Spied! 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-250 Super Duty

Spied! 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-250 Super Duty

The Dearborn gas hogs keep on coming, and we mean that in the nicest way possible. Even though Ford recently revealed the all-new 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-150 at the Chicago auto show — the 14th F-Series pickup to wear Harley livery — another rig looks ready to ride with it to Sturgis this summer. Our spies have caught what appears to be the 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-250 Super Duty.

The three-quarter-ton Harley F-250's exterior is a bit more subtle than the half-ton F-150’s, letting its 362-horsepower and 457-pounds-feet-of-torque 6.8-liter V-10 do the talking (sorry, no 6.2-liter V-8 in this particular truck). Blue flames jetting from chromed plastic engine vents just behind the front wheels run the length of the truck's tuxedo black exterior. The tailgate wears a Harley-Davidson badge, and "Harley-Davidson" is spelled out in blue lettering on the sides of the cargo box.

Inside, the Harley look and feel continues on the black leather seats, door panels and center console. Strategically placed Harley tags, plaques and jewelry ensure owners always know they're living high in a hog.

We expect to see the new 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-250 Super Duty debut before the annual August gathering of Harley-Davidson motorcycle owners in Sturgis, S.D.

Spied! 2010 Ford Harley-Davidson F-250 Super Duty


i dont get the point of these...who would spend extra money on already p.o.s truck just to have it say "harley davidson"

Apparently, 10,000 people.

I agree with g unit, there is no need just big waste. Go to a lock body shop and paint HD all over your truck instead of some over priced piece of trash.

You guys are trolls. This truck is beautiful. Why buy a Lariat when you can just go to the body shop and paint Lariat on your XLT? Do you know how stupid you all sound? Have fun with your Priuses.

Great truck! Glad to see Ford is still putting the V10 in the Superduty line.


Like they say, 'If you have to ask, you just don't get it!'

And probablt never will!

Doesnt look any different than the 2009 i bought 2 months ago the truck is awsomme i have owned 9 diesel trucks 3 chev and 6 ford and have a fleet of 5 08 ford deisel f-450 3 dodge 1 ton and 1 chev deisel but know own my first gas cheaper to buy and same fuel mileage as the 08 diesel and no stupid break down like any of the new diesels that are trying to meet the new emmision standards where we burn twice the fuel to get the high exhaust temperatures needed for incineration. Twice the fuel is real enviro friendly

My dream car! This is just my type, sweet but very powerful. :)

Now it would be nice if they offered the true blue with the flames on the new super duty's like the mid 2000's.

Looking forward to the new ford f250 hd model... got a harley and love the trimings but need the power to haul my other toys... nice ford! thanks

sounds like the bow tie crowd is as bankrupt as their beloved car company. Do you dorks know that FORD still hasn't accepted any of Obummers money to keep the factory afloat?

My 2009 F-250 Long Bed Harley Davidson is the only Harley my wife will let me own, and we both love it...

fords are amazing not p.o.s and they beat every other truck

I love Harley Davidson motorcycles are the best, the powerful engine noise deafening. Congratulations for the blog theme is great thanks for sharing.

This truck makes me wish I finished Engineering school yesterday:)

Just for information purposes, the only way you can get a black on black Ford Super Duty is to order the H-D edition...........no other way or model.

cause you al dont own20000 dollar harleys

I have one of this love it,26 mil hwy,beautiful

If I had a Harley-Davidson and I was loaded I would probably have one of these.

Most Harley-Davidson owners are fanatic about their motorcycles and of the company that makes them. The Ford F-Series Harley-Davidson models gives them another way to advertise and fly the Harley-Davidson flag.

The transmission on my husbands truck went out last week, and we've been thinking about just upgrading his truck to a newer one. His truck was really old, and had a lot of miles on it. We knew that this day was bound to happen soon. We've been saving up for awhile now, and are ready to put down a payment for a new truck. What are some good trucks that have been put on the market recently? We would love to find a truck that gets as good as gas mileage as possible. With gas prices doing that whole yo yo, up and down thing, we would love to be able to save as much money that we possibly can on gasoline, even though we would be driving a truck.

I have the HD 2010 truck number 1198. And SHE yes I said SHE is my baby. I have only got 30,000 miles one her. She is my Corvette. She is very much worth the money. I will put her up to any other truck on the market, she's still A LOT nicer then any other. And YES I have compaired. My Mom has a 2012 Chevy crew cab short bed. MY TRUCK IS NICER!!!! I have taken her to ford/chevy/dodge dealerships looking to trade her in and they offer me more then I owe. So anybody talking smack....YOU NEED TO OWN ONE!

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