Video Tour: Nissan NV2500 Commercial Van Concept

Nissan NV2500 Commercial Van Concept

The innovative Nissan NV2500 commercial van concept publicly debuted at the 2009 Work Truck Show. It represents the first of three light-commercial vehicles that Nissan will build for the U.S. and Canadian markets, starting in 2010 at Nissan's Canton, Miss., plant.

"The NV2500 shows that we want to change the rules of the game," said Joe Castelli, Nissan's vice president of LCV and fleet. "We're looking forward to getting in and competing in the commercial segment by addressing customer needs with creativity."

A modified version of the Nissan Titan's fully-boxed F-Alpha frame underpins the NV2500 Concept. The prototype van also borrows the Titan's 5.6-liter V-8 and five-speed automatic transmission. The frame and powertrain elements are only for demonstration and locomotion.

Check out the full video tour of the NV2500, below.




Looks like the van world has been turned upside down. Great job Nissan. What have Ford/GM/Dodge been doing all these years? I don't think there's been a new Econoline or Express since the early 1990s...

Cool, cool features and I like the front end, makes it look much stronger than other vans out there.

Yeah, it's cool but the keyword is "concept."

Ford has the new Transit Connect already out.

For commercial use, it won't work.
There is too much interior room lost to the long fron end.

Please put the front windsheild into a standard pickup so drivers over 6' can see out (and not the sunvisor).

Yeah the Nissan is still in concept form but the distinction is the two are this. The Nissan NV2500 is being sold as a full size work van. And the one you are seeing is the only mock up of design Nissan choose to go with. You could really customize the shit out of it. Much like the Econoline series. The new Ford Transit is being sold as a light duty van. The you cannot compare the two. One has a Titan engine the other Ranger. The Mercedes/Dodge sprinter is also very nice and I've seen some custom mods that look downright amazing. But I give it to the Japanese for trying to do something with an already existing product and save their fleets buy merging into an untapped market that has been waiting for innovation.


Check out all the cool pictures and videos @!!!!

Drop the whole Jap this Merkin that. The NV2500 was designed in the States by Americans and will be built in the Canton Miss plant (as was the Titan, RIP). Which is both great and sad on many levels. Sad because we are losing the Titan for a Mexican built rebadged Dodge Ram (Tundra here I come). Great since we will finally have some American built Diesel Nissans. Perhaps this won't be a plumber or construction workers dream come true but it would be great for 2 dirtbikes or a motorcycle + all my camping gear everywhere I'd want to go. I was considering a Sprinter for that very purpose but due to me previous experiences with Dodge powertrains (I know it's a Benz) I could never take that risk again.

I think they did a great job designing this. I think they were a little TOO focused with their target consumer though. There is a lot of space that is lost to the compartment behind the driver. I'm disabled and would like to see this be adaptable for that purpose, but that's me. As far as the Ford Transit, understand that it is not a new van, it's a 7 year old platform, we are getting the sloppy seconds. This van was actually DESIGNED for a job. The typical thinking from the "failing 3" is, let's design a box, round off the corners a bit in the front, and give it a HUGE grill so it looks "all new" and then let the customer figure out how to make their job fit this design. Before you give me any crap, I know, Ford hasn't taken any money, the thinking is still there.

How about some technology?? You have a HUGE roof, make it a solar panel that will charge tools, power devices in the van, keep the van battery charged, etc. They didn't talk about it, but did anyone notice the air compressor built in to the rear door pillars? I know all this would cost money, but that's why it's called a CONCEPT VAN. The best concept I've seen from ford lately was a step in the bed of the f-series. The best from chevy? it's not a ford. The best from Dodge? ....... The sprinter is neat, I guess, tippy as all get out though.

This will be an AMERICAN van built by Americans, for Americans, I have an Armada, the power train is so smooth and SO strong, you have to drive one to understand.

Cool looking truck!

Can't wait to see it as a real vehicle. The concept vehicle is cool but all that plastic inside takes away valuable room. This will beat Fords transit by far. I'd use it for dirtbike riding, Camping, Sking. If it's built on a Titan chassis it should have great tow capabilities. Hope it's priced lower than a Sprinter. And maybe the big "D" motor. 16 days to wait.

Think they forget about transporting materials building garden furniture is probably all it's good for. or drinking Tea inside whilst it rains, with a place to put your muddy boots behind the smart driver seat compartment. Have these people that design this vehicle ever seen inside a builders van or most traders jalopy's before. Good van for the rich retired old man wanting to pot around as a Mr Handy Andy type of guy We think!

Amazing concept. Its like something from Pimp My Ride. I expect Xzibit to come around anytime and show us the ride.

All jokes apart. Looks a stunning motor. Great job Nissan.

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