Mahindra Lays Claims To New Names

Mahindra Lays Claims To New Names

Indian auto manufacturer Mahindra has filed claims on two names with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: TR20 and TR40. The alphanumeric identifiers appear to be candidates to replace the previously announced and discarded "Appalachian" badge for its upcoming imported diesel pickup.

"We have no comment about the names at this time. They were recently trademarked by Mahindra," said Mahindra's Max Gates on Wednesday at the New York Auto Show. Gates was recently appointed vice president of marketing for Global Vehicles USA; GV USA is Mahindra's U.S. distributor, based in Atlanta.

GV USA spokesperson Mike Geylin said Mahindra expects to build awareness with buyers around the Mahindra brand instead of emphasizing vehicle names in its marketing efforts. 

GV USA has previously said it would import fully-assembled two and four-door versions of the 2.2-liter inline four-cylinder diesel pickup by December. It's expected to have fuel economy ratings as high as 30 mpg and 1.3-ton hauling capability.

While Mahindra won't say so, TR20 and TR40 appear to indicate the two and four-door cab configurations.


Can't wait to buy one it's exactly what suits my needs and a lot of truck buyers needs. I know alot of people who like a smaller truck but complain they do little or no better on MPG. It's sad that GM has a foreign made Colorado/Canyon diesel made buy Izusu and we in North AMerica Can't buy it...It much nicer and Id buy one now but I dont mind buying the Mahindra at least they reconise the need in this market....sad though...where is the big "6" in the small diesel market? they all have one elsewhere..

For small diesel pickups to work, the fuel cost per mile will have to be greater than a gas motor.
All the diesel's better mpg is giving you is, more miles per tankfull.

re: skillet, you forget the main advantage of a diesel engine, TORQUE
You can load up a smaller truck and still get good mileage.

I'm not sure Mahindra is going to make it here, considering a lack of track record and brand respect, pricing at $22K+ while low-mileage Rangers or Tacomas can be had for much less, plus the overall economic slump. But I hope they do; it's a good dose of no-nonsense practicality, something which more of us could use when we start buying vehicles again.

The single-cab appears like it would make one of hell of a small 4X4 camper rig, with something like a Leer 122 tall cap on that 7' bed. Hopefully the TR20/40 will have enough staying power that a couple manufacturers will offer some shells for them in a few seasons' time.

Of course, none of this means anything if Mahindra's quality doesn't prove itself. I hope it's on par with early-mid 90s Toyotas, but I won't hold my breath...

Vaporware. They've been promising this truck for forever now. The importer, GVAutos, is the same "importer" that created & sold CrossLander dealerships to sell the Romanian ARO 4x4 trucks and SUV.

I bet all the dealers who bought worthless CrossLander franchises from GV Autos will be lining up to give them more money to sell a vehicle that will, in reality, never be imported into the US.

The truck looks great. Right size for the purpose with good fuel economy. Wonder if it meets the EPA on-highway US emissions?

"I'm not sure Mahindra is going to make it here, considering a lack of track record and brand respect, pricing at $22K+ while low-mileage Rangers or Tacomas can be had for much less, plus the overall economic slump."

Rangers are being discontinued by Ford because it cost too much to build a new plant to build the Ranger here. They chose instead to build two Ranger plants in South Africa and in Thailand instead.

The Tacoma does not have a diesel, and that's the main thing I'll be looking for in my next vehicle. Also, which one is going to be the Diesel Hybrid they promised? I'll take a TR20-H, please.

Quality of the truck will be not the best:)

Will Jeep doing anything about it's seven slot grill, Jeep owns the rights too the seven slot grill?

I have been eyeballing nicely restored VW pickups for years (they go for about $7k-$10k), but they're nearly 30 years old now - and they only come in 2WD. For Americans, there are no other options for a truly fuel efficient pickup.

I share Trip's fear - I'm afraid these trucks might never show up in the US. Even if they do eventually arrive, I'm afraid they will have lost all of what makes them appealing to people like me. To appeal to the "American Market", I can see them continuously adding features and cost until the fuel mileage drops and the become just another American SUV. I just hope they get here before that happens.

May just be me, but I feel that if a company were to show up with a 'pure' small-midsize diesel, 35+ MPG, 2 door pickup with 2WD and 4WD options - black only, cloth only (nothing fancy), and sold it for $12-$15k they would do really well here. There are plenty of people who don't care about being flashy or cool and just want something practical and tough. Plus, after some proven reliability, businesses would scoop them up by the thousands.

Please don't succumb to "American" standards of luxury, Mahindra! Your customers don't want that. (Well, this customer, anyway)

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