Toyota A-BAT To Remain A Concept For Now

Toyota A-BAT To Remain A Concept For Now

Toyota’s A-BAT concept pickup will remain just that for the foreseeable future.

“We have a lot of top priorities right now, and A-BAT isn’t one of them,” Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Sales USA vice president and general manager, said at the New York auto show. “The market has changed dramatically over the last 12 months. We always keep reprioritizing – under good economic or recessionary times – what our planning is. [For now], it’s on the shelf.”

The Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck was an all-new take on Toyota’s original compact pickup truck roots in the U.S. The A-BAT featured a hybrid powertrain, unibody construction and a small footprint for maneuverability and weight savings. A cab-forward passenger compartment maximized rear cargo space in the A-BAT's compact packaging.

Last year, sources said the A-BAT had received a green light for production, and Automotive News reported that Toyota execs acknowledged supplier bids had gone out for A-BAT production.

Carter didn’t provide a specific reason why the A-BAT program had been paused, but it’s likely due to combined factors of dramatic decline in demand for new trucks since last year; still to be determined Corporate Average Fuel Economy rules for light trucks; production costs that may have been too high for a small pickup; and Toyota’s new focus on super small cars, like the Scion IQ concept that debuted in New York.

“Some concepts come to market quickly, other concepts don’t see the light of day,” Carter said. “One concept that came to market quickly was the FJ Cruiser. The response we received was so exceptional that we immediately went to the next step for production. That’s what we’re doing [at the N.Y. auto show]. We’re gauging response to what we think the potential volume might be for a micro or subcompact vehicle [like the Scion iQ].”

Carter said he’s still a fan of the A-BAT.

“I personally love the truck, it’s styling, that it’s a hybrid," he said. "To me, it had a real youthful feel to it. But there are no short-term announcements coming [about the A-BAT]."

Perhaps if Kia’s Soul’ster concept gets the nod we’ll see the A-BAT program start moving forward again.


Yeah, that thing is hideous! What's up with creating all these car based trucks?

They should replace the Tundra with this.


I'd sure like the option of a hybrid pickup to replace my '88 Toyota when it wears out - assuming it ever does :-) Unfortunately, that A-BAT thing isn't a truck. Like the Honda Ridgeline, it's an oversized effing sedan with the trunk lid left off.

Looks like the love child of a Honda Ridgeline and an old Isuzu Ironman SUV. I like the hybrid part but DAM that front end is hideous.

It looks like the results of a ridgeline eating a Tacoma and throwing up. gross!

it's a great concept

A truck is a truck. Anything with a frame and a powerful gasonline or diesel engine could be considered some sort of truck, especially if you're african american, in which case everything is a truck. If it has a unibody, a hybrid engine, and looks like that thing, its not a truck. I've been making fun of Rangers and S-10s for years, thank you Toyota for giving me something even worse to laugh at.

Maybe I'm the only one that thinks this, but the front end almost makes it look like it's about ready to sneeze. If you look at the way the grill and headlights are that is...

If you guys remember the toyota ftx concept people criticized for being an ugly truck then they used that design for the tundra we have now wich is one mother of a truck for a jap manufacturer im thinking that maybe this designed will be edited to be used for the next generation tacoma (king of midsize trucks) i just hope that if my theory is true they dont mess up the sexy the design that the tacoma has always possesed

The construction field always has it ups and downs and is always changing but progress will never stop.Even in a questionable economy there is always room for growth and expansion. The will and strength of the people is what makes us all able to move forward and accomplish great feats together. and construction has always been the backbone of this country no matter the economic status. I drive a boom truck and business is going pretty well for me.

I would buy this if it came out. I drive a prius but also do quite a lot of yardwork and camping/canoeing...etc. Some of us eco-conscious types wish we didn't have to choose between utility and environmental responsibility. And yes, I know there is the highlander, but that thing is way too fancy and expensive to haul mulch.

A lot of great comments here. I, too, have been waiting and hoping. The A-BAT seemed to offer real fuel savings over a Ridgeline while retaining the most important capabilities. In my opinion, such a vehicle could serve a huge market: workweek commuters who spend weekends surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, hunting, fishing, camping, playing hockey, biking, mowing lawns, moving furniture, etc. The list goes on. Do you live-to-work or work-to-live? Those of us in the work-to-live crowd are pretty unhappy about being forced to turn in our Frontiers and Tacomas for more fuel efficient sedans. I love to drive my 2000 truck to work because it reminds me of the fun I have on the weekend. But it's almost time to re-equip and I'm afraid I can't afford such luxuries the next time around. I have to plan for higher gas bills. A Honda Civic will help the budget. But every time I cram the trunk with my gear, or squeeze the kids into a backseat packed with sports equipment, or slip and slide in the snow, I'll remember the day that Toyota killed the A-BAT.

I'd look at buying it. Trucks chug gas and I need a airtight cargo space for sports gear.

I LOVE it! As soon as it is out I am buying it! Drive a Ridgeline now and love it. It hauled everything just like a big truck: trailers, boats, etc. It survived crazy loads of rock, tile, trees, what have you. Having a similar concept from Toyota, plus hybrid, plus the looks! LOVE It!

Seems like a good concept!!!

Great article! I agree.

I've had Toyota pickups since 1980. Current is Tacoma. It's about time for a 21st-Century version and A-Bat is it! Almost all the comments are yea or nay on looks but I understand performace and gas savings outdoes ALL Toyota SUVs and trucks. That Toyota isn't going forward with this is too bad - it's hard to believe management has put on blinders. Oh well, it's their loss. I guess I'll get the Kia version.

Great looking Concept

I'll buy one as soon as it comes out. If you think it is a sedan with the trunk left open when comparing it to a ridgeline, well, what do you think of Avalanche, Escalade EXT and more importantly H2 SUT ? I like the front end too. A truck should look like a truck whatever you call it. Would you like an ATV that looks like a stroller?

lol @ Daniel! It looks TOO futuristic to me. At first glance it reminds me of the Chevy Avalanche. Not one of my faves. Although, Toyotas have excellent resell value it seems, so might not be a bad investment...if it comes out of "concept" status.

This A-BAT is fantastic and it's about time to put innovation like this to work. I would shed my Silverado Z28 for this immediately. I hope this comes out soon. I will buy one!

There Is Nothing that cant stop Toyota ... lol

i can wait for it a lifetime ...great car!!!

Hybrid, frontwheel drive, great gas milage, car like ride and room for all the stuff I pick up and need to haul around, I would buy it in a New York minute!

Why is it soooo hard for Toyota to just make a Hybrid version of the current awd Tacoma 4 door, the best looking truck ever, that gets close to 30 mpg highway. They would sell a zillion of them!

I also follow through Google Reader!

I follow you VIA GFC and I love your blog!

This is exactly what I need for me and my family. A smaller Avalanche - hybrid/electric truck with a mid-gate. I hope Toyota or someone (Tesla?) makes this!

i love this car/truck. where can i purchase one?

I want you to make this so I can have one. I think alot of others would buy it as well

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