April 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales

April 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales
Top 10 Pickup Truck Sales, Year-to-Date, April 2009

April 2009 Top 10 Truck Sales

[Sources: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota]


the ranger beat the colorado the frontier and the titan?
wow, imagine if Ford had redesigned it....

Ford also beat Toyota in total sales in April. not even counting vovlo.

Once again, GM (GMC + Chevy) beat Ford.

All of them are taking a pretty equal beating.

GMC + Chevy beat Ford ? A little biased are we ? Sad though isn't it? Poor,poor Nissan ........gotta hurt!

GM aka Government Motors has an unfaire advantage. Without that they would be selling no truck. Now they will be 50 % owned by the government I will never buy a GM truck ever.

Cont. from the previous post.

Would I buy a Ram today?

I do not own a Ram or a Chrysler car, and I will never own one. If I won one in a raffle, I'd sell it immediately or give it to charity. First, the Ram is inferior to the F-series and second, I will not through my actions imply that I approve of the massive theft of taxpayer dollars to bail out a private company or to bail out the union that bankrupted that company.

It may cost an extra trillion in taxpayer dollars before Obama and Pelosi accept reality, but Chrysler is going to die (GM too). Ford F-150 or Super Duty is only truck I'll buy.

The Toyota Tacoma outsold the Ranger, Colorado and Dakota COMBINED!

hey wackup if gm go down,,dodge and ford go too this is reality.....and the funny thing gm sold more truck ....y bye a gm product any time especially now whit all the new model coming...if your government help the company they have a good reason ...your economie...stop to cry this is a smart move,,,,,if you want to bitch just said thanks to your banker,to put your country in that position...and much time your government put your tax money in war ,and now they help some american and you bitching what is ron whit you..this problem is not only in usa..

Ford was #1 in cars too. Ford sold more vehicles in April than Toyota......the first time in 2 years.

Ford now has the top 3 cars in the US + the #1 truck!

Accord > Camry > Fusion > Malibu > Altima
Escape > CR-V > Rav-4
Civic > Corolla > Focus

Ford now has 3 top 3 cars in the US + the #1 truck

Ford (brand) > Chevy > Totota (brand)

Hey Brian and the other UAW haters, I.m not a UAW member. I'm a security guard at a closed auto plant that closed in the last 18 months. It once employed 3200 people. 400 were not uaw. They lost their jobs too. No other plant to transfer to. Those hated UAW employees paid taxes and bought groceries, bought houses, paid plumbers, ate at restuarants, went to movies, rented videos, boght shirts and dresses and sent their kids to college. Our town and the surrounding communities where these people live have suffered. We had to lay off cops and teachers. Stores have closed and thousands more have lost their jobs. Brian are you happy now? Great logic, cut your nose off to spite your face.

Bryan your such an idiot, Ford Sucks. The Dodge Ram is superior to the Ford. Pretty soon I wouldn't be surprised if Dodge beats Ford in sales. Dodge lost the least amount of sales, this month and last month. And since when was it a theft, they're planning to pay it off, just because their a private company doesn't mean anything.

The Dodge Ram is the only truck I will ever buy.

@lizard head, Let me ask you. Are you happy that the high salaries for the UAW destroyed the big three car manufacturers in Detroit? The other car manufacturers such as Toyota or Honda pay their workers much less than GM, Ford, or Chrysler. And they are not paying 700,000 people every year for doing nothing as though they're still working full time! Toyota and GM sold about the same amount of cars. The big difference is one made money and GM lost billions. You can't keep paying people who don't work for you. You cut your own nose off with these outrageous deals.

@dodgeram09, Keep dreaming. :)

GM & Dodge make crappy trucks... we'll never go back now that we've switched to Ford. Best trucks on the market by far. Period.

dodgeram09 you say ram lost the least sales? its kinda hard for it to go down any further would you rather sell 10 and next year sell 8 and be down 20% or sell 10000 and next year sell 5000 and be down 50% you still sell more trucks than the dodge ahahha

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