GM Keeps On Truckin In Updated Viability Plan


General Motors has released an updated viability plan that outlines how it will accelerate a number of important operating changes, make deeper cuts in its operations and invest in future products and technology. Pickup trucks will continue to play a large role.

GM will keep the GMC truck brand, but the Pontiac brand will be shut down by the end of 2010. Hummer is expected to be sold off or shuttered by the end of this year. GM has several parties interested in acquiring Hummer.

The plan outlines alternative fuel and advanced powertrain technologies that will be applied to trucks through 2015 to meet tougher government fuel economy standards and a projected gas price of $4 a gallon by 2014.

Second-generation "strong-hybrid" trucks are slated to arrive in 2012, along with "potential compressed natural gas applications." Natural gas hasn't been a factory option for GM pickups since the 2006 model year.

In 2015, "Gen 3 hybrid" propulsion systems will debut in trucks. We expect Gen 3 will be serial plug-in hybrids, based on the Voltec architecture that will underpin the upcoming Chevrolet Volt sedan.

GM has promised up to 50 percent better towing in its next-generation gas-electric hybrid full-size pickups.

GM Propulsion Technology Chart

The updated plan doesn't mention what's in store for GM's domestic midsize pickups, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, but GM plans to end development of its next-generation midsize pickup in Thailand unless it receives support from the Thai government and local financial institutions.


Yup, as I predicted. Hybrid Hummers, Escalades and Pick ups.
You can forget the rest of that baloney they have there.

Great viability plan. Should put them out of business in 2 yrs.

Huh? Read all of the article before you post next time. It clearly states Hummer is expected to be sold off or shuttered by the end of this year.

Their will most definitely not be a Hybrid Hummer.

As to the Colorado and Canyon, why am I not suprised their are no plans to update it. It is a cheap platform that got smoked by Toyota and Nissan. GM has only itself to blame for that crappy design. When the S10 was around it consistently beat all midsize truck brands in sales except Ranger. Now, the Colorado gets smoked by all brands in sales including the 20 year old Ranger.

I have owned Chevy trucks all my life,(mainly ZR2's) but I am so disappointed by what they have available that I think my next truck will be a Ford Raptor with the 6.2L

GM Sucks

Nick naturally summed up the image he saw today in the mirror. Question is - why did he bother with the word "GM" in his sentence... :-)

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