Man Buried in His 1967 Chevy Pickup

Man Buried in His 1967 Chevy Pickup

According to the Williamson Daily News, Albert Dancy Jr. of Sutton, West Virginia was laid to rest recently in the bed of his 1967 Chevrolet pickup, accompanied by his Old Timer pocketknife and a Remington .243-caliber deer rifle. Dancy was shot and killed on February 15 in a domestic quarrel.

Dancy's son, Adam Dancy, honored his father's request to be buried in the truck.

""He said it always joking around, but he said it for so many years it was pretty much serious to me," said Adam Dancy. "I always took him seriously. It was the last thing I could do for him."

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Now that's a truck lover! I'll bet 20 bucks someone digs up the grave for the gun though, then they'll send it to Mexico.

That is exactly how i want to go down. With my gun and my truck. Chevy should make this into an ad campaign "A truck that will outlast you"

I know how the man felt . I too owned a 1967 chevy short bed pick-up.I gave it to my brother to restore it and he junked it for the money. Our relationship has never been the same.

Doug I bet it wont be dug up its on family own land and any one caught there will join him just saying

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