March 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales

Top 10 Truck Sales, Year-to-Date, March 2009

March 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales

[Sources: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota]


the RAM is doing the best, props to my truck

so actually the 2009 RAM is having more of an impact than the 2009 F-150

Overall sales is one indicator. But profit on each sale is another and vital to the company's success. It would be interesting to share that number also.

Ford sold more than GM and Chevy combined.

Tundra falls to #6. So sad.

Tacoma outsells Ranger and Colorado combined!

Where's the Dakota? It would be safe to say the Dakota is dead...

"Ford sold more than GM and Chevy combined.

Tundra falls to #6. So sad."

Scott, who is doing your math?

Ford F-series 81579 + Ranger 11289 = 92868
GMC 22508 + Chevy 67283 + Colorado 7713= 97504

Does someone need a lesson in greater than, less than, or equal to?

There was a question about Dodge Dakota. Well, March 2009 sales were 1,564 units (4,357 YTD.) Besides, why is everyone forgetting GMC Canyon (594 MTD, 2,325 YTD)? Also, doesn't the F-Series also include F-450 and F-550? If so, the Kodiak 4/5 Class adds 319 MTD and 1,050 YTD, while the Topkick contributes 185 MTD and 611 YTD.

As for the Tundra sales being in the free fall, I have a suspicion that urban cowboys who bought them before finally chickened out and switched from Tundras (they couldn't really use anyway, but wanted them for questionnable image purposes) to Yarises and Priuses :-)

Zach, We are talking about March here. In MARCH Ford sold more than Chevy and GM combined.

Pretty funny. Nissan says they want to axe the Titan due to slow sales, yet the Frontier has only sold less than 500 more units so far this year. Perhaps Nissan should have a reality check where they stand as far as their stature as a car and truck manufacturer and base their sales goals for their trucks a little more realistically. The Big 3 have sold as many trucks in a year as Nissan sells vehicles total. Yet they expected to sell 100,000 Titans a year? There is one bean counter who should be looking for a new job.

Its Funny how GM and Dodge motors has that V-4 and V-8 mode and in order to get that 20 or 21 MPG is that run on the 4 cylinder and that being a light foot. Now Ford has a V-8 4.6 that runs on all 8 cylinder and get 21 MPG. Now Do you see my Point. Now they're coming out with Hybrids and they are outrage prices. Ford now claims to have a V-6 ocoboost that will get 23 MPG and its runs on all 6 cylinder. You might as well get an all Electric motor... LOL


I think he meant fullsize truck sales. Ford beats GM 32728-31596.

Keith, Nissan sells the Frontier pretty much everywhere around the world. This allows them to spread costs over much greater volume than 500 units a month. The Titan has been built strictly for North America with practically zero chance for sales anywhere else. So, if the vehicle dies here, it dies completely...

Sierra, I am aware of that. However the Titan's platform underpins the Armada, QX56 and the platforms of the Frontier, Pathfinder and XTerra are also based on the Titans platform. Going by that info, the Titan's design is paid for. Ghosen the CEO at Nissan set a goal of 100k Titans per year in 2004. That is in only the North American Market. Look up Nissan's total vehicle sales numbers. 100,000 Titans would have made it Nissan's #2 or #3 seller. Not a very realistic goal IMHO. Add in the truck sales crash across the board due to the gas price explosion and what did they expect. They offered a large small block V8 only with no work truck model or V6. Now sales almost mirror the Frontier. The Titan wasn't a failure. It sold proportional to market conditions and Nissan's advertising of it. Nissan just unrealistically expected it to sell like hotcakes for whatever reason when they were well behind the Tacomas, Rangers, and Colorados already. There was no real large customer base to move up to a fullsized Nissan. Toyota built a large following with their Tacoma and played it into the Tundra very well.

That's right Justin. And GM only sold that much because they are being propped up by the government. GM should just stop asking for money and just go bankrupt already. They will lose sales but it will be better for everyone. But now they are asking for $2.6 billion to make hybrids. If you don't have the money to build the cars, trucks or wahterver, don't make them, cut back or declare bankruptcy. You won't be able to brag about being a sales leader. In actuality if you are taking billions and billions of dollars you are not actually selling anything and just taking money from the taxpayers and all of your sales should be disqualified as far as top sales leaders go. Enough is enough already. Stop the bailouts.

Does anybody else find this ridiculous? GM takes $13 billion from the tax payers and they can't pay it back. They can't pay their workers and they can't pay their retirees. They don't have enough money to build more cars. So they ask for more money. This is a joke. GM shouldn't be in the truck business anymore let alone any top 10 list. They should be in the top 10 truck sale con jobs.


Wow, kieth you talk about the MPG of Detroit's big three, and yes Ford may have slightly better MPG while running on all 8. What you fail to mention is Ford engines are weak. They are always underpowered. A new Dodge hemi running on 4 can most likely pull the same numbers as the Ford on 8. I like Fords, but I'm not an idiot. Each brand has strong points and weak ones. Don't believe me, just look at any Ford stat sheet. Chevy builds great powerplants and can't build a decent vehicle to put them in. Dodge builds a great truck and muscle car, but can't do anything else worth a poop.

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