Chrysler Closing Almost 800 Dealerships Nationwide

Chrysler Closing Almost 800 Dealers Nationwide

Chrysler has released a list of 789 dealers — roughly 25% — that the company says it will close by June 9 as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy restructuring. The dealers are said to represent 14 percent of Chrysler's sales volume.

"Subject to Court approval, 2,392 Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge dealers will continue with the new company in a global alliance with Fiat once the sale is complete," Chrysler said in a press release.

Chrysler says it will honor warranty and incentive payments for as long as the dealers targeted to close remain in business. Owners who purchased vehicles from any of the 789 closing dealerships will receive notices about where they can get their vehicles serviced after June 9.



When fiat takes over, I'm buying stock in tow trucks!

Tax payers have bailed out Chrysler twice now.
It's time to put this horse down for good.

Being a loyal Mopar fan, Id rather see Chrysler merge than go under. Make a few cuts here and there to save the name. Hopefully they will came back stronger than they were. Its defanitly no horse to be put down here! If it was anyother brand im shure people would say the same thing but personally i would hate to see any of the big 3 go down for good.

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