Volkswagen's Pickup Runs The Ring

New Volkswagen Pickup Runs The Nurburgring
Photos: Brenda Priddy & Co.

In the motoring world there's perhaps no tougher test of a vehicle's power, handling and finesse than Germany's Nürburgring. The so-called "Green Hell" features almost 18 miles of track that wraps around 73 turns. It's where the world's super cars, like the Nissan GT-R and Porsche GT2, duke it out for bragging rights and smack-talking claims of who's fastest 'round "The Ring."

The Ring is also the last place you'd expect to find a pickup truck, which is why these shots of Volkswagen's upcoming mid-size hauler are It appears that VW is out to exercise its future truck's ride and handling capabilities. Or maybe those wacky VW engineers have cabin fever after a long, cold winter?

The front and rear of the pickup, likely to be named Robust, are still camouflaged, though they're expected to look similar to the Pickup Concept that Volkswagen showed at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show last fall.

VW will produce the new truck at its plant in Pacheco, Argentina later this year. It will initially be offered for sale in South America, South Africa, Australia and Europe, but VW says other markets will follow. Powertrain choices are said to include gasoline direct injection and diesel engines.

There's no word from VW whether the pickup broke the Ring's all-important 7-minute mark.

New Volkswagen Pickup Runs The Nurburgring


looks like a nissan alot

I'll take one in the colour above two door 4x4 Diesel standard shift. enough quad cab crap we need real trucks...that get some real MPG's

vw truck, uh that is almost as bad as when nissan tried to make trucks.

leave the trucking to Ford.

Like Roger said, any word on a 2-door version? I'm sick of quadcabs with dinky beds.

how is a quad cab crap? dinky beds what do you expect to haul with a truck that size? not much!

Sure, you can't haul much in a small truck, but the length of the bed is still important. I've hauled carpet, doors, pallets, etc. with a 6-foot bed, which would've been a LOT harder with something shorter.

This pickup seems like a poor management decision on the part of VW suits given the current economic situation around the globe.
Perchance, did VW hire any of GM's or Chrysler's "out of touch" management?

VW should be concentrating on its line of fast, fun cars like the GTI.

Volkswagen will have made the decision to produce this pickup long before the global economy imploded; having got so far with the project they probably thought that they may as well continue.
On the topic of its size, don't forget that there's a world outside America where gas costs real money and pickups that do 15mpg are an utter nonsense. Most Americans don't actually need something the size of a Ram or F150 with a massively thirsty V8, and if you'd embraced the idea of smaller trucks with genuinely fuel efficient engines a few years ago then the US auto business might not be in quite as much mess as it is now.
Don't get me wrong, I do actually like big trucks, but for the majority of people (even in the States) for the majority of the time, they're a wasteful extravagance. Rather than 'leave the trucking' to Ford as was suggested earlier, I'd prefer that the likes of Volkswagen had a crack at it.

Couldn't agree more Brett F.

For who has the big trucks, small are not good enought, the Silverados RAMs and Fords just need an engine that makes a better milage like the small pick uos as colorados, dakota, tacoma

I think the cab is very Nissan -- the rear window, roof seam and angled connection to the bed are identical. The bed, wheel wells and front-end look more like a Tacoma to me though.

What's the badge on the front? One would think they would have used a VW cover but it doesn't appear so.

This is the Robust. The new one that will be out in Brazil and south american countries.

I like the real thing over the Ridgeline like concept.

The Robust will do well outside of the U.S. in its quad cab configuration and might even do ok here. (I see many "Yuppies" or whatever looking at this truck as the closest they'll get to a BMW pick up. I don't see a longbed version though. Why? Because VW is trying to get away from their "Agrarian" beginings. They will let companies like Mahindra pick up that load.

As for the Nürburgring, well thats all well and good when advertising to car people, but to get true truckers, you gotta talk about what they feel is important.

Space, Towing, Durability, Longevity, and then somewhere down the line, MPG. then handling.

As for how well it sells... We shall see.

That front axle needs some negative front camber, cannot expect to make a good lap time with that front setup.

Let's not forget Toyota built re-badged VW trucks in Europe and I saw many of them in Greece on a recent visit. Exactly a carbon-copy of a HiLux with a VW badge slapped on it. Good enough to take advantage of Toyota's network there I am sure.

So I wonder how much input Toyota had on this project since Toyota is still the world's best seller of small pickups?

Though I see a lower shock mount on the rear axle hanging well below the axle line. That is a no-no for a true off-road pickup.

Diesel..... just what I'm waiting for. A nice crew cab diesel midsize to half ton pickup. The big 3 had a genuine chance of storming a market that hasn't been tapped..... I hope Mahindra or VW take advantage of it.

I do hope they sell them in the states. An with the recent sucess of the lastest line up of vehicles, I would say it would be worth it to sell here in the united states.

Yes, perfect for hauling my artisan bread to the organic market. This is about as stupid as a BMW or Audi pickup! Why can't they just focus on making their existing cars more, um, RELIABLE???? I mean, what niche is a VW now? Time to get back to their roots of making wagens for the volks!

+1 to oxi's post. I'd love a mid-size diesel pickup.

yes, let the flood of diesel, manual shift trucks begin (or other vehicles for that matter). Give Mahindra some competion. Seems the other companies are afraid of high mpg machines.

Reminds me of a Dodge Dakota roofline. Heck, we need some good mid to small size high mileage pick ups. Bring it on!!!

Is this a copy of the Isuzu D-Max/Holden Colorado?

This is 100% Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles developed.

The project was initiated in 2005 after a stop/start/stop (which originally began in 1999) over who would build the VW Pick Up; the commercial vehicle division won.

Fast forward to today and VW are targeting class leaders the Hilux and Navara in all areas such as towing capacity, GVW, Fuel Consumption, Passive Safety and many other areas.

One Question is it going to have the vw's v10 in it or not?

Of course Amarok, VW commercials are the best! :)
Team VW commercial vehicles

I have an 81 Volkswagen diesel pick-up that gets 45 MPG. Why can't they do that or better now?

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