2011 Ford Super Duty Spied by Automobile Magazine

2011 Ford Super Duty Spied by Automobile Magazine

Our friends at Automobile Magazine are quick with their camera phones. They just caught Ford's 2011 Super Duty out for a bit of exercise near Ford's Dearborn, Mich. headquarters.

The 2011 Super Duty is expected to receive a major styling refresh, about to the extent of the 2008-model-year update. The current blue oval heavy-duties took their exterior inspiration from the mighty Ford F-350 Tonka concept that debuted at the 2002 Detroit auto show. The practice round for the 2011 model appears to be the bold Ford F-250 Super Chief concept, first shown at the 2006 Detroit auto show.

Mechanically, we expect the 2011 Super Duty will use Ford's all-new in-house 6.7-liter Scorpion V-8 diesel. The gas engine is expected to be the new 6.2-liter premium V-8, which should replace the 6.8-liter V-10.

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[Source: Automobile Magazine]


they used the tonka for the 05 to 07 models and the superchief for the 08 to current the stacked headlights its ovious

what sort of MPG will the diesel get?

A major styling refresh huh? Since Ford is obviously in better shape than GM or Chrysler, then why don't they spend a little extra money and give us heavy duty truck buyers a totally new Super Duty rather than giving it a styling refresh and calling it an all-new truck? If you think about it, the Super Duty has been pretty much the same body style when it debuted around '98 or '99, the only differences being is that they've made improvements to the frame/suspension, engine lineup, and redesigned the interior and the front-end.

What else is there to redesign? What do you want them to do? Reinvent the pickup truck?

Let see here- New diesel that requires urea, 6.2L gas engine with a bunch less torque than the current V-10, IFS on the 4X4's, and a mild restyle. Wow, I hope what I have been told is wrong.

I like the idea that Ford is using the same cab. It looks good, is functional, and getting replacement sheet metal won't break the bank for a Super Duty owner. So they've been using the same cab since '98; big deal. Mack used the same cab for their R/DM/U model trucks for nearly four decades, ending in 2005. When it comes down to hard-core pickup truck users, familiarity works.

You can tell by pics the front end is new, sides are new, rear is new, the interior will probably be all new, new engines, new technologies, new wheels, new frame. Now because it is only a 95% upgrade and the frame isn't scraped it is just improved it and it has a pickup box and doors it is just a minor restyle? Whatever. I would love for them to make more changes but this is pretty MAJOR improvement especially since they just made a bunch of changes last year.

I guess the saying is true: if ain't broke, don't fix it. But I think it's a shame that Ford has been using the same basic platform for their Super Duty truck with only minor (or major, depending on how you look at it) improvements while Chevy and Dodge have offered up a atleast two brand new redesigned heavy duty trucks almost since the beginning of the decade. But I guess Ford can manage to do this since the Ranger pickup has been the same for almost 20 with no major redesign.

Well, I own a 06 F-250 6 liter! I'm not impressed with ford Lately, although the "Power Joke" diesel SHOULD be shelved for good! GM isn't any better! The "Dura-Junk" is about as gutless as you can get in a diesel, and I've owned 4 of them! I think Ford is going in the right direction this time. The Scorpion project sounds intrigueging! Hope they get it right, RIGHT out of the Box! The past two diesels have been rather disappionting! I won't buy another GM HD Pick-up! Not tough enough for me! If Ford can't come through ,maybe it's time to Try the New Dodges! Cummins has been around a long time! Just don't know about the Tranny? Hey Ford & GM? Ever hear of a company called Caterpiller or even DEERE?

Do you no how much the 2011 super duty will tow and how much payload it has?

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