Spied! 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Spied! 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

GM continues to make steady progress readying updates for its heavy-duty pickups, including a minor face-lift. Originally thought to be badged as 2010 models, new information now pegs the revisions for the 2011 model year.

The one-ton Chevrolet Silverado 3500 in this picture sports the same grille as the current half-ton Silverado 1500, but as we first reported last year, we think it's temporary. A different grille with better fitment is likely in the works. The front bumper, however, is believed to be ready for production. GM has softened the huge metal flares at the corners of the current Silverado HD's bumper by topping off the uppermost portion with plastic from end to end. The inlet in the middle of the front bumper feeds air to the truck's transmission oil cooler. It's about a third larger than the current inlet, which makes us wonder about the changes GM has in mind for the V-8 Duramax diesel's Allison transmission.

The Duramax is expected to receive a significant increase in horsepower and torque next year (well over 700 pounds-feet of torque, sources tell us) as well as meet the toughest clean-diesel emissions standards in the world.

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 3500


Wow trevor! No way? I want to see Your 1940-50 gm truck outpull my Powerstroke? Thats about the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

It's probably a deuce and a half with a Detroit diesel and a compound transmission.

And even then he's probably comparing it to an F-150 with a 4.6L.

They are all nice trucks when they are brand new then
when you drive them and they get old you can see that
it will need repairs thats how they are making these truck
these days so it does not matter there all good for diffrent jobs.

I think Ford will have to wait until 2013 to up the ante on the new Dodge and GM Heavy Duties. The Fords still look better, but the GM's are to have some more capabilities. Don't count the General out to soon. Remember that between GMC and Chevrolet, they sell way more trucks (2009-Ford-180,000 units, Chevrolet-150,000 units,+GMC-111000 units=over 260,000 trucks, about 45% more than Ford). I'd be proud to own any of these trucks, the ford for the looks, the Chevrolet for the capabilities, but the Dodge looks sweet, too, and the mega cab has so much room. I'd pick the Dodge.

i think that you need to oversize the ford truck to pull th same weight as a chevy, iv seen a brand new FORD 1 ton dually break its leafsprings (and smashed the diff on the frame) pulling a 20ft flat deck trailer with 9 dry hay bales on. our 03 chevy 3500 dually with the duramax pulls a 25 foot flat deck triler with 12 silage (wet) hay bales, and occasionally we haul a heavy load of cattle in a 30ft stock trailer. and ford an dodge cant touch that, and yet we can probably pull way heavier, like a 30ft flat bed with 15 bales, and a 40ft stock trailer.

Now on my third chevy (one regular cab shorty and 2 hd's)(also had one ford & one dodge) would never go back.

But chevy-gmc have to increase rear leg room by at least 3" in both extended and crew cab model (an extra 3" of storage in regular cab would be fine too). I am not a fan of mega cabs but having the least leg room is not good either.

Also believe that direct injection in the 6-l or 6.2-l would put GM on top of the gasoline engine market.

how the hell can you say that the powerstroke will haul more this truck has more horsepower and torque so take your pos ford home befor it breaks ford messed up whent hey got ride of the 7.3 all of there other diesels have so many bugs call me when need me to pull home your powerstroke

I have a constuction company in tulsa ok. I have a 2008 f350 sd and a 2009 gmc 350. I pull a 30' goosneck with a digger on back, somewhere around 20k in weight. The durmax coming out of tulsa I44 to I 75 South will pull a hill 10 miles and hour faster and get better mileage. So I could care less about ford gm and dodge. I know what I know! Hell I will probably buy a dodge in 2011 just to compare.

All I have to say is that everyone is compensating for something. GM trucks since the Duramax engines have been the best stock trucks all around. This new Duramax is not going to be any different. I have a 06 GMC 2500HD and a 08 Chevrolet 2500HD and they both pull and ride like no other truck I have ever had. The power of the Duramax engine and the Allison transmission are a bulletproof investment.
As for ford and dodge, the new styles, engines, and transmissions, are nice. But I’m never going to own another one.

IMO dodge has quality issues and chevy overdoes everthing. except for their 6.0L ford has been pretty good with their trucks.

dodge has a great motor ! but the trans and the truck blows ,
really ! trans sucks too ! get real

Ford & Dodge I think look better and are easier to keep in a clean condition, maybe because they are quite often in the shop.
Last Chev Duramax I had odemeter reading was over 178,000 Kms, this one is at 132,000 Kms. Only money spent on either one was oil changes etc.
Chevs keep on trucking.

this truck beats ford and dodge all around chevy is just better than any other competing truck thats out there.

i have had 2- 2005 chevs,one with over 800,000 kms when i traded it for my second 2005 which now has over 330,000kms and i pull campers and i can tell you this,i have had no engine,tranny trouble or drive train trouble,changed water pumps in each once.
I can set my cruise when pulling at 62-64 mph and don't have to worry,if i'm with a dodge i have to get in the passing lane going up a hill as i'll run over the dodge and i can tell you this also,the new cummins 6.7 is not fuel effecient or trouble free,the fords love the fuel also.
The chev has the best handling and ride but you'll always find ford supporters and dodge supporters but before you think of buying a dodge ask a owner of the 6.7 about his fuel economy

1 thing people should realize is that towing capacity as set by the DOT is not power but the braking capacity,larger disc brakes correlate into shorter stopping distance and thats why some trucks have heavier tow rating along with GCVW ratings

its nice but it isnt going to be able to keep up with ford

please listen to your truck buyers make the wheel well round so a larger tire can fit without hitting the fender. The tires that come on the 2500 hd look like bike tires, this is a truck not a car let us treat it that way give it some respect.

Well I have a 2009 GMC Duramax & a 2003 Dodge cummings and the GMC can out pull and out climb my dodge any day of the week. Have a friend that had to get rid of his Ford diesel because he got tired of my Dodge out pulling him, so he traded it in for a Dodge cummings and then I got the Duramax and now he is in the same boat again.
My GMC Duramax has made me a beliver when it comes to pulling my horses around. Can't wait to see if the new Chevy 3500 can really tow a 20000 pound trailer.

i think the gmc and chevy trucks as of 2008 onward are like the best looking trucks ever created. i want one of these so bad.. unfortunatelly i'm stuck with my crappy f350 for now. maybe next year i can afford one.

I have the 2010 chevy 3500 HD and i love it it has more power than the cummings and about 4500 more towing on the ford these are the best trucks chevy has came out with in years ill be a CHEVY man till the day i die KEEP IT UP GM

That new bumper looks SOOOO much better than the older one!!!

it is some what a old fashioned one.
richard taylor
used cars

I am considering the Chevrolet Dual, I hate to call it quites on the Dodge Cummins, but I have had 2007 model black dually and I have the 2008 dually Resistol.

We had to shoot the 2007 and put it out of its missery...
Consistent issues witht the TURBO...4000 miles into it and
nothing but issues with Check Engine....

Now the 2008 is sitting in our pasture broke down, have had it in the shop 3 time now with the TURBO...laid down on us 2 different times...

Sorry but I have to call it quites on my favorite Heavy Duty Truck.

dmax all the way look at the colorado rockie test ford wouldnt give them a truck to test gm had to buy a ford to test with the chevy n they even had a ford enginier drive both n he fell in love with the chevy.ford has a crappy truck im 6 foot 5 n even with the seat back my knees still touch the dash.before u sayin the dmax sucks look how many engines ford has came up with n look how many gm came up with n the cummins its a good engine but they to arnt bulletproof either if u want a real diesel aftr the dmax get a detroit diesel u cant beat them.i have a 96 k3500 6.5 diesel they had issues but its a hell of a truck. chevys been makin awsome trucks since they started

Yeah, bravo to General Motors for winning the Rumble In The Rockies! Maybe it will help sell a few more trucks?

Ford is still selling the Super Duty like hotcakes. The Rumble In The Rockies might have cost Ford a few truck sales?

We have a hill champ (Chevrolet) and a sales champ (Ford) with another friend (Ram) that wants to join the party now. Go good ol' boys!

The 6.0L diesel would blow the windows off of chevy and dodge it may have had problems because jackasses with lead feet drive them but ours has 29000lb towing and 500 horses with no aftermarket items if chev can beat that in 20 years Id be supprised and cummin made a mistake with hemi because they suck down fuel

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