Spied! 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Spied! 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

GM continues to make steady progress readying updates for its heavy-duty pickups, including a minor face-lift. Originally thought to be badged as 2010 models, new information now pegs the revisions for the 2011 model year.

The one-ton Chevrolet Silverado 3500 in this picture sports the same grille as the current half-ton Silverado 1500, but as we first reported last year, we think it's temporary. A different grille with better fitment is likely in the works. The front bumper, however, is believed to be ready for production. GM has softened the huge metal flares at the corners of the current Silverado HD's bumper by topping off the uppermost portion with plastic from end to end. The inlet in the middle of the front bumper feeds air to the truck's transmission oil cooler. It's about a third larger than the current inlet, which makes us wonder about the changes GM has in mind for the V-8 Duramax diesel's Allison transmission.

The Duramax is expected to receive a significant increase in horsepower and torque next year (well over 700 pounds-feet of torque, sources tell us) as well as meet the toughest clean-diesel emissions standards in the world.

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 3500


Thank god they changed the front end and got rid of that plastic chrome crap

I want it. Trouble is, I don't need it :-( Well, I guess I am back to my 1500...

I kind of liked the larger bumper with the chrome caps, it gave the truck a more aggressive look in my opinion. However, this bumper looks alot like the same one off of the 2003-2006 models.

ahh the new rams are still gonna destroy this.


dodge can claim all day long that their truck can tow 18,500 lbs. I'll wait until a 1 ton truck comparison comes out to find out for sure.

IMO its a dramatic improvement, as the grill and front bumper on the current HDs are revolting.

ford can still tow more

Ford is the only American mfg that will be left selling real trucks in 2011.

It's ugly.

Huge improvement. A few years ago, the GM HD was so much worse looking than the Ford, though with the recent Ford grill and this change, it's about flipped.

FORD super Duty is the best all around, its unique unlike chevy that has a the gmc as a sibling, chevy has always made ugly ass trucks which seem like someone was bored and just put something together just for the heck of it, FORD your the best and unlike GM and Chrysler, Ford seems to never be going out of business and asking money from the government

At least GM and Isuzu know how to mak a reliable and powerful diesel. Ford has struck out twice with the 6.0L and 6.4L Powerjokes. Face it, the 7.3L wasn't that great, and now Ford is teaming up with who? Peugeot? What does a French small car manufacturer know about truck diesels anyway? Get set for another disaster! At least Ford is going to wise up and go with independant front suspension on Super Duty 4X4's in 2011. Maybe if the Boss V-8 has some power, it might make a passable truck. Still rather have a Dodge or GMC.

yea, Fords got a good truck, but I'd still rather have a Cummins or a Duramax than a Ford diesel.

Is there any chance to get that second pic in a wallpaper-friendly size? Like 1024x768 at least? With PTDC logo in a corner.

The one in the 2nd pic looks much better than the current offerings from GM. I found GM's PU designs in the last decade or so very very bland. As if they had outsourced the work to some bland-o-rific japs or koreans.

Has anyone really seen the HD's from Ford. That styling guy is on something that should be banned from design, I beleive he designed the new F-150 too. The GM and Dodge duo are by far the best looking HD's by a mile !!!!!!

Ford's styling isn't bad, its the engine that sucks! It doesn't really matter what gets done to these new diesels, until the dpf either becomes more efficient or dissapears diesel won't be on par with gas economically.

now if they change the wheel wells to rounded insded off squared that truck would be so much nicer

Still sooooo ugly!!!! Rather have Ford SD with a Cummins or Dodge HD. Duramax doesn't even comes close to the Cummins. Cummins Diesel been around way longer than Power Stroke or Duramax.. We will see how this new Scorpion will do for Ford. Sure Ford and Chevy has a fast take off, but Dodge has the power for pulling and better Fuel mileage... So GM and Ford Strike out!!!! Check out the 2010 Dodge HD....

I see it still has the Chevy LUV front suspension under it

cummins are unsurpassed and will remain that way...go dodge!

The 2010 Dodge is a good looking truck, but its too bad it wont have the performance of a Duramax. Its not looking good for the cummins cause it will keep the same diesel as the 07-09 models, meanwhile the Duramax that is already more powerful will be getting even more horsepower and torque for 2010!!

Duramax doesn't get the fuel mileage or pull heavey loads like the Cummins. Cummins last longer than Duramax. Cummins RULES.....Funny Dodge will soon pushing the HP on cummins soon. Ford and Chevy already did... Just wait They will boost the HP up there with them.. LOL

Umm....duramax has been #1 in jd powers for 4 years now people.

Chevy all the way bitchs ford and dodge can suck it!!!!

the CHEVYS have always been better then anything out there.so what you guys need to do is sale the crapy fords and get a real trurk amd that is the 2011 CHEVY 3500 TRUCK

Much better but still very ugly. Maybe GM should discontinue the Silverado and just do the Sierra. (they've always been better looking)

ford suck chevy rules thats all there is to it dodge is nice too

who ever likes ford or chevy is a big sloppy uterus.

I have owned all three the powerstroke cummins and the duramax. I will never own another ford deisel, might think about the dodge, chevy I my first choice by far. If dodge could make a better truck to go with that motor it would be a killer. But they got to keep it cheap so that all the rednecks can buy them.

Dodge gets better fuel mileage...and it is better than Powerstroke. That is ALL you can say for it. Duramax has more HP and Torque. You can also carry a conversation next to a running Duramax... It's proof real power doesn't have to be loud. That speaks for itself. Have had two Duramax (got the new one because I wanted the new body style). Never had ONE problem with them or the Allison. It's a hell of a good truck. Have YET to find something it has a problem pulling. These are just facts. If you can show numbers that prove otherwise...lay out the paper and wipe your @$$ with them.

Well I like the look of the Ford. It is more of a truck look. But I think the Chevy tows better. And I am thinking diesel when I say that.
Not sure which one to get. Have a travel trailer now, would like to get a 5th wheel and the truck needs to tow around 15000.

Deja Vu. How old are you guys? I feel like I just rewound to high school with all this nonsensical rivalry.

New bumper is much better balanced.

on my 3rd 3500 dually crew cab with a duramax and 4x4. an 03-05-08 and im absoloutyly in love wirh it . The sierra which was all 3 trucks totaly soaks you up in luxury as well as performs. I sold my 05 for 37,000.00 in sep. of 05 because I absoloutly fell in love with the new body style I tryed despreatly to talk myself out of it but I just could not!!! So I orderd an 08 sep. of 07. I tow 8000 ( enclose car trailer and its like nothings behind me

I currently own a 2500HD with the Duramax and Allison combo. This thing has never let me down and has plenty of more. You have got to drive one to believe the power it has. I have driven them all and I will not buy anything but a Duramax. By the way, I get over 17 mpg on a bad day.

Is it true the 2011 duramax is going to have around 400HP and 700FPT ? I do have two duramaxs 05 ,325hp ,06,360hp an they are very good motors !! Now the brakes and front ends are ???????????? These trucks need better brake system and HD front ends!

Yeah the duramax will probably have those kind of power figures. Them and the next Powerstroke should be close to the same power wise. As for all you saying a Dodge/ford/chevy can't tow 18,500 I know for a fact your all wrong. We haul 2 ton more than that of hay every hay cutting with our 2 2000 Ford Powerstrokes that are both 6spds and a 1995 Powerstroke that is a 5spd and have done it a few times with our 1994 2400 cummins. We've also used friends Chevy's to haul that much hay as well. Any truck will do it. So there's no point in saying they won't. All of the Powerstrokes we have are stock except for the 2000 f-250 which has a small chip and probably hauls the most hay.

we use 08 f450,s for auto transort. 3000 miles a week with a gcwr of 31 to 33k. we see some dodges, not many chevys. when it comes to snowplowing or heavy hauling superduty is the number 1 choice. As for the problems whenever you sell more of something and it gets used your goin to have problems.

Funny I got a 6.4 and Have no problems and have the Spartan diesel setup, look it up. www.spartandieseltech.com
I've riped off my dpf and have and intake/ water-meth injection/ and a 310horsepower tune I pop out 705hp on the dyno and 1185tq. I have over 80k with those specs on my truck and tow a 11.5k trailer everyday (m-f). My tranny dosent skip, dont even know its their. I can burn my tires down to the wheel if I wanted (seriously). My buddys 09 chebby cant handle over 500hp total. He's already on his 3 allison which he had to finally get smart and put an upgrade kit on it because it wont hold together. Nice motor though. You gotta spend a ton of cash to get the HP out of a chebby compared to a ford.

As for dodge. 5.9 cummins was a BAAAD ass motor. But sorry the 6.7 is having problems guys. Just go ask any REAL dodge tech at the dealer (not your idiot friend). Shitty trannys, cheap truck and now the legendary motor isn't what it was. TOOOO bad emissions scooted the 5.9 out the door for ya.

By the way, FORD isn't putting a chevy LUV independent front suspension on their trucks, it was a joke to make fun of a chevy who claims to be a real truck. You aint a real truck when you have S-10 tie rods, and no front axel. Come on boys look under your trucks before you open your mouths

troy your truck sounds sweet. The 6.4 powerstroke has SOOO much potential. It definately doesn't get the credit it should. It's reliable, very powerful, and very easy to make over 500 horses at the rear wheels. It has a very good tranny that will hold up to quite a bit of power. I think it might even be as good if not better than the allison. I'm excited for the 2010 round of the big 3 battle.

May the best truck win!!! Best chicks love chevy more anyways

Buying a GM product is unamerican! the government owns 60% of company. I will buy my first Ford next year.

I personally have a lot of confidence in the new ford. I think it will take the 1st place prize for this round. I wish cummins was upgrading it's power numbers as well that way it would be more even.

All you chevy haters are just hatin toooo hard! everytime i go to the desert there always happends to be a truck stuck and it is a piece of **** ford that i end up toowing out!!! And i am at the desert on a weekly basis.

the boss that was a pointless comment. you excpect us to actually believe it?

What GM has, that is bullet proof is the Combo of

Duramax (Which is an Isuzu Engine with Bosch Addons)
and the Allison Transmission.

The reason GM HD trucks are "like a rock" is because GM has simply combined parts manufactured by industry specialists into one Time Tested product.

Whenever a Domestic Company starts from scratch, its looking for trouble. Just look at the displacement history of Power stroke engines. All over the place. Same with the Dodge's in-house built Transmissions. Just look at the prices of older dodge and Ford trucks. They don't have a smooth co-relation with age. Some year models more reliable than others, and therefore more expensive.

A redesign = failed previous design.

Yes the GM seats could be better, the trim pieces are quite redneck (if I may say so), Ford Super Duty does look bad ass, and dodge interior is quite palatial, but you know what? That's alright with me as long as my Cold Canadian Ass, and my Chevy get home after putting in a hard days work, day in day out, year after year.

This truck is and always has been all cattle and no hat.

why not make the fender more rounded to to take a bigger tire without hitting, it has the the worst clearance of ford or dodge. do something the tire a 2500 hd comes with is not going to pull trucks out of the mud like the commercial come on, do the people who design these truck really own one.

I think this new look to bumper is looking good and it has changed overall appearance of Chevrolet Silverado. I would always prefer Chevrolet Silverado as i am driving this truck and it is giving to me the best efficiency .

Truck looks fantastic, and a real TRUCK at that. Ford guy's, your HD is just plain awful looking. And it's not king of the hill. Have you ever read your brochure or Ford trailering guide??? It's right there in fine print, all the restrictions. Your truck can't tow more! Read the fine print, the ratings they dangle in front of you to make you feel good are not real world. Have you ever heard of "Frontal Area Restrictions?" The BIG BAD FORD can only tow those big advertised numbers as long as and only if your trailer "Frontal Area" is within 60 sq.ft... That's pathetic!!! For the record that's F150, F250, F350, F450.... I can keep going all day but I'll stop for now.
NXT time will talk about GC and Tires!!!

ManOVer you don't know what your talking about. We pull way over what our superduties are rated for and they do just fine. our 2000 F-250 Super duty with a powerstroke and a manual tranny pulls 20,000all the time during hay harvest. So don't even say that they won't do it.

i will agree that as of late, chevy and gmc's dont look beautiful, but work vehicles shouldnt have to look good. and also, think back to the 40's and 50's. how many fords do you see left over from then? maybe 11? the old master series of pickups back then are probably built better than any new truck. i should know: ive got one sitting in my garage that'll pull more than a ford any day, and not with an aftermarket engine

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