "Vehicle Value Protection" portion of the GM Total Confidence program: You'll receive up to $2,500 on a sale or up to $5,000 on a trade-in if you owe more on a vehicle loan than the vehicle's retail value.

For more information, see GM's Total Confidence website.


General Motors has announced a "GM Total Confidence" buyer-protection program for all new GM cars and trucks bought in April. The program includes:

  • Payment protection: Covers up to nine months of payments on vehicle loans or leases ($500 maximum per month) if you lose your job for economic reasons during the first two years of ownership.
  • Vehicle value protection: Covers any difference in trade-in value if the outstanding principal loan balance is more than the vehicle's retail value after half the vehicle payments have been made, for up to six years.
  • Five-year/100,000-mile powertrain limited warranty: Covers repair costs and provides roadside assistance and courtesy transportation, plus the warranty is fully transferable if the vehicle is sold.
  • OnStar: Provides one free year of OnStar's Safety and Security package.


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