Truck Trend's Half-Ton Work Truck Roundup

Truck Trend's Half-Ton Work Truck Roundup

The new truck spotlight is often focused on the biggest, most capable or special edition pickups introduced each year. We often overlook entry-level and base model work trucks that make up the backbone of contractor and commercial fleet sales. These trucks soldier on every day doing some of the toughest tasks with mid-range V-8 or small six-cylinder engines and few fancy features. Vinyl seats and AM/FM stereo are as fancy as they get.

The good folks at Truck Trend have cataloged the latest group of reasonably-priced "Working-Class Heroes," with detailed summaries of hard-working half-ton rigs from Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan and Toyota. Check it out!

[Source: Truck Trend]


While shopping for regular cab, V8 work truck (back in September 2007) I thought I was set on a Tundra, but Houston-area Toyota dealers only had "leftover" 2007 models, only in white, mainly 6 cylinder, and they were poorly equipped...while ridiculously priced at nearly $23K. Test drives and research determined that the Silverado & Sierra were the unbeatable values. Where else could I get a brand-new 2008 model with V8, cruise control, power windows, XM radio...all for a little over $20K ? My 2008 Sierra WT (aka "the battle-wagon") has been serving us well.

while i was shoppin for a truck i found that toyota tundras suited my needs best because of the massive power stability and traction on tough surfaces like ice gravel and mud

Can anybody explain to me the meaning of the phrase: "massive power stability"???

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