Automakers Officially Support President Obama's Tough New Fuel Economy Standards

A trade association of 11 car and light truck manufacturers is endorsing a tough new national fuel economy and emissions policy that's expected to be announced Tuesday by the Obama administration. The new standards are expected to dramatically raise fuel economy requirements for new cars and light trucks sold in the U.S. to an average of 35 mpg by 2016 - four years earlier than had previously been expected - and unify them under a single set of rules that incorporates California's stringent greenhouse gas emissions regulations.

“For seven long years, there has been a debate over whether states or the federal government should regulate autos. President Obama’s announcement ends that old debate by starting a federal rulemaking to set a National Program,” Dave McCurdy, president and CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, said in a statement late Monday. “Automakers are committed to working with the President to develop a National Program administered by the federal government.”

According to the Alliance, fuel economy standards would move from today's Corporate Average Fuel Economy metric to a new "footprint-based" approach that would rate each vehicle based on its unique physical dimensions (length and track width). A national fleet average would still exist, though, mandating that cars get more than 40 mpg and light trucks slightly more than 26 mpg by 2016.

Until the Obama Administration releases the full details of the plan, it's unknown what the full impact could be for pickup trucks.

Two questions that we have:

1. Will heavy-duty pickups (those with a gross vehicle weight over 8,500 pounds), currently excluded from CAFE consideration, fall under the new standards?

2. What will be the impact of first-ever national CO2 limits on diesel? Diesel has higher CO2 emissions per gallon compared to gasoline.

We'll keep you updated.


what else would they do there getting paid by the government

this only means more Ureas in Diesels

Yes oh yes, Wheel track and length are the best ways to determine fuel efficiency. WTF????

How about weight and frontal area? Who knows maybe the laws of physics have changed since the last tme I took a class.

Seriously this is so wrong on so many levels.

Wouldn't it be easier to just replace ZERO with someone who is intelligent?

Pretty soon the government will be telling us where to work, what insurance we have to have, what we can drive, and who we can marry.

Utopia is just a few more Federal regulations away....

Just gotta find the last remaining American with a job to pay for it all.....

I don't know why everyone is being so negative do we really want to drive trucks that get 10 to 18 mpg or do you want to drive a truck that gets 25 plus mpg hmmmmm let me think a minute and the federal government should regulate the mpg's and not the states, because you can drive from state to state. how can one state say cars need only get 30 mpg and another gets 35 mpg and how is the manufacturer going to make cars? oh these 30 mpg cars go to NY and these 35 mpg's go to NC that dosen't make any scence.

Here are the options:

1. Safety
2. Fuel Economy
3. Cost

Now, pick 2.

how about all 3 were engineering things in the 21 century not 19th it shouldn't be a problem to engineer all 3 of those into a vechile.

Folks, welcome to the new age of communism!

Don't blame me, I didn't vote for Obama!!

Dont blame me, I drive a bail out free ford.

no dude, no. can't you people see, the take over is continueing. his is what happened to england and now they are stuck with these tiny pieces of crap. i want an f-150 diesel truck geting 15mpg, its just the good old truck way man. oh and the fuel economy standards and "carbon emistion" standards are being raise cause obama is going to raise gas prices never before seen in the US, or the effect afterwards.

-God Bless

I've noticed, that lot of American complain about typical American domestic cars, but trust me, that the European cars aren't really so good as You may think. You practically don't get more decent car for less money as in s TRUE American cars (not mean some price-overrated hybrids and similar complicated wanna-be MPG-king!). If You think, that some Japanese/European cars are cool, because they can manage both lot of HP and excellent MPG from a small engine displacement, than think also how long can these new cars hold their performance stats constant? Few years and at most a middle mileage... Don't get me wrong: I don't want to disqualify other automakers, but they are some other points too, that can make a often criticized car look really fine!

What a crock of *hit..........when the government and the Unions owne the damn company, what else would you say . "I can make pigs fly and sing if you want me to"!
Sounds like the author is a government hack or a Sierra Club Enviro Natzi.
Maybe some of you Government idiots might try to explain how mankind contributes to the Fantaasy of Global Warming, seems the Scientists can not find it !
Oh ...I forgot plants need CO2 to produce O2 in the process of Photosynthsis.......think My 4th grade science teacher taught that about 40 years ago! but it was a Church school.......seems the teachers Union is another bunch of idiots in the public schools they know much else other than what the Government wants to let them know...........and I did not evolve from some monkey....maybe you did!

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