Spied! New Ford Scorpion Diesel Underhood Photos

Spied! New Ford Scorpion Diesel Underhood Photos
Photo: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

Even though GM’s revolutionary 4.5-liter V-8 Duramax light-duty diesel is indefinitely shelved, some of the same advanced ideas are expected to live on in Ford’s upcoming heavy-duty oil-burner, code-named “Scorpion.”

Our spies have once again caught Ford’s new in-house-designed 6.7-liter V-8 diesel cradled under the hood of a Super Duty engineering mule. An earlier picture showed mostly radiator, but the latest photos show the highly complex air intake, exhaust gas recirculation and tight packaging needed to support this technically sophisticated and highly powerful clean diesel.

Industry sources say the Scorpion has the same unconventional reverse flow intake and exhaust setup that was a hallmark of the GM 4.5-liter V-8. Airflow through the cylinder heads is reversed (relative to conventional diesel-engine design), with the exhaust exiting directly into dual sequential turbos sitting in the engine's valley. The Scorpion will also likely use lighter aluminum cylinder heads, abandoning the cast-iron heads found in today's 6.4-liter V-8 Power Stroke.

Spied! New Ford Scorpion Diesel Underhood Photos

The latest power targets are said to be more than 390 horsepower and 720 pounds-feet of torque. Today's Power Stroke diesel is rated at 350 hp and 650 pounds-feet.

Scorpion fuel economy is expected to improve by up to 3 mpg compared to the current Power Stroke. Helping the Scorpion's mileage will be a new six-speed automatic transmission, like the 2009 Ford F-150 has.

The Scorpion is said to use urea (aka diesel exhaust fluid) selective catalytic reduction to meet the EPA’s tough new 2010 nitrogen oxide exhaust standards. NOx is a major air pollutant that contributes to smog, asthma, and respiratory and heart diseases. It's a byproduct of diesel’s high combustion temperatures. DEF requires periodic maintenance on the part of the driver.

Another notable change: unlike the 2008-09 Super Duty, the hood on this Scorpion-powered truck lifts separately from the grille instead of as a single unit.

Production is expected to start this fall at Ford’s engine manufacturing plant in Mexico.


I am a ford fan all the way there is no one that builds a stronger work thuck then ford. dodge is junk all the way around, junk trans, weak frames, they wont hual any weight, brakes are to weak to stop the truck safely and dont toe worth a dam. been there done that. Gm trucks have a wish bone front end. thats ok if you use your truck for a car. if you work the truck better carry spare parts. Duramax is the only thing that they have going for them. not enough truck to take the power they put out. and chevy sucks off road because the frame only gives the truck about 2 foot from the ground stock. they drag on every thing
I hope the scorpion works out. as much as i like ford the 7.3 was the best small diesel made i have put as much as 800,000 on them little to no problems. The 6.0 powerstroke was junk from the start no power and they dont last. the 6.4 powerstroke puts out 1/2 the power and torque they clame and only gets about 8 MPG I am glad that ford is dumping international they have been hurting ford truck lovers since the 6.o power joke.

Made in Mexico......WTF!
Leave the performance for the cars and make me a new 7.3 in Detroit please. Id like it to blow black smoke when I pull a trailer full of bulls up the hills and loud enough wake the neighbors when I warm it up in the morning. Cast iron heads and all.
I will pay extra if Ford throws it in a 76 F350.

I had a 98 Dodge Cummins dually 4x4 and a 97 F350 diesel powerstroke, both had close to 300k on them and no problems. Yes they did work and maintenence was always at 4000 miles, they had no problems not hardly a leak on the engine. I now own a 04 Dodge and 06 Dodge, Cummins in both, dually 4x4's. They are the most economical vehicles I've owned no emissions crap to service and they still get 19mpg, not bad for heavy duties. The 98 and 97 Dodge and Ford are probably the best heavy duty trucks these manufactures ever made. If I bought a new one today I would have to see if I could get one without an engine and put the old 7.3PS if a Ford or the 5.9 if a Dodge. Hmmm.

the powerstroke was to be the big beast of the road 3 years ago when the 6.4 liter came out and yet not hardley. had to change directions lets see if they over rate this power like they did on the 6.4 they said 350 and 650 not close on the dyno although both dodge 6.7 and chevy 6.6 on dyno did hold true.
they will say 400 hp 720 torque and when dyno hits it will say 280 hp to wheels and 550 torque


We all have our points to make , now it is my turn.
I'm hoping to buy a diesel HD truck by 2013, this is when I figure they will have their act together on the design and the past problems. At the cost of who is the question??
I sure hope their aluminum heads are better these days. They are known to have head issues, and they really have no interest in standing behind their products. When engine heads fail in less than 200,000 K with their gas engines, they better pull their heads out of their money holes when we spend 50 + K for our diesel trucks.
This issue is well known and thousands of engines 4.8 / 5.3 are affected, beware most dealerships will fix multiple items and even blame the servicing if not done by the GM dealerships.

Just be careful on your purchase with GM products/ Ford, and demand to see their TSB data base located in the maintenance bays of every dealership before you buy. They are true issues being mitigated to save their bottom line corporate asses, or the document would have never been generated in the first place.

The products from any of the big three have issues, now the question to ask, who can build a product to last, and be forthcoming when known issues cause catastrophic failures.
I expect more out of GM products, and have no intension of dropping the issue. Every Web site will be getting this report. The consumers at the end of the day needs to decide during vehicle purchases, can GM build products with durability and quality, or have they fallen to the standards of selling junk.
Next purchase will be a tough one !!!!

If you want more on the story, I will link the full report with photo's.

I have a 2008 Ford F350 heavy duty and a 2008 GM 350 hd with diesels. Pull the same equipment and the GM will pull hills in the Tulsa Area better, by about 10mph than the ford. No BS here I could careless if it Fod or Chevy, infact I will probably by a 2010 dodge for grins this next year.

Personally, I don't see why we need all this HP. I just returned from Europe. All of the diesels under about 2 ton size have 4 cyc. Eng.We rented one in a motorhome ( about 3/4 ton). Doing the conversion, It got 21 to 24 MPG and it had enough power. It would pull any mountain or easily run 75 mph on the autostrada (Interstate). I would love to have these trucks for the farming we do in this country. Frankly I would say that 98% of American applications could use less HP.
If some Manufacturer will put a 200 to 250 HP diesel on a 3/4 ton chassis that concentrates on great gas MPG, they will sell in great numbers. By the way, NO ONE in Europe uses a pick-up for mere transportation.
To accomplish this, It's time the EPA got on board with some realistic regulations for small diesels.

US =/= Europe, thank god imho. Honestly there would be a lot fewer people in this country that would drive pickups as pure commuter vehicles (I don't mean the people that actually need a truck sometimes and have to drive it because they can't afford 2 vehicles) if you could get a car with a V-8 for less than 30k. Thank insurance companies and the EPA for that.

On a side note... I wonder how long it'll be before they realize out DEF is actually more harmful to the environment than NOx.

sweet but my 06 with programmer had way more hp than this thing

If you're going to manufacture these pickups in Mexico it looks as though we're not going to be buying one!

Ford, JUST PUT A CUMMINS IN YOUR TRUCK AND CHANGE THE FRONT END OF YOUR SUPER DUTIES! All problems have just been solved! Or bring back the 7.3! :)

The only 'true' diesel in a pickup truck is the CUMMINS, and they already have better fuel mileage than any of the gasoline engines. Also, if you want to be able to 'pull' what you hook on to, theres power there to spare.

Excitement over Ford's new diesel? Why? These guys are so far behind on the credibility curve it will be a couple of more generations (human) before memories are eradicated as to the massive incompetence associated with the 6.4 and the 6.0. I actuall saw a Ford description that was braqging that with the 2011's you won't have to pull off the cab to get the the turbo's. Hey Ford - you sure you want to bring that up?

Truth be known - there is no such thing as a reliable V diesel. These engines inherently should be an in-line design. The V diesel spends most of its time trying to break itself in half. So you have one that has over one hundred thousand miles? Big deal - get back to me at 500,000 with no engine breakdown.

I especially resent the mfgs. bending over for the EPA. The diesels of today pretty much have the diesel designed out of them, except for no spark plugs. Piss in the pipe, twin turbo's to substitute for the dumbing down of the motor - its a really expensive joke. Ask anybody that just bought a 2009 or 2010 SuperDuty. Forget loss of value - try can't give it away.

That is a great automobile! Thanks for the shot under the hood. I know my brother has been looking for Ford diesel parts for the Ford truck that he is in the process of restoring. Do you know of any good places where he can order the parts that he needs? Any help would be really appreciated.

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