Spied! 6.2-Liter V-8 Super Duty

Spied! 6.2-Liter V-8 Super Duty
Photos: Brian Williams for Brenda Priddy & Company

Ford has officially announced that its new 6.2-liter premium V-8, formerly known as the "Boss" V-8, will debut in the 2010 F-150 SVT Raptor off-road pickup this winter but the eight-cylinder gasoline engine is also expected to find its way under the hoods of other light and heavy-duty models in the F-Series lineup.

Our spies have caught the approximately 400 horsepower / 400 pounds-feet of torque 2-valve OHC 6.2-liter engine for the first time in a Super Duty engineering test mule, where it's expected to replace the current 367 horsepower / 457 pounds-feet of torque 6.8-liter "Triton" V-10. Check out the "6.2-L BOSS" stamped across the top of the plastic air box and F-Series Harley-Davidson edition wheels.

Super Duty Test Mule with 6.2-L V-8


This truck is just too sweeet!!

Ford is putting a leg drop on GM and Tundra.

nWo 4 LIFE!


A step forward with HP but backwards for TQ - no thanks. Some of us still use our HD/SD trucks to haul and tow....

To Hulkster:

Dropping a leg on GM?

GM has offered the 6.2L for years now, and aquires more hp (403 ) and more torque (417). Mind explaining to me how Ford has "droped a leg." ?

As to the engine.... keep working Ford, this "catch-up" game for you has a lot of room for improvement. I'll keep my Silverado.

Thanks but no thanks.

I think Ford is wise to offer a bigger motor in the F150, and the aging V10 definitely needs a replacement. Still, it seems like Ford is purposefully underachieving. 2V's per cylinder? That's not a formula for improving gas mileage OR break-neck performance. What's the point if it's not uber-powerful? Seems like they're going cheap...and that's never a formula for success. When will auto manufacturers wise up (Toyota included) and start putting diesels in these half-tons? I'm fairly certain a 4.4L Ford diesel would put down about as much towing and hauling power as this 6.2 V8 yet offer substantially better fuel economy.

I agree Ford is not dropping a leg on anyone, more like catching up... FINALLY. However fairness in conversation act, the Gm 6.2L developed those #s on premium fuel... premium is recommendedw/Gm, on Ford 6.2 it is not. The GM 6.2L reportedly produces @ 384 hp on reg fuel, not sure of tq.

Another thing to remember is Ford has not releases final #s on the 6.2L. So this is all just pure speculation. I can buy the @ 400 hp, but I suspect the tq will be higher.

When is the 4.4L Diesel and 5.0 Coyote coming out? The CMC Sierra Denali was first to put out the 6.2 L 403HP and 417 ft. pd. torque. It only been out since 2008. Good engine, but the new Silverado and Sierra have ugly body style.. Love my 99 Silverado better. Hopefully they will change body style later in 2012 Look at Dodge 5.7 Hemi its has 2valve and rated at 390 Hp.. But anyway that my opinion. We all have different taste. God Bless....

"Catch up game" Ford is on Top and GM and Dodge are trying to keep up with them... LOL Ford might not got the HP like the others, but they get the JOB Done...They all are good Trucks, don't get me wrong...We all have different needs of what kind we like.. Be Happy with what you drive and don't worry what others say!!!Happy Trails....

Boy did you see how many Spark Plugs in that 5.7 Hemi 16!!!! Wow... The 6.2L for Chevy heard its all Aluminum just like the Toyota Tundra 5.7L. Just wandering if the Ford 6.2L and 5.0L Coyote is like that? Pretty amazning. Heard they get hot and causing trouble. Does anyone knows if that True? I know Technolgy gotten better, but what you think???

Who cares if GM had a 6.2 V8 first? Which is the better truck? Ford! I currently drive a Chevy. The Ford's only weak point in the past was horse power. It wasn't even torque, it had plenty. It still performs good with the 5.4/6 speed. Now Ford will be the stronger performer in EVERY way. I think a lot of us forget that the truck's only strong point shouldn't be 0-60.

You really need to start taking the Hulkster's comments at face vlue. Ford is dropping the big leg on GM because Ford is gaining market share and will be on top for the considerable future. Meanwhile, GM is now Government Motors. The latest restructuring deal is for GM to be 50% owned by the goverment. Who the hec is going to buy a truck from G (Goverment) M (Motors)? GM really bent over and grabbed their ankles on this one. By the way, what was the other goverment run car company? http://gattacainc.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/hitler_vw_1.jpg

I expect to see many more comments like this. This is why Ford is dropping the leg on GM.

Government, UAW To Own 89% Of GM In Restructuring


Oh yeah, this will end well...

I own 3 GM cars and they will be the last GM cars I ever buy.

27 posted on Monday, April 27, 2009 5:51:41 PM by Kozak (e)
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To: Michael Eden

They won’t be selling one to me.

28 posted on Monday, April 27, 2009 5:52:15 PM by boycott
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To: Michael Eden
I now take an oath NEVER to buy any kind of GM vehicle, never to buy any of their future stocks or future bonds!

To: Michael Eden

I was already set not to buy another GM car or truck again if I could avoid doing so. Ford got the Escape SUV working pretty well and I’ll be sticking with those as long as I can buy used ones in good shape.

Hey Guys I allways owend a Ford Truck it,s about time that thy put a 4.4L in the F150. I have driven Chevy's and a Dodge the Chevy my go 0 to 60 but can it go all the way. I don't think so and as for Dodge well Dodge will be Dodge. Let's see what the #'s are when Ford finish's it's # and go from there.

All this chevy guys are just pissed cause they wont be able to buy their crap trucks after they go out of business and Ford and Dodge takes over the trucks business

I am now a Ford Man. Used to be a Chevy Man, but now that Ford is the only true independant U.S. auto manufacturer, I am changing brands. GM and Chrysler are now owned by the uaw and federal government, which means poor quality and major warrenty claim hassles. Ford is the only Rebel left in the game. And if they turn to big brother for bail-outs, I guess sign me up for a Tundra or Titan. The Japanese still rule on quality, and have since the late 70's. American manufacturers that are left better learn to play the game leaner and meaner than the rest of the world and stop complaining. Or there will soon be no independant manufacturers left in America.

Tundra are trying to Catch up with Ford, but can't.. Now Titan is letting Dodge help them out buy using their Frame. LOL Its getting better and better hearing everyone complaining.... Ford Best Crash Rating on NHS than any other Trucks!!!

I seriously think (hope) this is the replacement for the 5.4, not the V10.

There has been a serious upswing in V10 owners lately, and Ford had better keep their heads together and realize that lots of people don't need (or want) the super-complicated emissions-legal diesels and need something they can just put gas in and go.

400ft/lbs of torque is OK - but with the heavier 2005+ Superduty, 400ft/lbs is not enough to tow heavy or haul anything decent for long periods of time.

Of course, if they want to force people to buy diesel, get rid of the powerful and RELIABLE V10 and sell them with the 6.2 ;)

GM doesn't offer the 6.2 in there HD trucks though - only the 6.0 making ~360hp. and although the torque may be down somewhat over the 6.8, it will be matched to a 6 sp trans which should help offset some of that loss. FWIW, a lot of people have claimed that GMs 6.0/6speed combo is a better performer than the old 502/4 speed package.

I guess you mean 496 (Vortec 8.1) not the old 502 (8.2L), but good point about the 6 speed advantage.

Am I the only one who thinks the dismissal of the V-10 was a bad decision? I mean come on, when will Ford learn to stay with the bigger engines (like the 7.3 liter Powerstroke). The V-10 is not a bad engine either, a gas-hog yes, but it had a lot of potential.

Ford's V10 needs variable cam timing to stay competitive with emissions/mileage/performance needs.
That may be a problem with the drive of the balance shaft. Is is still in the head, right?

If Ford upgrades the Torqshift transmission to ZF's heavy duty 6 speed auto, 6 HP 34, then the loss of torque relative to the V10 won't be felt.
ZF 4.171, 2.34, 1.521, 1.143, 0.867, 0.691 reverse 3.403
Torqshift 3.114, 2.218, 1.545, 1, 0.712, reverse 2.88

to zakman.

Get your facts staight. The GM 6.2 has more horspower. But is down nearly 50 FT LBs to the 3 valve V10. In a 3/4 or 1 ton pickup I'm pretty sure you are gonna want torque. Maybe its just me.

As for the BOSS 6.2 replacing the V10, I think its a mistake. I had an 01 V10 and now have an 08 V10 and I think they are great motor. Fords only flaw is not having the Cylinder shut off like the gm and dodge trucks. I Love this engine

How is the 6.2L going to replace the V10? If the pricing is the same as the upgrade in the upcoming F-150 SVT Raptor over the 5.4L, $3000, versus a $600 upgade for the V10, then that's no replacement. As far as the 6-speed making up for the lost torque, you can already get a six speed, a manual, which is all I want anyway, so no improvement there. I just test drove a Tundra, and although the power is there, the torque is not. You just can't move that much weight without a torquey engine, and have it feel good.

If Ford only would have brought back a new version of the old 400M V-8 (6.6L) with new technology Deep skirts 6 bolt main 4.00" Bore 4.00"Stroke, Varible Cam Timing, Direct Fuel Ingection, Charge Motion Control Valves, Oh and yes
Those (Clevelend Heads) 500 HP @ 6000 RPMs 525 Ft/lb Torque @ 3000 RPMs. Mated to a 6-Speed ZF HD Automatic,
Then They would have Toyota, Nissan, Chevy, GMC, and Dodge Crying like like a little Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

there isnt nothing better than a GM 8.1 liter big block!!! 8.1 doesnt need a turbo like diesel engines or 3-4 valves per cylinder...its GM raw power!!!

i can think of something better. A 6.8 V10. More torque

Chevys suck and well dodge who would even call that a truck all they have going for them is the Cummins Ford is the only way to go now and has been.

Boys there are more things involved with these trucks than horsepower. There are reasons why ford would go with 2v over 3, reliability being one of them, you do not want to ruch into anything and with out more R&D it would be a shame to throw something out into the market, and besides you have to leave room for improvements why else would you buy a new model. Trucks are much more rliable today than ever before and anyone of theese trucks could last longer than we would keep them for. As far is quality goes Ford is second to nobody period that is a FACT. You people talking about Japanese cars should not be allowed to stay in the country. You are the reason that our economy is being taken over seas and you are the reason for job loss in America, and we should all be ashamed for letting them open plants in the states, yes they help with opening jobs here but all the monwy goes to a bank in Tokyo feeding the beast

Guys, to set you all straight, first of all the 6.2L Boss Ford V-8 was designed with SOHC but with SEMI HEMI designed, Combustion Chambers! Tritons were not! Later on Ford will include a DOHC version with the possibility of 7.0L and Direct Injection! As far as replacing the 6.8L V-10, sure it has less Torque than the V-10, but with a 3.9:1 1st gear ratio from it's Torqueshift 6-Speed Transmission, it has more torrsional force as compared to the V-10 with a Torqueshift 5-Speed with a 3.114 1st gear ratio! Not to mention that the V-10 uses a balance shaft do to it's inherently unbalanced 90 degree configuration, a V-10 should always be 72 Degree bank angle to be properly balanced! The GM 6.2L is nearly maxed out in power given it's Pushrod Configuration! The 8.1L Vortec is an Ancient Dinosaur! and for (Toy)-Yota, that implies just that, I have seen 4 door sedans with stronger frames than it! Nissan well, if they are going to have Dodge build they're next Truck, they should change the name back to Datsun! Last but not least The Boss also has 16 Spark Plugs just like the Hemi, not that it really matters, it is just there for Emissions!

I have a Ford V10 and I have owned another V10. I thinks it is the best gas engine Ford has ever made and I have worked on them all. What a shame. My current V10 as 219,000 miles and pulls my 9,000 pound travel trailer down the freeway with out even trying.

@Tom Delaney,

I have the same sentiment. Love my V10!

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