Reported: Dodge Ram Ditching Coil Springs For Leafs (April Fools!)


Our good friend Sean Holman, Four Wheeler magazine's tech editor, has received word from well-placed sources at Chrysler that the all-new 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 is ditching its revolutionary coil spring rear axle to return to conventional leaf springs.

Some were skeptical a multi-link rear suspension would be accepted by truck buyers when the 2009 Dodge Ram was introduced. Holman has captured revealing quotes from Chrysler insiders that shed light on the passionate debate that's been going on in Auburn Hills over the soft-riding spring setup.

While ride quality is expected to suffer, towing capacity is expected to increase over the key 10,000-pound mark.

You'd have to be an April fool not to jump over to Four Wheeler to read this news!

[Source: Four Wheeler]


i think they should keep the coil springs as an option

Haha April Fools

I hope this is really rumor or a sick joke. But if it isn't, Dodge should consider a leaf spring pack sufficient to make the truck level unladen and then add air-bags for use when loaded or when the driver desires a stiffer ride.

Guys, It's not a joke.

I don't know, Scott - that "leaf spring CAD file" was included with the '09 Ram press materials as a comparison image for the new and old suspension designs.

I'm thinking we can chalk this one up as a "Welcome to April" message.

I think you're right. Dodge isn't smart enough to ditch the coil springs. The coil spring joke Ram lives on........

if this is a joke why didnt he write april fools? i lost a lot of respect for if this i a joke

@joe: Click the jump over to Sean's post at Four Wheeler. I don't want to spoil it.

While you're at it, did you hear the Obama administration is ordering GM and Chrysler out of NASCAR!? See the story at Car & Driver.

Dodge should sue for libel.

bummer!! I fell for it. I really thought they were about to do something about those coils.

Oh well...guess a Dodge will continue out of my list! (unless it's a Cummins powered Dodge!!!)

Maybe its better to come back to Leaf if they come out with the 5.0 V-8 Diesel Cummins in the 2011. That's pobably the reason. Also they need a 6 speed Tranny.. Get rid of the 5 speed!!!!! For the 5.7 Hemi and the new Diesel 5.0 V-8 cummin....

I think the return to leaf setup is a result of manufacturing cost cutting. Coil suspension has more components required and cost added just to provide a smooth ride and less carrying capacity versus the cheaper leaf spring setup which can do more with less without too much penalty in ride comfort. It seems logical to move back to leaf springs for cost reasons.

I agree with you Walt, Sure the coil ride good, but in the long run cheaper with the Leaf springs. You know Chevy had coil springs back in the 60's and early 70's. Its alright for the Rams to keep the coils if you're not doing any heavy hauling. Good to pull your Boat or a trailer with your Toys (ATV or Bike). If you doing big load you know what to get--- Supty Duty or Heavy Duty Diesel Trucks..If it was me put leaf spring and air bags on and you still get the smooth ride as the coils, but than again that costs....

Put the Leaf back and do like Ford did, make them wider and longer and put the Shock on the outside. Toyota did on Tundra's. I think Chevy,Sierra, Dodge and Nissan Truck should all do that way. Just like the Ford Tailgate, I think all Trucks should have that step up on tailgates. But I know everybody will say They are copying... But really think about it!!!!

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