GMC Says Bring On The Infrastructure

GMC Says Bring On The Infrastructure Spending

Deep voice? Check. Motivational music? Check. Tough truck? Check.

The latest commercial from GMC says the Sierra pickup is ready to rebuild the country using investment dollars from the recently signed $787 billion economic stimulus package. Infrastructure spending is expected to provide between $120 billion and $150 billion over two years for construction activity and purchases.

Jump over to Jalopnik to see the full 30-second spot.


This is the kind of advertising that stirs (good) gut feelings, rouses emotion, and motivates people. I like the ad.

this ad is a big joke, just like gmc, cry for sitmuilius money and now there crying for your money. whaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn were the biggest auto company in the world and we need money to survie whaaaannnnn we don't know how to run a multi-billion dollar company. whaaaaannnn the auto unions destoryed all the american car company's. Beleive me I have heard all the carp the auto unions do inside there they make yoru head spin. After working 2 years with millwrights they got so crazy stuff to tell.

You're right. This GM and this stupid commerical is a joke being it is likely they want more money. This just in from Drudge:

GM, CHRYSLER May Need 'Considerably' More Than $21.6B...

ha! GM aint gunna be helpin no USA out any time soon! come on! they make useless cars, does the name SSR ring any bells? chevy's are a big joke!

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