2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Pricing Starts at $38,995

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Starts at $39,995

Let a thousand Raptors bloom! Ford shared pricing for the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor during last night's drivers prep meeting at the "Terrible's 250 at Primm" off-road race.

The starting price for the 320 horsepower, 390 lbs.-feet of torque 5.4-liter V-8 is a remarkably low $38,995, including destination charges. There are additional charges for unique Raptor option packages, including: the luxury package ($1,950) with 10-way power leather heated front seats, power adjustable pedals and a Sony audio system; the exterior graphics package ($1,075) with "digital mud" decal; and the interior accent package ($395) with orange seat inserts and orange mesh trim on the dashboard and doors. The 5.4-liter Raptor is expected to go on sale this summer.

The premium 6.2-liter V-8 Raptor will start at $41,995, with the same option package pricing as the 5.4-liter V-8. Power is estimated to be 400 hp and 400 lbs.-feet of torque. The 6.2-liter Raptor is expected to go on sale this winter.

Follow along with us this weekend as we ride in the Ford Raptor R race truck during the Terrible's 250.

Ford is expected to make an official pricing announcement after this weekend's race.

Correction: April 14, 2009 - The luxury package is priced at $1,950, not $1,995


sweet and the 6.2 V8 is a $3000 option in every F150 right?

Wow! That is one sweet looking truck, would love to take that thing off roadin.

Where the beef out of the 6.2. Others are getting more out of smaller engines. Dodge and toyota 5.7!!!!

I would expect 425lbs min out of the 6.2

Borla, get your facts straight. dodge 5.7 is 345 hp and 375 lbs, the Toyota 5.7 is 381 hp and 401 lbs. So really their doing less with less, and charging more. by the way check the EPA-MPG it's not always as advertised

larry, you're the one who needs to straighten your facts- the dodge is 390hp and 410 ft-lbs. if anything, they're doing equivalent with less, and the charge is less- since dodge charges $1300 for the hemi, don't know what toyota charges. and everybody's EPA mileage is a farce- they test it by having someone's grandma drive the vehicle and then publishing what mileage she gets.


My facts are straight. I was talking about Torque, not horsepower, this is a truck, torque matters, horsepower, not so much.

And I stand by what I said, Toyota and Dodge have over 400 lbs with 5.7 engines. These are also found in trucks that cost way less than starting at $41,995.

So where is the beef? A brand new 6.2 with less torque than older 5.7 engines at way more cost?

Ford seems to struggle a bit with engines. No matter, the new 6.2 V8 is evidence that they are doing better.

But make no mistake big horsepower is just big torque at high rpm, so horsepower is important. It's the area under the torque curve that counts but if the torque is still fat at 5500 rpm then the horsepower will be a big number.

I have to admit the Raptor has stirred my interest in Ford trucks which I've thought of as solid but slow.

First, the numbers aren't even out yet. Second, if you want the Yota or Dodge over a Ford, you have a serious problem. GM is shutting down this summer so there is no competition there either.

I'm glad I got my 340HP, 455 ft.lbs. 8.1L pickup before they became obsolete for these recession-era specials. I've got none of that diesel chatter or turbo price tag, and the last time I checked, gas was, well -- cheap.


I dont care what they sey about the gas mileage Ill cut it in half no matter what the hell I drive Ill take the 6.2 If it can take the abuse Im ganna put it through it

It's a 6.2 liter how badass is that first of all... Only 400 was kinda disappointed but whatever you still have 400hp!!!...just race any truck offroad... They won't be able to handle it

volevo sapere se il Rapton ce disel e cambio manuale

In the off road world the suspension is the key. The beauty of the Raptor is that it comes with an $8000.00 suspension upgrade. That gives it the edge against a stock Dodge or Toyota. You will not be able to take a stock Tundra or Dodge desert running with a stock suspension without wrecking the truck. The Raptor you can drive at speeds over 100mph as soon as you close the deal with your dealer. I think this is a great idea from Ford. The 4x4 Toyota Tundra stock was not a very good off road according to some tests. The Nissan Titan was the best stock 4x4 according to a recent off road magazine article. If you are going to get a Ford raptor you cannot be counting pennies to go to the gas station. This is a truck for someone who can afford spending money in gas.

well if you like having your wheels point in diffrent direction when you punch it buy a chevy , if you dont mind frying clutch packs buy a dodge ....sure ford you might sacrifice a little power but you get a good dependable truck dodges you put a 600 pound forwheeler in the back and the lights are in the trees chevys you cant play with out paying for front end parts or rear drive shafts...and well if you buy a toy or a nissan your part of the reson this country is in a resesstion .....this raptor is a force to be recond with A+for making a nuts truck thats capable and tought fast and sleek...dosent matter anyways other companies will follow they allways follow ford ...dont forget who made the first v8 or had intergrated trailer brakes .they all have followed for and will contiue to do so

Any updates on power levels for the 6.2L? I am assuming the 400 hp / ft-lb numbers we have been hearing about are based on regular unleaded as opposed to premium.

I have an 07 F-150, 5.4 with headers, K & N air intake, Exaust and a chip... Do that to the 6.2 and then lets talk numbers...

I'm not a Ford man but this is the first truck that has got me excited in years!! It's a great idea and great looking truck!

Hey the 6.2 is badass but ford can't ever hold up what they say because I bought a ford gt in 2005 and they said it has 150 more horse power than it really did so I love ford but let's see what they can do for you because I got my svt raptor 2 days ago and it's DIRTY!!!

That's a Nice truck and I bet it'll do well on the dirt!

i got one ordered for my birthday,i can't wait to put my foot to the metal in a real ruff terrain in south america

tell you what I have the 2010 raptor and with the extra horse power man this truck will be awesome for sure and being you can get the supercrew in 2011 version I'll trading mine in for the new, and unlike Dodge, chevy, toyota, or nissan, this truck can take everything you throw at it and I have run it hard in the Texas desert, even had wheels off ground this Baja style suspension is something to behold. I LOVE THIS TRUCK!

i dont care wat ppl say i love the truck i would get rid of my beautiful 79 f 150 custom for the raptor u ppl that think it sux, well u obviously dont know anything about vehicles! DO YOU?

I never liked ford vehicles, but the Raptor is an exception. I respect the speed and power this truck has, and i wouldlove to speed down sand hills and stuff, but if i could change it, i would put a 6ft bed, since i would use it as a work truck also, and i would like to haul stuff around. What do ya'll think? And, if had to choose a powerwagon or a raptor, i would choose a powerwagon anyday..

Lots of good information. Great post. simple but more interesting.


That is why this Ford fanboi is keeping his Dodge Ram Power Wagon. As much as I love the S.V.T. Raptor...I am not willing to trade my Power Wagon for one. I will wait a couple of years and buy a Raptor, outright. I will have a Power Wagon and Raptor side-by-side in my driveway, someday!

Gents you need to export these to Australia! we would all buy them here
our import companys are sellng them for 140k wtf
is there anyway to get them at your prices /


ill sell ya my svt raptor just giveme $20,000 it has rims is black and the interior is in good conditions anybody want to buy

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