Chrysler Asks Government for Funds to Build Dodge Ram 1500 Plug-In Hybrid

Chrysler Asks Government For Funds To Build Dodge Ram 1500 Plug-In Hybrid

Chrysler LLC has submitted three proposals to the U.S. Department of Energy, hoping to raise a total of $448 million to finance the development of electric vehicles. One of the proposed vehicles would be a plug-in hybrid version of the Dodge Ram 1500 half-ton pickup.

According to Chrysler's press release, the company has applied to be "part of two initiatives established by the DOE — the Electric Drive Vehicle Battery and Component Manufacturing Initiative, and the Transportation Electrification Initiative. Both are designed to speed up development, demonstration, evaluation and manufacturing of EVs and PHEVs. The programs represent a 50/50 cost-share opportunity with $224 million from Chrysler LLC and its partners, combined with a matching $224 million from the DOE. These funds will accelerate the market introduction and penetration of advanced powertrains."

Part of the funding from the Transportation Electrification Initiative would be used to build and demonstrate 100 Dodge Ram 1500 plug-in serial hybrid pickup trucks that would be tested in a year-long program throughout the United States.

Chrysler is expected to launch a two-mode gas-electric hybrid version of the Dodge Ram 1500 by 2010, co-developed with General Motors, Daimler and BMW.


well i like chrysler...but tired of giving em all our effin money

WHY! WHY! we can't afford them.. NO JOB and Now they want more Money... Just a waste.. Build them and Sell them over Sea to Japan, China and others Foreign country.. We have nothing Left here anymore...(IN God We Trust)

Goverment Motors and Dodge need to stop taking my money. If you don't have money to build hybrids, don't build them.

nobody will buy them, ford has the best hybrid program, and have money, I say no to hybrid trucks, they are pointless.

Instead of giving money to the manufacturers, designate certain of their efficient models asrebate worthy, then offer massive tax rebates to consumers who buy them. There is a market for hybrid trucks. It's the upfront cost that scares consumers.

Gee, billions of tax payer dollars to build a government designed hybrid car that meets no ones needs or budget and having it built by a company that cannot run its own business. I am sure we can expect this venture to be a great success on par with East Germanys famed Trabant automobile.

I never considered buying a Ford before, but that has changed and I think I will reward them for not taking the devils money and make my next new ride a big FORD truck.

BOYCOTT GM and Chrysler.

Is Ford's hybrid system not an adaptation of Toyota's? And Ford would be in this mess if they hadn't mortgaged everything a few years back. Give it time, the domestics will rise again.

toyotas hybrid system was designed with ford. toyota built mechanics and ford wrote the programing for all the vehicles its used in. yes even the toyotas.

Stupid, they should be focusing on getting that little V8 cummins diesel on the road.

Bring on the V-8 Cummins and put a 7 speed tranny in also.. Why not??? Its cheaper than the Hybrids!!!!

i guess that makes more sense. and i agree with the cummins comments.

IM tired off these stupid ford fans that think ford is so smart. They Have lost over 30 billion in last 5 years and are loosing money every day How is that smart business. Maybe You should read cnn or msn and learn before you say something. Chrysler ,GM and Ford each donated 10 million to victims off 911 so its ok to support ''ALL'' the American auto companies. I own a 09 ram its the best truck I have ever driven and alot off test agree with me. So remember if things dont change ford will need help lets hope not for americas sake....

I'm tired of this massive amount of money going to GM and Chrysler. Let the market decide! Not the corrupt government.

To Steve the Fiat guy...dude, give it rest. You bought a Dodge b/c you couldn't afford a real truck. Dodge is giving away trucks...sure why not buy them, but I hope you don't have any warranty issues.

Look around this site, you will see that the Dodge 1500 is still considered a "sport" truck. Ford and Chevy are still used for work and people that buy them work them.

Enjoy your cute little Fiat truck.

are you talking about me? i meant putting the cummins in the ram, not it being better. i've never driven a powerstroke or a duramax so i wouldn't know.

Ford Transit Van has same capacity as this pickup and yet offers 20 + MPG and its smaller too.

Box Trucks and Vans can carry more volume than these pickups. These pickups are just a waste of fuel and the market for them is shrinking.

No need for plugin hybrid pickup.

I know that there are new emission and fuel consumption standards comming into play in the near future....


This is a waste of money IMO. Do the big 3 not know there Full Size truck customer?? If the 1500 wasnt overpriced enough as it is, wait until you see the price of this one.

Dodge needs to make a compact pickup truck IMO, with a good 4cyl option and a new V6 option, somthing Ranger sized. Thats what missing. The dakota is too big and costly, might as well get a Ram. They need to hit a home run in the small truck market.

so that means that every one of the 365 vehicles that will be produced will cost $1,227,397 each !!!!!! I guess all the components must be made of gold.

If this company can't stand own it's own then it should die.
HALF A BILLION DOLLARS to convert what they already have into electric vehicles?!?!?!? You can see thousands of examples online, of individuals who have done this for 1 - 2 thousand. Another ripoff of the American taxpayer by the Obama administration, FIAT and the Italians.
Time to put our foot down America. Grow a spine and say NO FRGGIN WAY!

The Fiat patent fraud. About the Fiat hybrids, the technology double clutch with electric motor between has been stolen by a patent that Fiat Company has never wanted to purchase, but only shamelessly to copy. This hybrid solution will be the basic technology with Chrysler's electric and hybrid car program. Please give a look in my blog where her "vitality" and boldness of the Fiat planners it appears in all of evidence:
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